Friday, 31 December 2010

352. Goodbye 2010

2 years ago, about this time in the middle of Times Square in New York I stood amidst 100,000 (probably more) people. While I had some of the best times I have ever had and crave for it every time the New Year dawns, this was the day I found out that in this world, you need to find your solid ground because amidst all these people, when the clock stoke 12 - I was in reality alone.

I remembered clearly what I wanted, and what I expected, what I got and what I didn't.

This day in 2008 I learnt to love myself before others. I grew up.

Last year in 2009 I told myself to live with less expectations. Less expectations in others, but more expectations in myself. I told myself to drive myself further, push myself harder and be ultimately, independent.

And in 2010 I did just that. (Or at least, tried)

In 2010, I learnt that I am one stubborn cookie. I remembered times when I hit my rock bottom, but as saying goes, when you hit rock bottoms, you need to gather courage to stand up, for if we look at it, there is no way else but up. Life was designed to bring us down only to show how strong we really are.

In 2010 I learn that my biggest fear, is failing myself.
I learnt that I am determined to the point that if I were to wake up one day and have nothing to strive for, then I have failed myself.

In 2011, I am going to enter it knowing what I want, and how to get it. I know this is as cliche as it gets, but I am ready for whatever life is going to throw at me in 2011, for I know now,

No matter what happens, for everyday I wake up, I know I have a the greatest gift of all. Life.

Friday, 10 December 2010

351. Christmas List Part 2.

Are you ready for Part 2 of my Christmas wish list?

1. A Dior eye shadow pallet in Purple-ish colours. Dior makes THE BEST eye shadow.
(Fine I am a bit biased and have not tried many brands, but its true)
I think this pallet number 970

2. A Set of brushes from The Body Shop AND a make up bag.
I am tired of using my hands and getting everything glittery. And I am tired of putting my make up in a lunch box.
3. A really good piece of steak
No, I am not talking a good piece off a men. I got mine already albeit he isn't that meaty.

Medium rare. 
Its so hard to find amazingly cooked meat at the restaurants these days. :P

4. A good classic board game.
And I meant classic only because I don't like explaining the rules every time we want to play.
Something like Risk or Monopoly would be great. :D
I never have anything to entertain my guest with here in Bodung. Could be nice if I had some board games.

Okay got to go to work now, I have Part 3! Promise I'll be done after part 3,4,5,6,7,8, ....., 39849237402794 


Friday, 3 December 2010

350. Christmas wish list.

So, this are stuff I wish (probably need to buy myself) list. Some superficial, some I actually really need but cannot come to terms with parting with my hard earned money. Fml.

On no order of preference what-so-ever.

1. A new camera! SLR, not SLR, Digital, Polaroid, at this point whatever. Something so I can click and stare at gorgeous pictures.  Have decided to buy this myself with my Christmas money. 

2. A camera bag to put my camera in. If am going spend all my money on the camera itself, where am I to find money for a bag too? So Santa, I would like a nice bag for my camera please, A Crumpler 7 million dollar home in Red would be nice as I definitely do not want a ugly regular looking camera bag.

3. Hunter Boots in Navy Blue colour. Which Magnar sort of said he would get it for me, but even if he doesn't I would definitely go get it myself when I head to Scotland. So Santa, you don't have to get me this. :D

4. A new running shoe. A Nike Free would be lovely. You have no idea how ugly mine is since I use it all the bludeh time. I live in my working out shoes I am desperately in need of a new one

5. YSL Arty Oval ring. This ring is simply uh.mah.zing. 
6. A new agenda/wallet preferably from Mulberry or Miu Miu. Actually Santa, what I really want is a new bag, but since they cost way too much money. I can settle with smaller things I use daily. And as of right now, nothing is more important than a good organizer. :)
7. A new knitted sweater, in beige or camel.
Santa I freeze often because I simply do not have any warm clothes. :P

Santa, I need to go now, but I will come back with Part 2.

Friday, 22 October 2010

349. Never look down on people.


I learn that after actually having worked a whole bunch this year. Never look down on people no matter who, how or what they are doing. Because behind all of it, you really don't deserve to judge, unless you know whats behind the facade.

Since I have worked I learn to appreciate so much more. I got a comment today that make it sound like being a waitress is such a bad thing. Supposedly it is something so bad, such a "non trivial job" (and this I quote), so low class and what nots.

You know, someones got to do it.

Let it be clear I have never been a waitress before in my life, but I have am/was once a cashier person at a grocery store. I guess that was one of the lowest "low class" jobs I have ever had. But that low class job I had paid me more money than any other jobs I have ever had (as a social worker, babysitter, etc). It allowed me to be completely debt free and allowed me to not rely on a student loan or any sorts of loan for that matter. 

It showed me that I am obviously not like you (Oh, I know you will read this). 
I at the very least work for my God damn money.
I am so sorry that my parents didn't leave me a million dollar at my disposal. Crap right, damn my parents. Damn they too have to work. So sad so sad.

(Interval so we can all cry about how sad my life is) *Cry cry cry*

I know of people who waits and have homes 5 story's high. Its called learning the value of a dollar. 

