Thursday, 27 May 2010

310. Music Plug

Two Door Cinema Club, Undercover Martyn
From their debut album, and I think they are quite cool! :)

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

309. New hair

Or more like new fringe!

You like?

Well, I quite like it myself. So yeah! :D

Monday, 24 May 2010

308. Music Plug

I am not at all a fan of Amanda Seyfried, and is also neither a fan of "famous people" who suddenly decided they are not only actors/actress/entertainers/socialites but is also somehow singers, but I am growing to like this song despite its insane mellowness!

From the movie Dear John. 
A movie, I feel I would never get to watch because Magnar and I always watch something else instead of it.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

307. Grzegorz Neimczuk

I forgot an important bit of my dinner yesterday, I got to personally meet this guy.

Heck, I even got to make dinner for him! 
The Røkholts attract a lot of awesome people over to their home!

I had completely no idea who he was, until Ellen (Johanne's mum) made him play the piano, and OH. MY. GOD. I was completely gobsmacked. 

Completely gobsmacked.

I feel that the Youtube video doesn't do him enough justice, but you got to believe me he was amazing on the piano! His emotions, his movements, every note he touches, *squeals*

  And, I for one am a huge sucker for anyone who plays the piano!
And when you can play like that ... *le sigh*

You know what is more amazing about this guy, it is that he was also an amazing normal guy with extra ordinary talents. He was really friendly, very humble and completely well cute. :)

So yeah, that was a fun day yesterday!

And if you are wondering, yes he plays music for a living and has won countless of music awards. So, he isn't just an ordinary guy who plays a piano.

306. Malaysian Dinner!

Johanne's family invited me over for their International Dinner yesterday and it so happened that yesterday was International Dinner from Malaysia!

Om nom nom nom!

And so, I was asked/they suggested that I made dinner and so I did!
I made some lamb curry and Roti Canai starters, A Chicken Briyani entré, and Fried Banana Friters with exotic fruits and longan caramel. 
(Okay, exotic fruits is just really longan and laici's from a can)

Well, it went down well with everyone, so I guess it wasn't so bad? I am quite biased over my own cooking so, only Johanne can tell you if the food was okay!

Wonder if I can interest you guys with the recipe for the desert for it was amazing!

And since I do not have any pictures from yesterday, here is more pictures of me. Because I am mega yummy too! :P HAHAHA

PS: Johanne, why was there no pictures yesterday? WHY?

Thursday, 20 May 2010

305. 20 minutes.

What can one do when they have to wait a whole 20 minutes for the hair to set?
If you were me, this is what I do. 

All that, and making the blog post only took a total of 5 minutes. Meh.

Bored already.

And don't you dare say that rollers are for old people, they work aweeeeesome!
So, what else can I do for the next 15 minutes?

Oh, and have you checked this site out?

304. Salads!


On my vegetarian day today, can you tell?

I realize, I am a usually quite a vegetarian (as a diet plan, not because I love animals kind of vegetarian) Anyways, I am usually a vegetarian unless I start meeting people and eat out or happen to be at the Hjelmstads!

*Le Sigh, why do I have no self control? :(

And no, I am not a healthy eater at all, just yesterday I had a chocolate cake, a chocolate sundae and Chicken Tika! Ahh, what massive calorie bomb! :(

My idea is as such, either I can drive myself anorexic trying to get the ideal body (which I would, if I could) or every now and then allow myself to enjoy a little bit of life's little pleasures, just a little more in moderation. 

Sounds like a good plan?

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

303. MusicPlug

Got the artist from Johanne!
We usually like opposite poles of the music scene but this girl is good!
Her song Be Okay is also insanely catchy!

She makes you all tingly and happy inside!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

302. This is where I want to be.

Sometimes I wonder, how can you not love Norway?

Now, I just have to find myself a hiking walking buddy *CoughMagnarCough*
 I think this beats going anywhere else in Europe. *CoughMagnarCough*

With views like that, how can you not want to keep on living, learning, discovering?
Knowing the world, has so much more for you to see.

Pie, can we go?
You're the only one I know stupid enough and patient enough!

