Sunday, 30 August 2009

094. Scotland

The journey of Lisa and Magnar in Scotland (picture from, long time ago)

I lack pictures okay? :)

What can I say about Scotland?
It was absolutely magical! I ♥ it.
I would go back in a heartbeat!
It has to be one of the best birthday present ever!

Before, I start rambling on and on, I guess I could separate this into parts if it gets too long.

Day 1

Even though, I woke up at 3 something, my uncle and I somehow manage to miss our train from Lillestrøm that would take us to Torp. :(
I arrived, about 1 minute after the train left, and all I saw was Magnar and his Dad waiting ... :( :P
That means, Magnar and his dad as always, had to come to the rescue. 
We had to drive down to Torp.

Reached Glasgow at about 12 noon?
My journey in Scotland begins! *plays dramatic music!

Got some Starbucks, and took a rather horrible train ride to Glasgow. 
Guess all the prior excitement and waking up early, didn't settle well with me.
Got checked in to McLay's
(It was situated a little bit out of town, about 10 minutes walk?, but it was on top of the steepest heel in Glasgow!) 
Pheww! Me and hill, we just don't go well. Albeit, it was a rather nice Bed & Breakfast place! 

Well, there really isn't too much to do in Glasgow except shopping!
I didn't buy anything the first day. 
But Maggiekins, as usual spent his fortune at the Apple store down at Buchanan Street.
It was absolutely lovely to just walk about and not have a care in the world. :)

Walked, walked, walked, ate, walked, shopped, walked, Starbucks, Wagamama.

This is when things started becoming interesting.

I feel ill :(

Not just any kind of ill, like I am going to past out, I need to puke right now sort of ill.
And all this, when we were at Wagamama, the place Magnar keeps talking about all the time! 
I felt horrible having to finish up our meal quickly, so I can head back. :(
In my defense, I did try to hold out, but 20 more minutes and I am sure I would have puked or something.

After that, I pretty much slept the entire night, while Magnar went about Glasgow *coughApple-storecough* himself. :)

I had soooooo many plans for Glasgow, :( Haha! 
I wouldn't say it was a wasted day, I wish I didn't fall ill, but I had an amazing time just as it is, just strolling the streets. 
Oh well, oh well, more reasons to come back again right!
I have vowed to go to Wagamama again with Magnar and have an amazing dinner for two, someday.

The journey continues, after dinner.

093. Once When I Was Little

In need of more pictures! :( My pictures are now all über outdated. 

"Once When I Was Little - James Morrison

I was the one, who would always jump in first
Didn't think twice to look behind
Got such a good feeling, just from playing in the dirt
Once, when I was little

We could build a rocket, fly to the moon
Leave Tuesday morning, and be back for noon
There wasn't nothing, nothing that we couldn't do
Once, when I was little, umm
Once, when I was little

Yeah I could dream more then
Yeah I believed more then
That the world could only get better
Yeah I was free more then
I could pretend more then
That this life could only show me good times
Once, when I was little umm ohh lalala

There was a time when I trusted everyone
Yes I did
There was no place that I would not go oh no
Spend a day on the hillside next to the holly mo
Oh once, when I was little
Yea once, when I, I was little

Yeah I could dream more then
Yeah I believe more then
That this world could only get better
Yeah I was free more then
I could pretend more then
That this life could only show me good times
Once, when I was little

Used to feel so strong
Even when they tell me, tell me I was wrong
That I can't live in a magic world
Cause it's time for me to grow up
That I got to be like the rest of them
When I know there acting up ohh

I could believe more then yes I could
I could pretend more then
That this life could only get better
I could believe more then yes I could
I could pretend more then

That this world could only show me good times
Once, when I was little
When I was little

So here comes the next one, the next in line
Stay as young you can, for the longest time
Cause those days flew by
Like a breeze just passing through
Once, when I was little"

How could you not love James right! 
Especially when you are in for the whole mellow music that makes you feel all warm and cuddly inside.

Anyways, it is soon the end of August... For the Malaysians, we have the Merdeka (Malaysian Independence Day) coming up soon! Tomorrow in fact! 

