Thursday, 30 April 2009

033. Banana Cake

My best Banana Cake :)

Well, incase you didn't know, Johanne and Me and (insert some other names) have been baking a bit a few days back. But that update shall come some other time, as I have yet to rob her of some pictures of the really delicious and ridiculously elaborate decorations. Oh, you will see soon.

Anyways, I figured I could publish out recipes that have yet to fail me and of course has to taste amazing. And being the total retard in the kitchen and if Lisa can do it, so can you!
 Lets face it, how many of us can really come up with original recipes and expect it to taste really good right. 

Right, today still hungover from all the baking, I decided the best way to cure it was to.. bake even more! 

So, being the household that doesn't really bake very much or at all, we occasionally do not even have sugar lying about. So, baking is really such a hassle. Not mentioning the fact that everyone would rather just go out and buy a slice of cake, less cleaning up and apparently more economical in many ways.

A couple of days ago, in the attempts to be more healthy, the folks bought a bunch of banana's and they were starting to ripen too much to be eaten. I have this phobia of not wanting to eat banana's that look too ripe (getting black and what not). Its a paranoia so shhh!. So my genius self decided that we should make Banana Cake of it of course!

So, I like Google-ing things that have got "Simple" in it. Refer to paragraph about being an absolute retard in the kitchen. And, one of the first hits was this. Banana Cake Recipe 
Don't bother clicking if you don't want too, I have copied and pasted it here already :)
And, I have even converted all the values to grams! I do not like when people don't follow measurements to fit my own measuring cup! :)

Banana Cake Recipe

4oz butter or margarine (115 grams)
6oz sugar (170 grams)
8oz self raising flour (225 grams) 
(You need to remember to add some Baking powder if your using regular flour!)
2 eggs
2 large or 3 medium, very ripe banana's ( I use 4, there cannot be too much banana's right) 

1. Heat the oven to gas mark 4; 180C
2. Grease a 2lb loaf tin
3. Mash the bananas with a sturdy fork
4. Cream the butter and sugar together 
5. Mix in the eggs together the two yellow sludges you now have
6. Mix in the flour.
7. Scrape into the loaf tin and bake for 40 minutes then lower teh temperature to gas mark 2; 150C and cook for a further 30 minutes.

Everything really is simple enough. So I gave it a try and it tasted amazing. In my version, I added a couple of tablespoon of honey and some nuts in it for texture. Then once it was out of the oven, I glazed it with even more honey to give it a shiny looking surface. :) 

Right, in all fairness because I baked it, it has to be The Best Banana Cake ever. And its simplicity is my favorite part because its almost a no fail recipe I would think. And if it does fail, then... Haha! *walks away with a cute motion*

My random, "I want to wear a dress day, last Monday"
Lesson : Heels, not a good idea. 

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

032. Lessons on train times.

* Due to the lack of a better blogging material, here is my rant. Translate : long windy post with no essence whatsoever. 

Its has always been a known fact since a long time that NSB absolutely despise train travelers from Bodung to Jessheim/Kløfta/thatgeneraldirection. See,my first possible changing of trains would have to take place in Lillestrøm, but because the NSB timing is absolutely wonderful, my train that arrives in Lillestrøm, arrives about .10 past the hour, and the trains to Dal leaves at .09 every hour.

So, basically its always either waiting a whole entire hour for no real reason or like Torbjørn like saying, "Do you want to believe in Santa Claus?" and pray that the train is somehow delayed, or mine arrives just a minute earlier. Santa has yet been able to convince me of his existence.

Anyways, that aside, yesterday I have learnt a new place that NSB dislikes as well. Eidsvoll, at night. 
Basically, Marius and me went over to Johanne's for some muffin baking. :) And in my genius self I honestly thought that there would be no 22.21 train that leaves from Lillestrøm to Bodung but there would be a 23.21 that I could take. 

Ah, what naivety. And mind you, Life was absolutely fantastic at that moment. I had my dose of chocolate and food and all, so happily on my way I went.

When I was at the station, I decided well, lets give it one more check with the train schedule to confirm what I 'knew' was right. I asked Boy to check it. But to my dismay... there WAS a 22.21 train but there will not be a 23.21. I felt the world crumbling down. Yes, it doesn't take very much to feel like I want to ... (I can't say die, wasn't THAT bad). So for those who don't know, my only option then would be to take the 00.21 train from Lillestrøm back to Bodung. And that as you might know, would only get me home at 1 am. 1 am. 1am. 1am. Can you hear the dismay in my voice?