301. Shoes.

Love them and hate them.
Love them a lot, but wrong size. 

But I can always attempt to sell them?

So, I have this brand new pair of Buffalo Boots shoes in a size 40 that is honestly, not for human feet. 
Or fits someone with a shoe size 40 (True to size).

Bought in Denmark for about 900 Danish Krone. So plus minus RM 500?
Can be bought online for 99 Euro (Unfortunately, no linking to the shoes itself)

Looks identical to this, only in shiny patent leather. 

Since I am more a size 39.5. The shoe doesn't fit me as well. Thus almost impossible to walk in.
Worn a total of about 6 hours. So it is practically brand new :)
And every girl needs a Patent Leather pumps A-la Christian Louboutin right!

Interested? Mail me, suggest a appropriate price and I'll consider selling it to you. 
Asking price, 700 NOK/ RM400?

Mail me, if you want some pictures of the shoes itself!

300. Exams!

So, I have been doing everything else but my reading, because it is seriously getting amazingly brain numbingly boring. 

So, is it just me, or whenever comes I do everything else that suddenly need to be done, so I don't do what really needs to be done.

So far, I have done my hair twice, cleaned my computer, cleaned my room, changed my sheets, and decorate the room.

Ahhhhhh, exam shucks.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

299. Strawberry!

So, since strawberries are aplenty these days, it is only normal one finds a million ways to make full use of them, righhht?

So, here is some coulis! Magnar style!
Yes, I get I can call it a sauce, but I want to be fancy. Okay?

Start with some fresh strawberries!

Add some vanilla sugar. I honestly think it is to your own taste. 
And I don't think Magnar had a recipe for it either. 

Start releasing your hidden anger on it, till you get a smooth-ish mixture.
Mmmmmm, om nom nom nom!

And though I have never seen a coulis made till the other day, I can sense the wonders of what it can be used for!

So, will you be trying to make it?

298. Pictures!

I actually really like this picture!
All its imperfections is just awesome.

Finally, picture from last week. Guess the constant nag finally did it. *Tee hee!

I dont know if you can tell, but here in Norway. It is like a strawberry season.
So, I have been eating strawberries for the past weeks! Mainly Belgian though.

And after being in Norway for some time, I can tell you this much, there really is no better strawberries than the Norwegian ones. They are so much sweeter has a lot more taste in them!

But until July comes, we have to make do with whatever we can get, right!

Oh and I only found out that the versatility of strawberries is insane.
Here we have the classic chocolate sauce and strawberries!

Want the recipe?
Unfortunately, I have none.

It is just half a bar of dark choco
and about 50 ml of cream, stirred on top of a water bath. 


297. Updates

I know I havent been the greatest blogger, it is just that there is nothing to blog about.
That, and I honestly like the idea of a Photolog more than I like blogging, but I lack... well, photos.

Magnar isn't too great at being fast enough to give me my pictures either. So... yeah.

Uh uh uh!
Did I tell you that I get to borrow a dog for the past 3 days!
His name is Pen!
Wait, i go take a picture for everyone to see! 

Only, after this 3 days, I realized...
Maybe dogs aren't exactly for me.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

296. Music Plug

From the musical Wicked!
If I had the money, or happen to be in San Fran when it shows, I would more than loooooove to go and catch this musical!

Oh, I miss Broadway. :(
I think I am starting to grow old enough to appreciate the art behind all of it. 

Defying Gravity, Wicked - The Musical

OOOH, looks like they might start playing this in Copenhagen in 2011! I'll catch it there instead! Wee!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

295. Music Plug

This might be as indie as I get them. No Youtube link. Fml.

But I recommend, Love Song (bottom of the playlist)

Ps. Did I mention, no more classes this semester! Can you believe how fast time flies!
Now, it is only exams and summer vacation to go! Wee!

294. Pancakes!

I know those are cupcakes, I just didn't have a picture of my pancakes!