I am thinking, I should make an attempt to cook some Malaysian dishes tomorrow, Roti Canai and some Chicken Curry. Then go and find some helpless souls to be my guinea pigs! 

It is sooooooo crazy to sometimes look back and think how fast time has passed by!
Ahhhh, why am I so old already?
It is only  a matter of days till I wake up and discover I am filled with wrinkles and developing osteoporosis. 
Oh the horror!

As you can tell, I have nothing to tell about, but I will go do something awesome today! And maybe tomorrow, I can make headlines! *evil laughter

Friday, 28 August 2009

092. Creativity!

Here is something to distract you while I try and rob Magnar for some pictures of Scotland. Not like I have many at all. I think I was too busy living in the moment too take pictures, plus it wasn't a SLR quality pictures, so not worth taking any at all really.

Thus, no pictures = no blogging material.

And, I have smart enough to somehow, misplaced my camera in Scotland, somewhere.
What do you mean, 'lost'?

Lost is a harsh word, Ouch? *feelings got hurt. Runs to corner and pretend to cry. Hope you're happy now!

Haha! I'll live. Camera was getting a bit old anyways, and it wasn't producing good quality pictures anymore. :(

Right, watch the new Youtube phenomenon. I think its rather adorable! Creativity is love! 

Monday, 24 August 2009

091. Hiatus

Not the greatest picture of either of us, but I have no other pictures...

So I am up at this ungodly hour of, 3.38am. Djiiiiieeeesus!
But all is good, because 

(Yes, I am aware I call Magnar a new name each day, and I am off to Scotland in a few hours that is)

Why am I up at this hour?

I get this tinge it's because I am über excited! 

Anyways, I am sure I'll have tons of fun, and even more memories to share and to cherish. 

But for now, I am going to start dreaming of that cup of Starbucks coffee and some Marks&Spencer sandwiches and salads. Then maybe I'll get back to sleep for while. Or maybe, I can call Magnar now? Wonder if Dudu would be happy. Haha! I think I need to calm down and sleep.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

090. Compilation

This is my compilation of the funniest X-Factor auditions. Some cute, some weird, some I just don't know...
Watch, if your a tad bored on this Sunday morning!

I would not say they are all bad or anything, some were horrendous, but some were so cute!
Though some like to call it, generally a little bit deluded, to say the least
I give them credit for trying though!

Who are we to judge right, so I'll keep my 'opinions' to myself, 
And let you decide for yourself, what cha' think? :)

This one you have to click to watch! "Embedding disabled by request" 
Though it's crazy funny!.

Friday, 21 August 2009

089. Seeing yellow

A very happy and comfy retard.

Well, it's not like I have been doing nothing lately, in fact I have been rather busy. Thus, explains my delay in my excessive compulsive blogging.

Though, in reality... I do an equivalent of a small blog post everyday on my Twitter account! If only you knew... Haha! Follow me!

Anyways, to cut things short. In the past few days, I have actually gone to Oslo every single day for various reasons. In the past week I have :
  • Ate at Bislett kebab (their portions are huge! and with an even larger drink!)
  • Attended a political debate 
  • Went for tours and rounds about Oslo, collecting our free drinks from Deli De Luca!
  • Tried the Frappé from Mövenpick, not nice. :(
  • Watched the little kiddies ride their bikes for the Norwegian Grand Prix
  • Had a horrible streak of bad luck yesterday. :(
  • Got spoilt by Magnarboy with yellow coloured things. Munchkin is being extra cute, and occasionally emolicious these days. *Tsk, things puberty do to you. *Runs far away! I kid. I kid. :)
  • Got a huge blister on my toe. How now?
  • Above all, got hyped up for my trip to Scotland! I can't wait! I think it would be a great trip.

A warmable yellow heart and a LiveStrong armband, makes for a great vanity pictures.
Would you believe me if I said, that yellow thing is über comfy! 
Only the heat doesn't last that long... :( 

But I guess, I that just means I can run to Magnar for some warm cuddle instead. 
*Hee,why so cute?

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

088. Lucky number?

Since I am too free, and I don't know what to blog about. But I want to blog anyways. So, hear me rant.