Above that, what am I supposed to do in Lillestrøm? (Of course I knew Lillestrøm = Magnar) but I have already seen him a whole day earlier,*coughmightgettoomuchofeachothercough* plus I was tired and just want to go home. So, there I was, feeling like a hobo. So, my first option was to go visit Torbjørn over at Gardermoen Airport and play with him over at the Lost and Found counter. Second, was to pray this this time, Santa exist. I chose to believe in Santa..., once again. He keeps disappointing me, and yet I never learn. :(

So, there I was at 22.21. Train was scheduled to arrive at 22.23. Train was arriving in Lillestrøm. I told myself, I can make this, I can make this, I will make this. Then I saw my train on the other side of the Platform moved. =_=
Oh why, oh why I thought. I was on the verge of pushing an old man with piles of luggage out the door if he was still in front of my way. Now thinking, I don't really know why... the train has moved on. Without me....

Fuming with, sadness and rage and frustration and ever possible emotion. I was stranded. *sniff*
What the heck right! I am always right! Oh well, gave a frantic call to Boy and started going all crazy like some drunken idiot in the train station, rambling about only godknowswhat. Then I saw a familiar car. Ahhh, bliss.
Couldn't be happier to see anyone then. Haha!

Initial plan was to just stick it out in Lillestrøm till 00.21 and take the train home. But being the cute kid he is. Guess who drove me home? :)
*Probably because, then he could get rid of me faster this way as well. Hah! Fair enough. :)
I absolutely despise when Magnar is awesome. Which is rather frequent. I suppose I just never give him enough credit for it. Grrr. You know how there is such a horrible guilty feeling 'using' Magnar and the fact that he can drive. And he does it so willingly and nicely. Bah, I'll buy you coffee sometime. Pfft. You suck! :)

Yes, that was my life story on how not to go to Eidsvoll before checking your trains. And phew, that was long.

*Found out yesterday, I was partly right. Trains DO leave at 22.21 on WEEKENDS, but not at 23.21. So, we learn something new everyday right.

*This pictures reminds me so much of that uber good Lindt chocolate I got from who else.
Felt so good pretending to chew on a rabbit's ear. (Sentence needs rephrasing) 

Sunday, 26 April 2009

031. Powderfinger

So, lately there has been an overflow in those talent shows. Of course, everyone has heard of Susan Boyle from Britain's Got Talent. But, as over-rated as she is. As I was clicking related links, I think she definitely has her competition cut out for.

Basically, here are the other few contestants that are worth noting (or the one's that I have checked out, I am sure there are kazillion more out there) 
*Curious question : Even though Britain's Got Talent (or whatever country it might be from) is a talent show, singing seems to still be the main spotlight talent. Why is that? Or maybe it was just the links I chose to click myself. :)

Because embedding takes too much of my time, just click the link, okay.
  • Hollie Steel, so very adorable! I absolutely love how Simon was probably thinking. "Is this it?, hoover over the buzzer button, then she starts singing!". Oh, in this episode as well there the 4th judge who is only there for a fraction of a second before producers thought it made the show more complicated or something like that. :) 
  • Good Evans , how cute is that? A family singing group. And the twins are so adorable! Maybe I am slightly biased, any cute kids can win me over anytime.
  • Flawless and Diversity , both dancing groups. Looking at their hit counts on their Youtube page, I suppose you could guess that they are rather good. 
  • And then there was this other 14 (?) year old kid who also sang rather nicely, but... nah, not really my cup of tea. 
But I am still sold over by the cute kids! I think the advantage of being young is that you are able to vow over more audience who would vote for you due to your cuteness. *looks around, I hope its just not me :)*

In addition, to the Britain's Got Talent, the Norwegian kids also have been really great!. I wonder if any of you watched Norske Talenter :), from the back of my head. I remembered 2 acts which was rather amazing!

I tend to be out and about every Friday, so I rarely get to catch Norske Talenter. :)
They both are opera singers, but their voice control is gobsmackingly amazing!