Om nom nom nom!
I think I might have found one of the most uh-mah-zing recipe I have tried yet!
So for the best pancakes recipe yet *drumroll please*


  • 190 g all-purpose flour
  • 10 g baking powder
  • 6 g salt
  • 10 g white sugar
  • 295 ml milk
  • 1 egg
  • 45 g butter, melted


  1. In a large bowl, sift together the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Make a well in the center and pour in the milk, egg and melted butter; mix until smooth.
  2. Heat a lightly oiled griddle or frying pan over medium high heat. Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle, using approximately 1/4 cup for each pancake. Brown on both sides and serve hot.

I don't know about you, but I always seperate the egg whites and egg yolks then whisk the egg whites till they are nice and fluffy before adding the yolk back in (or leave out). I always believe that is the recipe to gather in most air thus making the pancakes extra fluffy!

Today I had mine with some leftover strawberries and cream and honey.
Om nom nom nom!
Not exactly healthy, but I couldn't resist :(

Try it!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

293. Quest for shiny legs

Yes, you heard me right, and I have mentioned it before about how I am trying to achieve a pair of "shiny legs" and contrary to popular believes *coughJohannecough* I do not already have shiny legs.

So, I thought if I can't have something naturally, there is always what I call "product enhancement". For my case, I have been using baby oil. 

Why baby oil?
Mainly I thought logically, it is oil and oil makes things shiny, so why not?
That, and the fact that I am a bit of a cheap when it comes to things like this. If I can get the same effect for a cheaper price, why pay hundreds of dollars for it right?

So, my baby oil cost me about 30 NOK/ 7USD.

Verdict : After using it for over a month. Cannot say my legs are any shinier than before :(
So, in terms of whether it works, the answer is No.

Although so, it did help with my dry skin.

Would I keep using it? Yes.
Again, for the price I pay, I really see no harm in lathering on some baby oil every now and then.

Though a word of warning : Oil is extremely messy and sticky to work with. You do risk the chance of staining things and making others slip in the bathroom if you are not careful! 

292. MusicPlug

Mmmm, nice.
Face-masking Sunday.
FML, why am I so unglamorous?

In order to release my inner 50 year old. I very frequently listen to Simon & Garfunkel, so I guess it is about time I added them to my MusicPlug.

Sound of Silence, Simon & Garfunkel
Possibly one of my favorites classic song ever.

Bridge Over Troubled Water, Simon & Garfunkel

291. Movies I want to watch

I am so backlogged with my movies it is not even funny. And the fact that this is exam seasons just doesn't help.

Off the top of my head, here must be at least 10 movies I want to try and watch before the summer movie season starts, which would just add to my ever growing list!

Can you believe it that I haven't even watched Twilight yet. :)
That shows how much of a fan I am to the whole Twilight saga I guess!

I think I am going to try and make Magnar watch FishTank with me this Thursday!

Have you seen that movie?

Friday, 7 May 2010

290. Relationships 1.0


The first thing I learnt about relationships is definitely this. Expectations.

When we are younger, all we see are happy couples on cartoons, Prince Charming being there for every single Princess, Prince Charming always looks spectacular and flawless, they wait indefinitely for that one Princess, and in other words, they were just the "perfect man"

It has also been embedded in us that, second best is never good enough.
In many ways, I still want the best of everything. But when it comes to relationship, the way I see it, there is no such thing as perfection.

I have never came across one. Honestly, have you?

That person always seeking perfection. That person is always me.
I mean, Why should we settle for anything less when our happiness right?

That was before I realize this one flaw in seeking perfection.
In perfection, comes illusions. 

Illusions of things, that you become deluded believing that perfection exist. And you know exactly what happens when you look for perfection, you overlooked what right there in front of you. You push aside an entire perfectly fine person because they come with some flaws.

I cannot lie, but it did take me a few months to see Magnar for the wonderful guy he was. Still is. 

So what? he is not a royal family (so I can become an official princess?) So what? I don't get showered with flowers and chocolates every day? So what if I don't get trips to Paris for the weekend? So what if he doesn't buy me my Chanel's and Marc Jacobs?

