Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Edinburgh's Knick Knacks.

Goodbye, Edinburgh.
I know I'll definitely be back again. <3

Micheal Kors

Why, hello there beautiful. 
I cannot wait to take you for a free ride to Malaysia where it is warm and I can actually wear you out. 

Yonas Pizza, Tromsø

Tromsø! Land of the Northern Lights!

 Some good ol' "home brewed" Mack beer. Tromsø is where Mack beer are brewed. Honestly, as a non beer drinker, I actually thought it was quite good. Worth a try.

 Yonas Spesial?
Normanna Pizza

Yonas Pizzarias and Catering, 
Sjøgata 7, Tromsø
+47 77667777

Located right beside Radisson in Tromsø. 

Overall, it was all right. 
Pizza's were made fresh to order, I usually like a more "italian" crust to my pizza this was definitely thicker more American base.
They claim to have "special sauces" but I don't really I could differentiate it from any other pizza?
I did think they could have been more generous with the topping of the pizza.

Price (as you can tell) weren't too bad? But they were not cheap either (by my standards?) and you can clearly tell this was one of the hang
out places if you studied in the University of Tromsø!

If I were to go back again? 
Probably not, if I find something else to try next time.


On days I feel like my body is able to splurge and be naughty. Nam.
Wheat bread, Mango chutney, Jalapeno Cheese, Cucumber, Bacon,Tomato and Mayonaise. 

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Radisson Blu, Edinburgh

Our humble abode in Edinburgh.
Radisson Blu, Royal Mile.

Price : Roughly 80 GBP when booked with advance booking. And about 15 GBP for parking for a day.

Overall I think people that book this hotel probably do it because it is located right in the heart of Edinburgh's Royal Mile. Though if you were to honestly ask me if it was worth the money, I would probably said No.

If ever I was in Edinburgh again, I would no doubt book a hotel on Princes Street (The Balmoral? Ramada? Hilton?) instead as I do feel that there is more happening across the street (literally)

Edinburgh is quite small that more often than not, people should just walk.

Don't get me wrong, I had a great time there. Sheets were clean, pillows were aplenty, available parking at a fee (if you rented a car like we did), relatively quiet. 

It's just that there wasn't really any view out of the windows, room were sub-par (nothing WOW-ing) for it to claim a 4 star status. I understood that part of my Terms and Condition for an "Advance Booking" was not being able to pick the bed types and room's but being a cheap that I am, for almost 100 Pounds I sort of expected a little bit more.

If you are planning on traveling to Edinburgh on a Shoestring, I highly recommend which is cheaper and lies right beside Radisson Blu.
I was there quite a while back but from reviews it still isn't to bad!

And if I wanted to splurge a bit I would either choose The Balmoral or Hilton or Ramada
(all of which lies in the same price category really if you do your research ahead of time)

Filling Station, Edinburgh

 Breakfast Diners 

Pots of tea I missed.
I miss having tea in many knick knacky cups and saucers!

Eggs Benedict on Rolls

Scottish Breakfast, complete with Blood Pudding and Haggis.

I remembered this place only because, little known to us people in Edinburgh don't eat breakfast that early. 

Could be the effect of last night's partying if you ask me?

We were out and about town looking for a good place to have breakfast only to find out most stalls over at The Royal Mile (High Street?) will not be opened till at least 10 a.m. :( That actually including breakfast stalls! So if I were you, I would have slept in.

This was one of the first that opened, and overall it was good. And it was all rightly priced? It We were hungry and ultimately, it was just breakfast. 

The Filling Station
233-241 High Street

Walking down the streets of Edinburgh is never much fun if you don't make faces.


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