I am also not the biggest fan of the opera, if given the choice I am more of a orchestra or musical sort of person. But listening to Lydia especially, I can definitely see how one could fall in love with opera music. She sings so effortless! and again, the control... and she is only 14!

Then there is the Australian winner a 13(?) year old kid?. 
Ah, Ill bother you with it some other time I suppose. 

**Is there a reason why it is so impossible to get a new gmail account? My name is Lisa Cheah. And not lisacheahcheah 645 or l_cheahlisa29.
I mean who has got lisacheah, lcheah, lisacsl, (insert 100 more reasonable name forms). But no... they are all taken! Ugh! I have decided that the name Orlyandsa won't do any longer, and is starting to utilize my real name. But it is starting to get harder then you think.

*** Prince William♥ . What is up with the thinning hairline? You used to be the epitome of every girls dream. And a real life Prince. But seriously, what is up?

Starbucks, come back.


Saturday, 25 April 2009

030. Rants


Meet mini Truffles. He does have eyes. Proper ones.

Hearts! ♥

I am such a vainpot. :) But that picture is rockin' awesome.

Well, I am just finding reasons to procrastinate really. Math and Chemistry is stressing me out to the max. I feel like if I were to die tomorrow, it would be from all the stress. And my nerves. Oh god, my nerves are amazing... 

And, it doesn't help that I am hungry for some sushi and I am on my mood swings again. Damned hormones. If tomorrow headlines is IB student stabs Chemistry book till it was 1982378923847 million pieces, that would be me.

Exams are so close. Yet, here I am.

Staring into the computer screen. 

Webpages have never been this interesting before! and why are they all appearing now?!

Why did I not see them before!

Take for example,'s 

Interesting stuff, who wouldn't want to know what are the 10 things Microsoft would not tell you about the XBOX.

Then I read about the Alexa web-rankings. So, basically in about 5 years time, if I am still into the whole blogging scene. I might make it up their list. :)

Then there is the 62 things a geek should know. Well, I would not in any way call myself a geek. But, its so interesting! I cannot but help reading and trying to do the list. It could take a me a while.I am still trying to write my own JavaScript for my blog, but I think for now, I shall stick to stealing someone else's first, and editing them to the way I like it.

Then there is the whole 32 things (or whatever) an Apple user should know about the Apple Corporation. Well, basically things I have already been briefed by all the Apple Fanboy's and Girls, I call my Mac-fied friends. 

Then there is the Snorgtee's quotes I like reading. Funny!

Almost like one of my all time favorite quote with George. 

George : Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

Lisa : That doesn't mean you need to go show her yours!

Then I also learnt that hamsters eat their own babies if they are not healthy or is sick. Why?!?! So sad. Right, and I was planning on getting one. But they too, poop. Superficial I know.

Have I mentioned how much I love polaroid pictures?

Truffles, large version!
Boy, why did I not get that one instead?
Truffles is becoming like a stress ball now. So sorry. :)

I am such a great photographer, am I not?

What other rant can I bore you with? I can bore you with some of the more emolicious poems I wrote some time ago. Some from way back in 2006 or something. :). This one was written waaaaaaayyyy back. I think the reason for all this poems and a softer side of me, is so I can finally get closure. So, I can put the past slightly behind and move forward. Perhaps?

Again, do not assume. So weird to read this poems again, it makes me think that I must be like some weird ass depressed kid or something. Haha!

What If

What if lines were drawn?

But you crossed the line?

Did you know?

Or was it not known?

What if feelings got hurt?

Emotions got stirred,

But you still make mine seem so insignificant.

What if I had things to say,

But my words could never form a sentence?

How am I to tell you?

What would I say?

What if I knew I am living in a delusion?

Would it matter that this is all part of my creation?

My passion.

My illusion.

All that is left

Are words unspoken.

Question unanswered.

And feelings left hidden.

What if you didnt know?

Would that matter to you?

What am I to you?

Tears shed,

Memories erased,

What if you didn´t know?

Would it still matter to you?

Does it still matter?

029. Yellow

I heart ♥

Look, this is like a pretty cool application where they make your pictures to be polaroid copies!
It is a really really cool app,now all my pictures look so vintage. Yummy. And it is so fun to insert pictures into the camera and then having to wait for it to dry, just like the real thing.

If you ever wanted a 'digital' polaroid. This is definitely your answer.