Magnarboy is better than Prince Charming, mainly because he is real.
And he has given me more than any Prince could have, he has given me a chance to look at myself and realize that life is worth living. That there is possible to open yourself out to more people than just yourself.

I don't really need my material wants and needs, things and money are a measure of nothing. And more often than not, they are things you can easily get with a little hard work.

And before looking for someone elses' flaws, remind yourself that everyone is flawed. 
And that includes basically you and me.

So relationship cliché #1 : True
Its easy to like someone for their perfections, but when you can look past that is when you know you have something special.

289. Looking forward


So, I usually don't talk about relationships on my blog ever, unless I do it unknowingly.
This is mainly because, even though in many ways I think what Magnar and I have is quite amazing, it is no guarantee that things will always be this way.

It really doesn't take much to put a strain on relationships you know.

That, and I really don't like prying people.
I think I tell too much about myself here as it is.

And I should know, because every now and then I get so emotionally pissed at everything and everyone, I myself don't know how tomorrow will turn out. :)

But lucky me, Magnar has always been nice enough to weather some emotional storms and we are still going strong. In less than a weeks time, we would have been "officially dating" for 2 years. Plus minus. 

So since I am feeling a bit on the mushy mode, I thought I would do a stream of "How idiots make relationship work, the cliché and if it works" :)

Sounds okay?

286. The weekends!

Life cannot be all good and no bad sides about it right :)
Tomorrow will always be another day, and no matter how bad things are, I have had it better than many others.

So, sappy sad Twitter updates aside. 
I have had a brilliant week this week!

Well, I got home from Denmark last Tuesday and have only been trying to read and read and read for the exams. That and spend time with Magnarboy.

Then yesterday we had the opportunity to do something extra ordinary! We went over to the Tusenfryd! 
Which if you don't know, is a theme park over here in Norway!
It was aweeeeesome!

Never mind, I am getting too old for rides and my adrenaline rushes aren't that great anymore, it was a nice change of environment! :)

So, maybe I can make my weekend awesome too?
What are you all doing this weekend?

Thursday, 6 May 2010

285. MusicPlug

Found a new band I really like! Mumford and Sons.
Have you heard of them before?
What songs do you like?

The Cave, Mumford and Sons

Since I haven't actually hear all of their songs yet, this is currently my favorite.
*humm dee dum dum dum*

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

284. I recommend

I seriously recommend these blogs if you are into reading these kind of things.

Gorgeous pictures. And has very cute and chic style.
Not necessarily my style, but gorgeous none the less.

Why are the French so gorgeous?

I also recommend the reason why I see so many bloggers claim they start to blog. A classic in the blogging world, but figured I could share it here. Incase you haven't already seen it. :)

*swoons over the pictures on both blogs*
So gorgeous. Why can't I have pictures like that too?

*Runs to continue swooning over pictures*

283. Shoes

New hauls from Denmark.

Aunt thinks I have way too many shoes and insisted I either do something with at least 5-6 of them. :(

Personally, I don't think I have too many. I have loads of the same kinds of shoes and they more often than not, don't fit the outfit I have on! So, how is that too many?

Can't believe she wants me to abandon my babies. 
But I do somewhat agree it has to be done though.
I really don't like having too many that things just start to be a bit over whelming. Plus I don't exactly especially like shoes.

Selection process. :(
Sorry babies.

My biggest issue with shoes like everything else, is that I have not used all of them long enough to give or sell them away, but I haven't used them enough to keep them either.
Irony of life right.

And some shoes cost a whole lot (for me at least, because I am such a cheap) and some cost the equivalent of a pack of chips. So keeping and giving is a bit more tricky then you think.

Good thing is, I can show you later how in order to keep my babies save from harms way, I have decided to make my book shelfs their new home. 

Saturday, 1 May 2010

282. I'm back!

I'm back!

The funeral went okay.
I still hate funerals and sad people, but it really did pass. :)
I am sure she is in a happier place right now.

Everytime I go to funerals it really gives a new impression on life and death and everything else.
But no time for sad sappy stories now!

Take this Music Plug instead.
Very relevant, very appropriate.

Live Like Your Dying, Lenka


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