Sunday, 22 February 2009

001. Project 52. Pilot

*Although I know this is not exactly where my domain lies, this would have to do for now, while I try and figure things out with the whole owning and "attempting" to run my own domain, I will have to stick to some well established hosting agents. And believe me when I say, its not as easy as I thought it would be, so it might be a while before I figure any of this out. Just bear with me for a while now. I´ll try to make work as soon as I can :D

I have always found a profound interest in the blogging world. Call me Asian if you must, which I am proud to be anyways. But just like other people, who runs on their daily dosage of caffeine, I do a regular run on blog reading, I am so hooked onto so many different blogs, it takes sometimes hours to run through all of them. Sometimes it does get to the point where its almost stalker-ish. Oh well, what can I girl do right. I have gained many new acquaintances from my "on-line world" and I am quite contented with that.

Therefore, since Magnar-boy has been nice enough to unknowingly tempt me into getting my own domain, I have decided that perhaps I should get one. And hey, I bought my domain name for a mere 10 USD. What is there to harp about?.
I can  sacrifice one my weekly dosages of fast food and that would equal to my one year supply of domain license. It really isnt all too bad. Moreover, this is the perfect reason to try out the whole web design part of life. Who knows maybe there is some passion there. Something to pursue further?

So, welcome to , a place where I record an on-line dairy of my not all that ordinary life. A place where I speak about almost everything random. Know that, the grammar of my language is usually questionable, and I would presume there would be posts where I write in Malay or Norwegian, due to various reasons. Usually, privacy and at most times, "just because I want too"

I started out blogging many years ago, starting from a Blogspot blog (which I cannot remember the name of), to my Friendster blog, then moving forward to my still active, blog to another Blogspot and now hosting on Wordpress. (or for now, back to Blogger), oh phew, that was quite a mouthful if you ask me.

Currently, all my templates are things I have stole out of the World Wide Web, but eventually with enough guidance and experience, I do hope that I would be able to create my own templates and make my own CSS sheets. But right now, that is wishful thinking, as for one, it is utterly time consuming and that right now is not something I have. Time.
Secondly, learning all this might actually require a lot from my part, and I if anything have to be one of the worlds biggest procrastinator. I procrastinate in ALMOST everything. 

Easiest example, right now.
Tomorrow is my Math Mock Exams, but what am I doing?
Basically, nothing. I know Ill work later today and burn the midnight oil, but capital PROCRASTINATION if you ask me.

Thirdly, this "passion", "desire", "callitwhateveryouwant" might actually start to die out in the not so far future, but lets just stay positive and say it is will not be like that, at least not for about 6 months. :)
Anyways, considering I do not know if this method of hosting would even work out for me, I should stop now, just in case I am wasting even more time working on something utterly useless.

Till next time, toodlely-doo.

*Oh and if you have been a frequent reader of my blogs, you would know that I like to bombard my blog with a kazillion pictures of me. Usually, they are of no value whatsoever. :) Ill show you an example. I simply just adore this picture, I think I look pretty cool, literally.

And then there is, this which somehow reminds me so much of Narnia, the snowy snowy weather, the lamp post and simply the colour. I could only wish it was slightly clearer. :)

Oh, and then there is just pictures of me vain-ing all the time, and my so-called-attempts at being slightly more "artistic", well as I cant Photoshop, I got to find my way around right :), black and white, sephia, colour art, everything possible. And the occasional Photofunia :)

And I always wish that I could produce a more sexy picture without coming out as a hooch. But as you might be able to tell, being sexy is generally, not my thang. I think, I am better off...

Doing this, FUNNY FACES! Well the reason for the funny faces are usually simple. You dont have to look good. I mean, your making a face, what do you expect right?, and if I could pull off a funny face while still looking fantastic, I wouldn´t be doing the IB, I would be modeling and making tones. Oh, if only life was that simple.

Then, there is the problem where, I look horrible, but everyone around me look amazing, and the picture is effing fantastic. I do have got friends who can actually take stunning photographs (you know those who know their angles and have those super cool, huge, heavy, usually black, comes with more lenses than a normal person could ever imagine using sort of camera´s which I really could never imagine having myself). I would also bombard you with those. *if only I could lay my hands on them...*

I mean really, look at that focus! :) (Photo credits : Johanne)

Now, if only I could lay my hands on Magnar´s pictures. I know there are some stalker pictures of me that I absolutely love. Yes, I am self absorbed like that.


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