Now, I am going to rant about how I remembered how the number 8 was a lucky number! :) 
And incase you didn't notice, I am now on Post 88. So, maybe I'll get lucky today? 

I also remember how we were not supposed to write our names in red colour as it was the colour of death?

I also remembered how when we had our BCG's I was not allowed to eat seafood and eggs as it was thought to be, 'inflammatory' to the scar?

I also remembered how we were not allowed to celebrate Birthdays or any occasion if a close family member died that year. Which sucked for me as my Grandpa died about 10 years ago, 3 days BEFORE my Birthday.

I remembered we were not allowed to sweep the house the day prior to Chinese New Year because it would mean 'sweeping' away the good luck? 

I remembered we had so many superstitious taboos that my immediate family never really follows. :)

Now,those was some of the random things I remembered from all the taboos that we have in Malaysia, and mainly the Chinese culture. :)

Got a good hair day sort of! Volume baby! Volume!

*Lately I have been dressing on a colour code, on my Birthday it was yellow. Yesterday was pink, today is blue, tomorrow purple... and all after, is yet to be determined. But maybe at the end of the week, I can make a blog post on it! :)

Monday, 17 August 2009

087. Job hunting

In desperate need for pictures. :(

Will I catch any jobs?

Well, today has basically involve me and my job hunting sessions. 
Applied for a couple of jobs and I hope to land them before I leave for Scotland, though at first glance, the job I already have with Skedsmo Kommune would secure me some extra time from UDI, about 3 months worth. So, it really is not the end of the world. :)

Yesterday, I watched Orphan. I got to say it has to be one of the better horror films yet!
Loads of twists and unexpected things! Watch! 
And I found out yesterday, it was produced/directed by Leonardo DiCaprio. :)
Didn't know Mr.Titanic makes horror films!

Thing about scary films is that, I have this love-hate relationship with it. As much as I love watching it, I am a serious chicken. The moment the 'scary music' plays... I press PAUSE. 
Then I look for comfort from the surrounding people. Which, usually... happens to be my baby bolster. Oh, I realized, as much as I am a chicken... it feels like everyone else is too. Haha!
No one ever wants to watch a horror film with me, except Torbjørn. And he really is not the bravest kind either. Haha! 

Well, that is all for now! 
I got nothing to say till I get hold of more pictures! 

Friday, 14 August 2009

086. Reflections

*Long long post coming up!

An hour till my birthday. :)
It always is a little bit bittersweet. Thinking about what I have achieved, and what opportunities I missed.

Another year has passed.
I am another year older
In numbers, not necessarily in terms matureness.

This are some of the times of the year which I just sit and reflect. 
Reflect on what has passed, and what I hope to achieve.
Reflect on what I think is important, and reflect on what I have to let go.
Reflect on what is realistic, and reflect on what is an illusion.
Reflect on what is true, and what is spun by delusion.

Some things need to change.
Others shall remain the same.

*Pause : That was starting to rhyme.

Figured it is best I do a picture post this time, or I'll start to write incoherent words. 

August 2008
The Start of being 18

18th Birthday.

September 2008
Not the greatest times of my life really. Just looking back, there weren't many pictures, weren't too many happy posts, weren't too many anything. Guess, it was a little mellow-dramatic?

Excerpt of some private posts written last year. 
Gosh I wrote a whole page long! Emo-overload!

"But in my point of view.
Its just the way I want it. 
Its the way that works for me. Its the only way I was given, and therefore I shall work with only this. 
All those questions.
All those unanswered questions.
Oh well, I'll let tomorrow come, and tomorrow will show me more. Tomorrow I'll learn, and tomorrow I will gain even more."

October 2008
Another month without pictures. :(
I probably just lost them when the HD crashed.
From my blog at least, looks like I was still under my emo phase. Geeeeee, Lisa! Gee!

Excerpt from a private October 08 posts.
" (...)
Who am I running from anyways?
Why am I running anyways?
Answer is clear. Really.

