Saturday, 26 June 2010

322. I am such a working woman!

Woo hoo!
It is now my second day at work! And I am completely knackered. 
And I love it. Well, it might still be too early to speak really, but

I love the feeling of a day well spent! 

Strange because the job really isn't that difficult, but I think standing in the sun for such a long time going ...
"That would be 20 NOK for parking please, have a nice day"
"It was not my decision to charge for parking, please ask the commune"

I don't really have much to write about anymore these days. :(
Magnar and I have been great as usual, so no moody rants or anything.

That is part of the reason why I want to try to focus on a blog with a bit more oomph? A bit more direction?

Anyways, before I start ranting away.
I think I am going to go to bed now.

Toodles, lovelies. 

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

321. A new job!

Woo hoo!

So yeah, after months of job hunting I finally landed myself a job!
Completely unglamorous, but I am working as a parking ticket lady. (Due to the lack of better term)
Basically I think what my job is to collect money and hand some ticket over to people in Nebben. :D

I will be working over at Nebben so if you happen to be around, come say Hi.
But what are the possibilities of that happening right. :D

Mhmm mhmm!

I got to run now, but I shall update you later and show you all the stuff I got from Malaysia! 

This is going to be a good week, I can feel it already.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

320. 2 days.

So, only 2 more days before I get visit from Malaysia!
And, it already looks like it is going to be a hectic month!

The folks are arriving on late Tuesday evening.

Wednesday the sister and I have got plans. The mum and friend would probably sleep off jet lag. :D
Or do whatever old people do.

Thursday is the big meet up with the Hjelmstads.
Omg. I think I rather die.

No wait, Maybe it will be okay?
Oh, Thursday I am sure is going to be exciting!

Then Friday we are going to do some sightseeing!
Woo hoo!

Phew. I sense a long week ahead!

319. Music Plug

Fire with Fire, Scissor Sisters

Love <3
They just get better with time!

And, we did actually catch them at the VG lista last Friday! :D
Even if it was only for a fraction of a minute!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

318. Rainbow cupcakes

We made rainbow cupcakes today!
As toxic as it sounds, it was fun to play and create it!

And it is actually really easy to make. You really just make a basic vanilla cupcake recipe, separate them into 7 (we made 6 because well, indigo and purple are ... almost the same). 

Anyways, separate the batch, add food colouring accordingly and then slowly layer them in a muffin form.

Put them in the oven like as directed by the recipe and tadah!

I use this recipe for my cupcake. And it works amazing and incredibly simple to make!
Of course, it tasted really good.

I am sure if you want to save time, you can easily buy a ready made butter cake batter or plain yellow cake mix and it would work fine too :)

So, will you be trying it?


Colour in real life is a lot brighter and not as weird as it looks here. :)

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

317. Music Plug

If you haven't already realized, I quite like Enya. Here is another one of my favorite song from her.
Extremely mellow warning : On.

I personally love it, when it is raining at 3 in the morning.
When the world is just a silent place for you and your thoughts. <3

Enya was one of the reasons I would love to learn Gaelic.
Now that I have done my Latin, I think if given the chance, I can probably attempt Gaelic next. :) 

Sunday, 13 June 2010

316. Hello

So, I might need some help.

I want to make my Blogger template completely plain, white with the ability to post large pictures.
What template do I use, and how to I edit my HTML so everything fits nicely?


I have tried the simple white plain template but that didnt work, and the HTML was wayyyy too complicated to mess around with.
And above all, after messing with it, I wasn't able to revert to normal again. FML.

And I am trying to remove my background too, as I intend on using bloggers template.
How do I do that? 

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

314. Official blog break.

I used to like this song when our school use to sing it for the Ghana Day.
Except with a slight change of lyrics. :)

Is everyone excited for the Fifa World Cup?

313. Change of winds

New white shirt. I love.
White shirt count = 5

I think I have decided that I want to change my "style" of blogging?
I think I have grown up a bit since I first started and blogging about everything and anything about my day, therefore I am going to try to compose them a bit better.

My idea is, I am going to attempt to a more, picturesque, guide post thinggymajiggy.
Its hard to explain for now, but you'll see :D

I just something new, something different. A progression.

So, stay tune?
I might do a total overhaul by the end of this week?

Have a great day ahead! 

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

312. Music Plug

I took that picture! Only at that time, I didn't know who he was! :D
*Smacks self in the head*

311. Blog breaktime.

Blog break. Have a lunch with me instead.

om nom nom nom!

See you guys soon! :)


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