Sunday, 26 September 2010

344. Plans

I have had some time to think lately, and since I feel like a lot of things in life are going in my favour I can afford (literally and not so literally) to start thinking of what the future holds.

Sometimes I think the future terrifies me in more ways than I can imagine. But its enthralling to think of what tomorrow might bring, who will stick with me, and who I have to leave behind in the quest for my own selfish happiness. In order for us to find happiness in others, we need to find our own happiness.

I wish I could share what I have planned, but I can't (and I do as of right now hope that I will carry them through) I don't need you or anyone else to tell me what I should or should not be doing.

Monday, 13 September 2010

343. Music Plug

Eliza Doolittle, Pack Up

342. The quest.

I was telling Magnar's dad how I've never really had the chance to live the "single life" and would like to date another 100 people. So he said, at the rate I am going, I need to get through my men faster.(*Not exact quote, but the point remains) Haha!

So I thought how hard can it be to find 100 men?

Let me tell you. Hard.
Come do some math with me!

Lets do some math. Since I don't actually have very many friends I have to turn to Facebook to carry out my imaginary experiment.
So as of today, I have 240 Facebook friends and 60 pending friend request. (And since I need the numbers, I'll use the 60 pending) 

1.First due to personal preference sexual preference I need to eliminate well, woman/girls. 

2.Right,then you need to find men who is "dateable" material. Lets say, we take half the men as "all-right"  (150/2=75)

3.Then you have to lower it down taking away men who well, have same gender preference as me. And well, I have lots of gay men friends, and they are super <3 but unfortunately... 
So, lets say I have 

4.Then we have to lower down to men who are already taken. I might be on a quest, but I am not well... needy and horny. :P 
(55/2= plus minus 23)

5. Then I need to make sure that these men I am trying to find is within a day of travel range. I dont want to waste my days traveling if I want to keep my 100 men goal. :P

6. Then I need to find a men who is willing to entertain me, give me cuddles, take me out, answer my calls any day or time, a person you can talk about anything and everything, you know all that mushy stuff. etc etc

7. Now comes the tricky bit, we of course need to have the men to want you so, that eliminates even more people 

8. And to top it all off, since I believe we should all have standards and thus I need to want every one of that "100 men" myself too. I can never imagine dating men unless I actually like them. And plus, I don't want to be some weird slut solely on a quest. 

So yeah, after all that calculation we have narrowed my options, I am left with one dude.

I think as of right now, you were meant for me!
And there probably isn't any other better person for me either.
And above all, there probably isn't any person I really want more than you.
Its sometimes hard to see it in the midst of a mood tantrum and when you don't learn to answer my calls, or entertain me all the time, but all that goes over and it will be okay again.

So, you should really just let me embark on my adventures for something tells me I'll always come back to you.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

341. The day

Almost a month ago.

The day I stopped thriving for more is the day I have failed. 
And with that said, I don't think I will ever be truly happy.

Doesn't life sometimes feel like a serious joke.

Haha. Enough life lessons for now.

 I got to go back to doing homework. Woo hoo!
I know I said I was going to change some stuff off my blog, but I really haven't had the time!
My days more often than not, work like a clockwork.
I get up, get to school, go to work, read, sleep.

School is really really hectic, but I love it.

I can't see myself loving it now, but I know that in time, I will come to love it.
It does get a bit overwhelming sometimes with all the new things you have to absorb (and they are quite difficult no doubt), but if I was doing things I knew from before and it isn't a challenge I cant really then say I am learning, can I?


Tuesday, 7 September 2010

340. Till we meet again

So much to blog about. Quite some back logs.
But oh well.

Funny how it is so true when people say that once you get yourself into a rat race, it is hard to break out of that cycle! So true! I promise I'll blog again sometime!
Till then.

340. Ugly

This was my comfort song when I younger. Its so empowering though!

And no, I am not making excuses for not blogging. I honestly just dont have the time anymore these days, and just sort of bluntly dont want to share all my daily stories all the time anymore :)

339. Just havent had the time

In the mean time, this is hilarious thus I got to share! Its also so brilliant because it is so true!

Catch you guys later.


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