Fear all this information might one day be used to get back at me.
Why open up to the world that much right.
They dont really care about you anyways. People are really just looking for things to talk
ABOUT you anyways.
Not with you"

November 2008
Looks like things are starting to turn out for the better. Loads of happy pictures, loads of happy posts.

Excerpt from a private November 08 posts.
"Ever felt like getting up and dancing,
Singing your lungs out for no apparent reasons,
Dancing in the rain, 
Being random.

Without any real reasons or expectations
I guess it gives me a tingly sensation"

December 2008
I guess going to New York City would be the highlight? Times Square on New Years eve. 3 weeks of random wondering in USA with the less than demonic sister... I guess it truly was an experience. 

Looks like you can still read my archive on the 3 weeks American trip here *clickable!

I think I should stop for now, I can do a Part 2 tomorrow :)
Basically, life just took a turn for the better after that. I guess I hit a revelation? I saw something worth fighting for? I grew?
Whatever it is, it has made me what I am today.

I shall end with the last picture of me being 18. Taken with the Photobooth, right about.. now.

Happy Birthday Lisa! :)

085. Guess we are on 15?

Magnarboy and I finally took a trip to Fratelli together yesterday. I think everyone has heard enough of me going on and on about how good the food at Fratelli is. Thus, I guess I shall spare the ramblings. 

Give it a try!

Though, as much as I liked the Seafood Tagiatelle, it wasn't as good as my classic "#17"

And since, it's been a while since we went out for a Magnar-Lisa day, it was only appropriate?

In June I was in Malaysia. And I sent over a leprechaun to drop off Malaysian candy over at the Hjelmstad's postbox.
In July, Magnar was in Greece. Though apparently this 'other girl' gave him flowers.
It's now August. 

Sometimes you look back, and realize how fast time flies! Wow!

Unfortunately this time, there was no pictures of the food, for one.. I don't think we can be bothered and secondly, the missing camera could also be a factor. *coughJohannecough*

Though, a word of advice if you want to dine at Fratelli, book a table beforehand. :)

Stolen off Magnar's Twitter.
I can explain my hair situation. Voluming shampoo, voluming spray, and curlers... Yeah, horrible!

After Fratelli. We went over to the cinema and caught Hangover. 
It was a really funny feel good movie. I actually liked it a lot. 

I guess we didn't do too much extra ordinary things, but I was with an extra-ordinary guy. And above all, I had an awesome time and even more memories to treasure.

Guess who's turning 19 tomorrow! *hintMEhint*

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

084. Pieces of metal

For the lack of a better picture

In case you haven't read some of my Twitter updates, I lost my iPod a couple of days ago when I was going to the orientation for new students at the Høyskolen. I had that iPod for a grand total of about 1 day and some hours. 

I was pretty upset about it. 
So, it got me thinking, it is quite crazy how some pieces of metal could cause so much emotion, when I am really not generally a person who ever cries or show any sad emotion. So, why suddenly so emotional?

I knew it was not because it costs a lot of money. I could buy another.
I knew it was not because it was brand new, but that mattered too. Just not significant enough.

But I think deep inside knew I want it back so badly, because Magnar gave it to me. And one way or another, he has worked for it. And here I was, being an ass and losing it like it was not at all important.

So when I insisted Magnar yelled at me for being so stupid. The first thing he said was "You silly girl" and he was not at all mad at me. Which made me, even madder at myself. And for a whole entire day, I was insisting he at least yells at me. Get mad at me.

He did none of that, but insisted it was a silly iPod. I don't think people would understand this, but I felt horrible and I thought, it would make me feel better if he was mad at me. 

To cut this short, I found it back yesterday, after asking literally every random person I know if they have seen an iPod lying about. But the whole event just made me realize how, really, money can't always buy everything. And to some extent, I am quite a sentimental person

And Magnar, as much as I complain about him, he is really quite amazing. So you team Magnar people, take your credit. Rub it in my face. Hrmph.

I cant wait for the trip Scotland munchkin. :)

I got paid today! First paycheck, and already with 50% to taxes. Since I didn't hand in my tax forms.

Gee, Thank You.
I will get it back next year, so... sigh*

But, now I see how working is addicting. And I want to try this lifestyle for a year!