Now I am curious, is there any way to buy a REAL polaroid camera?

How much would it cost me?
Maintenance wise, what sort of effort do I need for that... Can I just use regular photo paper?
I would ♥ a polaroid camera! Mainly because you do not have to take stunning photo's to capture the moment, it comes naturally. 
I shall consult my best friend later. *coughGooglecough*. I have an inkling sensation that it would cost me buckets! either that or the condition of the camera is in a dire state.

Colours are so stunning!

It looks amazing right :) 

Only possible problem is if the image is not centered well enough, you only get parts of it. Solution : crop it first :)

Right, I have been messing with this for a while now. I made at least 20 new 'polaroids' now. I could upload forever. Maybe later. :)

* Oh, and if you wondered about the blog title. Yeah, it was for the lack of a better name, though I was clicking around and I clicked on his Listen to This category. And stumbled upon Jem's own version of Yellow by Coldplay. I like the fact that Perez seeks out the little known musicians. And if you know me, I like my indie genré. :). And, I also had an A-ha moment as I now know where I heard the song Magnar plays ever so often by Tina Parol. Perez Hilton! I cannot recall where I heard it before, but now I know... :)

Friday, 24 April 2009

028. Perfection

Right, today NSB has decided once again that it was going to throw some crazy tantrum with its passengers. And this must have been the 3rd time this week or something. I mean, what the heck? You are already ripping off people for the ridiculously expensive train tickets!

Took me a whole 2 hours before I got home, and not to mention all that confusing 'navigations'. Train delay's are one thing,worse of all, by the time you get home, your dead tired, feeling horribly sweaty and therefore uncomfortable, and there is absolutely no mood to do anything else. There goes a wasted day, one which began relatively well, thank you very much.

Oh well, it really isn't all too bad today. Aunt made super yummy Tomato Rice with some Chicken Curry and some weird vegetable thing. Yumm. Can't wait to start grilling outside!

Other than that, I won this essay competition thinggymajig over in Malaysia and therefore I am thrilled. I am hoping I win some shopping money instead of an iPod or a Macbook or a stoopid car. I need none of the above, but I could always use more shopping money. All I want is shopping money. I think family has to already start to save up for "Lisa Adventure Home". Though, to not sound like a spoilt brat, I would also try and get a job and pay for a fraction of the things myself, okay. But, regardless prize giving ceremony is on the 5th (?) June. So, I guess we have to wait till then.

What else is new?
Days ago sister offered to pay for my flights to America again :), was seriously considering it. I mean, free tickets! (not like I would have paid them myself anyways, if I wanted to go, mum also thinks its nice if I could go again to help with some things) but she refuses to buy me a Tiffany bracelet or a M.A.C make up kit or even just a new Juicy Couture bag! What eff?, unfair...

In any case, we were really looking to squeeeeeezing a quick trip to America again before she goes home, but that simply would not work. My exam schedule is packed to the max and I have to do them if I ever hope to see the end of this. Damned exams.

Today, was also my last day officially in school. It really didn't feel like anything special at all. Felt like the same old, same old. :)

*I was trying to once again fix the blog domain thing so when you type you would actually be in, but that is not possible for the time being. Shuckss.

**And, here is a secret confession, not so secret anymore at least. I am a closet poet. I am not at all good at it, but I don't know if I am doing this to be good... plus, I am not really even sure if poems are what I am writing and not just cryptic sentences, but heck.
You might have notice this lately. Problem with being poetic is people always assume either it's about them or that I am writing about a certain something, when truth is... it really usually is not about you or whatever your mind thinks. Though maybe it is?, but to simply put it, you don't know me. So, I would generally think you are most probably wrong.

Another thing is, if ever I write about emotions,feelings,problems,whateverrelated to a softer side, people tend to assume the worse and people tend to assume that it's about Boy and I. What makes you think you know ANYTHING? 

People say perfection is unattainable.
A build up of expectations and out of vivid imaginations,
A build up of own delirious expectations.
My. expectations.

Is perfection really,
even if I seek it in the deepest,darkest corners.

What if I still want to believe in perfection?
What if I simply just still do?
I want to find perfection in flaws.
I want to believe in that flaw. 

What would people say?
or am I just cheating myself?
Covering up the truths for the fear of simply,
being hit by a reality check.
I hate reality.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

027. Personification

Almost a year since

Yesterday, me and Johanne took our first grill out for the year. We pretty much just bought one of those 'one time grill' and set by the fountain over in Lillestrøm for a small lunch time picnic. I would more then love to do it again.
It was really nice, to be once again reunited with the warmth and heat of summertime.
Absolutely random. Fantastically fun.

Oh, how I cannot wait to go home. Familiarity and family would be nice for a change. And simply because going home would be the closest I can get to a real life PAUSE button. Pause, rethink, re-strategize, relax, replay. And then off I go once again. Once more into oblivion. Putting out everything I have, everything I have learnt into the test. Into the world my family have been trying to shelter me from. 

A world where mummy and daddy cannot come to my rescue in a fraction of a second. Can you just feel the excitement in my voice?

My ever famous almost square cow and that birdy!
As you can see I was not born to draw.

I am not the sort of person who ever prays
I am not even remotely religious
What I have, or what I have been given are usually acts from someone real.
Someone who cares, someone who matter.
Or from my own hard work, sweat and tears.
But sometimes, praying and wishing is all I have.
Praying that I am doing the right thing.
That my choices will not defeat me, rob me.
Praying that I would come out of this stronger.

But who's listening?
What should I do now?

Would you be sad, if I said I failed?
Though I tried. And I really did, I tried.
Would you?
And above all, did you?

And those I've hurt chasing this.
Would you then forgive me?
I am sorry. 

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

026. What's in?

Nostalgia, once again. Once more and never again.

So, lately I see some weird pattern forming the moment something is considered "hot" or "in". Oh, the power of the internet and people. 

For example, this are the few different things that have been catching the wave rather quickly if you ask me. Strangely enough, I have been in and out of the internet world for roughly a week now, but still these stories bites, and rather hard. In other words, everyone (term used loosely) seem to be talking about it!

Therefore, here are the few that I can remember from the back of my head.
  • Susan Boyle, Youtube video. Obviously almost everybody has seen this video clip. Apparently it is soon to be one of the most viewed Youtube video ever, taking over Avril Lavine's, Girlfriend. Of course it is by no doubt her singing was just incredible! and she obviously has got that certain charm with her. Almost like William Hung or Paul Potts really. 
  • Miss California's answer to Perez Hiltons question on Miss America. Apparently it is the first time ever that there was serious boo-ing from the audience once the pageant was done, and of course people just went crazy after hearing how she did not think it was all right for same sex marriage to be legalized. Of course this is like such a heated topic as it is and now that she said that, its almost unheard off for pageant people. Personally, I am a bit in between myself. As long as someone is happy, do whatever makes them happy right. So, I am all for same sex marriage, people should be allowed to choose!, but shouldn't she be allowed to voice her opinions too?, good or bad?. I am thinking its really about HOW she put her words that questionable. If only she put in in a better form. And, I suppose its nice to know her real view's on things before being crowned or anything.
  • Malaysian Dreamgirls, right. This has to be THE MOST OVERLY DRAMATIC show ever. (And Yes, caps all intended) I don't know if I am proud to see them make a fool of themselves, and in all honesty this year's contestants are really not all that awesome. All they ever care for is drama, and more drama. I can almost say there is more drama in this show then there ever was in Gossip Girl. In fact, this is like the epitome of the Big Brother show about what would happen when you put 12 girls under the same roof for 1 month (?). Effing hilarious.
  • The baby clone
There are a zillion more stories that I have read repeatedly now, over various sources, I am sure next would be some weird news about Suri Cruise who celebrated her 3rd birthday not so long ago. :)

With that being said, one thing that is totally unacceptable to reuse and redistribute, would be this. I was strolling down Cubus over at the Torv in Lillestrøm a week or so back. And I was mortified when I saw this!

Looks familiar? It is the EXACT copy of my Graduation dress from Miss Selfridge! Grrrrr!
Isn't there like a whateveryoucallit thing about people stealing other peoples creation? and this is definitely a carbon copy of MissSelfridges (I know MissSelfridge might have also stolen the idea, but lets pretend they didn't)

Anyways, what the heck Cubus?

Considering I bought that dress over a year ago in Edinburgh, what is the copy doing here in Norway? Now everyone can have the same dress I do. :(
Not like I would wear that dress again anyways, but now everyone can. *coughbitchcough*
And we all know how MissSelfridge is definitely leagues above Cubus! righhhhtttt....