In addition, I have decided after attending a few days at the Høyskolen/College, I don't want that lifestyle this year. So, I will need to go on serious job hunt this week.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

083. Birthday Party


Getting there

So close, I can almost taste it ...

*human accessories, not included. 
May I present you my best table arrangement yet!

So, I don't know what to say. But I had an amazing time yesterday, and Thank You for all the gifts. :)

Above all, Thank You for the memories. I had a brilliant night and I hope you did too!
All that fuss and stress was totally worth it after all. And I could not have wished for better.

When I was wishing and making my birthday wish, I realize I had no other wishes, for I am truly contented. And, if anything I wished that I get to do this again next year. :)

So, in order to make a Birthday Party complete, one must have ;
1. People

2. Presents
All presents are so awesome, its crazy! 

Gee, I was trying to put on a poker face, major fail.

I got :
Some books from Thomas and Oda! 
I can't wait to get started on the Victoria Hislop ones! :)

A book on deserts, with a cleverly placed bookmark right on the Fondant page :) 
The reusable cutest muffin form ever! and Sprinkles! 
A cupcake jewelry box! from Sofie and Torstein! 

An awesome smelling The Body Shop strawberry collection thinggymajiggy from Marius!

Some bottles of Victoria Beckham and Naomi Campbell perfume from Torbjørn!

A board game, and a cute bunny teddy from George and Nika! I shall name the bunny Dot. :)

Practical money from Martin! Mmmm, shopping. Incase, you are wondering, I am getting a trench coat with that money. :)

An iPod shuffle (which is beyond cool!) and that trip to Scotland, Oh, included one of the sweetest card ever. "You, me and romantic Scotland. Join Me?" *mushy

And an unknown muble jumble from Johanne (she insisted I tell you guys that I got this for my Birthday!)

I use to look forward to getting presents each time my birthday comes along, but as I have come to understand, presents really plays just a tiny part in the whole event. The people being here, really and truly is the best presents I could get. 

3. Cakes

A Tiffany & Co cake! 
Made by Johanne :)

Aunt's classic birthday cake.

4. Food
Rather insignificant since no one actually eats. 

That and a lot of enthusiasm and excitement, is a recipe for a great day! I cannot thank everyone enough for being there. :)

But, here is my Thank You

*Just to avoid confusion, my Birthday is not for a week, but my co-party girl is leaving for America in 2 days time. So we had to make an advancement :) 

Friday, 7 August 2009

082. Pictures

Johanne and Mariuses Pancakes with wild-berries and ice cream at Fratelli, Lillestrøm.

Pictures! I feel like such a random photo blogger. :)
Probably because Johanne's camera is like mighty awesome. I'll miss your camera Johanne! *sniff

Find Bodung, and you might find me.

It is all about balance baby, balance

Those two, need no comments.

Now, I cannot stress enough how awesome the food is at Fratelli, Lillestrøm.

Johanne, Marius and I went over there a couple of days ago and it was still awesome as ever. Food is really crazy delicious! Everyone should give it a try. The portions were slightly large, but that is probably just me. The service was really good too, and they tend to be a bit more alert if you smile like a maniac.

Maybe I should write words so Search engines like Google can find it "spiser steder i Lillestrøm" "Fratelli, Lillestrøm" (I ran out of ideas) 
Then again, maybe not. Because if they were famous everyone would go and eat there, and I would never get a table. Not mentioning it would probably double in price if there was such a demand. So, shhhhhh. 

Number 17 on the menu. (Insert fancy Italian name)
Some pasta rolls with parma ham and spinach, cooked in cream cheese sauce.
Wtheck? How did I remember that? Orgasmic. :)

Even taste really good the way I like eating them, separated. 

My Chocolate Fondant. 

Need I say more?

*There is no picture of yesterdays outing with Magnarboy. :( We had a beer, well I had some sips of my beer at one of the stalls in Karl Johan. Then we headed over to Mövenpick (I am sure I am missing some ö/ë) for some of the most delicious ice creams ever! All that added with The Boy. Mmmmm

Life is good. :)


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