*Oh, did you also know that Avril's Girlfriend, was really never "Most viewed". Its just that the fan-club made this program that keeps refreshing the page or something and the fans were asked to keep the tab open, so it gets loads of view hits. :) I was starting to wonder, how can THAT many people like Avril. Now I know. And it is not

*You said you understand, do you really?, I do not think you really do. :)

025. Scary.

For the lack of a better picture

Ok, this is rather scary if you ask me. How do you know?!
Well, I know its a program and all, but OMFG I was thinking Tsar Nicholas the Second and he guessed it!, and he guessed Hitler and Mahathir Mohammad but he failed to guess Tweety Bird.

But hey, still awesome enough to impress me, not like I am at all difficult to impress. :)

I am so intrigued that I will probably start googling how this things work.
But for now, toodley-doo.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

024. Rebound


Cafe's visited lately.

Boy and I have been to a couple more cafe's lately, and here are some that are worth mentioning.

I wonder if I keep this up for another... 2 years, would I eventually generate enough publicity to be able to get my coffee breaks funded by Google or Nuffnang :)

Right now it really seems like Google Adsense is the one generating most money compared to Nuffnang ads. Wicked.

Åpent Bakeri

I think you would definitely hear me talk about this cafe a little bit. It has to be one of the better cafe's that I have visited. It is situated at the end of the Kongens Parken, right opposite Jan Thomas's Studio in Parkveien. It is really hard to miss if your going that general direction. Boy and I just happen to stumble upon it while he was going to pick up his bike from the bike store in Oslo.

*(Which would be my next rant some other time, the "other" side of Oslo, not known but offers amazing things. They have got Oasis, Coast and Warehouse all in one row-ish!) 

Anyways, back to Åpent Bakeri. The entire bakery has got glass windows and walls, and therefore the name. Åpent (Open). D-oh :). They have got some of the best Hot Chocolate yet, and the prices were not that outrageous.

I paid (I think) 28 NOK for a cup of Hot Chocolate and what's awesome about it is that I think this has to be the first time in Norway that the Hot Chocolate was one that was made out of melted chunks of dark cocoa on a warm foamy milky mixture. Namnammy.

And, you cannot help but to notice the ever famous Studio opposite you, and maybe if your in luck, you could also get a glance some famous people getting their hair fixed or even better you get to see famous people with horrible hair day, so we all know they are humans too. Maybe the King goes there too, whatdoyouthink? :)

Kafe Brenneriet (?), Aker Brygge

The ever famous Kafé Brenneriet. To be honest, it was just so-so for my cup of cocoa, wasn't like over the top good or anything to be honest, though one of the better cups I have had, that I have to admit. 

And as I was saying, I think my standards are getting too high and I am starting to expect a bit too much. Is that a bad thing? :)

Though, with that being said. It could also perhaps be because I was sitting right next to the toilet, and therefore part of the time I was sitting hoping, wishing no one opens the toilet door so it hits me right in my back, so my judgement of this could be slightly biased and therefore unfair. Heh.

Pikene på hjørnet, Lillestrøm

I have yet to try out the 'sister café', Pikene på torvet. This one is by the train station, on the other side of Lillestrøm.

Lets make this short : If ever you are there, order their brownie!

Its so effing good. Warm brownie with a scoop of cold vanilla ice-cream on the side, its so good. What more can you want?

Have I mentioned how good it was already? :)

Might be slightly on the pricey-er side, 49 NOK (or something about that) for a small piece of brownie and one scoop of vanilla ice cream but absolutely worth every cent. Pure indulgence. Namnammy.

Right, that was about it I guess, I think I shall leave out the bar we visited with Sharanna and Robin and Thomas since I did not have any coffee there and all I did was sit in freezing cold weather. 

**Ignore the previous post, it was written out of instinct and has absolutely no value what-so-ever. Not like this is going to be any different but here are some questions I ponder about in the past 5 minutes. Feel free to answer them if you have any smart guesses or educated guesses. And please, don't harp on the whole "Google it" thinggymajig. If I had internet, I would have done that long ago. :)

Question 1 : Have you watched the Miss California USA's answer to Perez Hilton's question?, what did you think? *coughidiotcough*

Question 2 : What is a Packet Data?, and do I want it for my phone?

Question 3 : Where is all the Malaysian bloggers hate site disappear too?

Question 4 : Why did I not follow the Pirate Bay story closer?

Question 5 : Boy, when can I play with my Spore game again?

Question 6 : What happened to all the hyped up-ed stories of last year, like Madeline McCain, and Josef Fritzl and etc. Why nothing on the news anymore?

Question 7 : Why is Math so useless to me?, why am I so hopeless in Math today? (Pfft, like that doesn't happen everyday). Sines and cosines are just confusing.

Question 8 : Why is there a age limit to enter some restaurants and pubs on weekends?, 'Younger people' need to have a drink too you know!

Question 9 : Should I just go to sleep already?

Bah, sleep first. Last question answered...

***Ironic how I am also typing this from Garcon with Boy. They now put up some new gazebo things so you can sit outside and soak up the sun :)



023. Words

Artistic attempts.

Here am I,utterly bored and uninspired to do more Chemistry, though I know I shouldn't feel this way. Anyways, as I was listening to John Mayer's, Say from his album Continuum. I realized, its been ages since I read the dictionary and therefore I should do some Dictionary reading of some new words that I see ever so frequently but have never really known what they meant from my iTunes library (be it song titles, albums, or genre) and search them up. Like did you know that Celtic can be pronounced both with a S sound and K sound! 

And, how poem can be pronounce the way I pronounced it before!|ˈpōəm; ˈpōim; pōm|, so I was right after all. Hrmph!

Though now I know that my pronunciation of flour is wrong. It is pronounced |ˈflou(ə)r| and "The spelling flower remained in use alongside flour until the early 19th cent."

Oh, and vase can be pronounced as |vās; vāz; väz|, so everyone is most probably right. So is many other words I am sure. 

And here is the wild-card word, electricity |ilekˈtrisitē; ˌēlek-|

*My other plan was to actually make a thesaurus on some of my favorite songs. You would be surprised at how funny things are when thesaurus is applied! (Maybe that would be prefect for my next blog). I am sure you all have tried that before. I remember mine being hilarious! 

So, here are my list of a few words, perhaps it could help in some essay writing for like... never. Oh, and I am getting really good at reading the pronunciations of things. A couple of years ago, reading how to pronounce thing to me was like what eff is this crap?, its not even letters or words!  -__-

*All dictionary searches are from the Apple dictionary thinggymajig.

From John Mayer's Album

continuum |kənˈtinyoōəm|

a continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptibly different from each other, although the extremes are quite distinct

From Belle and Sebastian Song

apostle |əˈpäsəl|

each of the twelve chief disciples of Jesus Christ. (Oh, I knew that one)

But here is the interesting fact, 

The twelve Apostles were Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James (the Less), Judas (or Thaddaeus), Simon, and Judas Iscariot. After the suicide of Judas Iscariot his place was taken by Matthias.

Ok, I came to realization how boring that was. Apparently, besides one or two artist who uses bombastic words, most of the playlist songs are actually quite understandable. And the only one's I do not understand happens to either be African, Celtic, Irish, etc. And I expect to not know what they mean for a while to come, for example, The Rankin Family's Oganaich An Or-Fhuilt Bhuide / Am Braighe. Try pronouncing that!, and then if your not like a Celtic speaker, I am sure you are not saying it right anyways. :)

Anyways, I think I should keep to my initial plans to play with Thesaurus. You know how "mushy songs" are so cliché, haven't you wondered what if they were written by some thesaurus masters, what it would be like. 

** Songs playing on shuffle mode.

John Mayer, Your Body Is A Wonderland.

"Skin like porcelain, one pair of candy-lips and bubblegum talk"

Translate : epidermis, solitary matching set of bonbon edge with bubblegum chat.

Ice on the Wing, Nada Surf

"Baby, ice is growing on the wings"

Translate : Infant, icicles resting on the pinion

Stay, Michelle Featherstone

"If I build a wall, a hundred feet tall, would that keep you in"

Translate : On the condition that I construct a barrier, a hundred feet large, would that retain you inside. (Okay, this song doesn't sound bad at all after translation )

*** A new realization : Maybe it isn't all that funny after all. Wait, I will find some funny one and publish it. Oh well, I did still learn some new words! :)


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