Oh and  I think the one best lesson from working a "low class" job is it really drives you. It drives you to do better. It shows you what you are capable and drives you there.  It shows you that sometimes you need to climb the ladder (with enough determination). You don't just end up on the top. You need to get there.

It teaches you how to appreciate people.
Do you think someone would do those "non-trivial" job if they had a choice? No. 
But they do it. How do you know they dont have a family to feed at home?
And who are you to tell criticize them for that?

PS: Guess where you can find me working these days? Forex Bank at Lillestrøm Jernbanestajon! Yay!
Once cashier lady now moving up! :) Or is that still "low class job"?

And because I know that you would be reading this. I still think this ideas the Malaysian government has is ... well... ridiculous.

And before you come with silly little remarks. I am not talking about drug dealing or not judging a rapist or anything of that nature. So, please. Dont pretend to be stupid. 

Monday, 11 October 2010

347. This is just effing bizarre!

I got this off Rohini's Facebook, but its just too good I just had to share.
It just made my day. I haven't laughed so hard, and got so confused all at the same time in a really long time.

Just watch. BIZARRE.

And looks like they have a whole series of it! Fuck. I am so going to get hooked.

Seriously. What. The. Fuck.

346. A quick update

So I see there are still actually a few people that visit my blog daily though my updates has been very scarce. 

Its about 1.16 am now as I am typing this. I just finished reading a chapter of my Python Programming homework so I understand a little bit more in class next week. And now I am going to go watch some Mtv's True Life and maybe browse the Kenzo show from Paris Fashion Week for some eye candy! 

I haven't been up to much lately, besides the usual but today Magnar and I took a quick trip to Oslo for the sake of it and I must admit that I throughly enjoyed myself. 

First we went over to the Kunstindustri museum (Art Industry? Museum)
Which in my honest opinion was far from being anywhere near my idea of a good museum, there was a bit to see but nothing to really write home about.

The fun-est thing we did there was playing at the children section, colouring patterns. Yeah, we never really grow up really.

Then we went over for some vegetarian food at Vega (which happens to be the same place I have been before with a different name) Completely recommended. Might write a review on it if I go there again!

Then we headed to Pascals for some macaroons, then some Geo-caching then we heading to Lillestrøm, had sushi and watched James Bond.

So yeah. That was my 10.10.10.
Hope your day was great too! 

Sunday, 3 October 2010

345. Music Plug

Now I really really really like this girl. If there is one person I want to win X factor, it would be her!
Gamu Nhengu singing Adele, Make You Feel My Love

Which in case you didn't already know, Make You Feel My love is actually my special song! 

The only sad thing is that the "bookies" over in the UK supposedly don't think she would make it.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

344. Plans

I have had some time to think lately, and since I feel like a lot of things in life are going in my favour I can afford (literally and not so literally) to start thinking of what the future holds.

Sometimes I think the future terrifies me in more ways than I can imagine. But its enthralling to think of what tomorrow might bring, who will stick with me, and who I have to leave behind in the quest for my own selfish happiness. In order for us to find happiness in others, we need to find our own happiness.

I wish I could share what I have planned, but I can't (and I do as of right now hope that I will carry them through) I don't need you or anyone else to tell me what I should or should not be doing.

Monday, 13 September 2010

343. Music Plug

Eliza Doolittle, Pack Up

342. The quest.

I was telling Magnar's dad how I've never really had the chance to live the "single life" and would like to date another 100 people. So he said, at the rate I am going, I need to get through my men faster.(*Not exact quote, but the point remains) Haha!

So I thought how hard can it be to find 100 men?

Let me tell you. Hard.
Come do some math with me!

Lets do some math. Since I don't actually have very many friends I have to turn to Facebook to carry out my imaginary experiment.
So as of today, I have 240 Facebook friends and 60 pending friend request. (And since I need the numbers, I'll use the 60 pending) 

1.First due to personal preference sexual preference I need to eliminate well, woman/girls. 

2.Right,then you need to find men who is "dateable" material. Lets say, we take half the men as "all-right"  (150/2=75)

3.Then you have to lower it down taking away men who well, have same gender preference as me. And well, I have lots of gay men friends, and they are super <3 but unfortunately... 
So, lets say I have 

4.Then we have to lower down to men who are already taken. I might be on a quest, but I am not well... needy and horny. :P 
(55/2= plus minus 23)

5. Then I need to make sure that these men I am trying to find is within a day of travel range. I dont want to waste my days traveling if I want to keep my 100 men goal. :P

6. Then I need to find a men who is willing to entertain me, give me cuddles, take me out, answer my calls any day or time, a person you can talk about anything and everything, you know all that mushy stuff. etc etc

7. Now comes the tricky bit, we of course need to have the men to want you so, that eliminates even more people 

8. And to top it all off, since I believe we should all have standards and thus I need to want every one of that "100 men" myself too. I can never imagine dating men unless I actually like them. And plus, I don't want to be some weird slut solely on a quest. 

So yeah, after all that calculation we have narrowed my options, I am left with one dude.

I think as of right now, you were meant for me!
And there probably isn't any other better person for me either.
And above all, there probably isn't any person I really want more than you.
Its sometimes hard to see it in the midst of a mood tantrum and when you don't learn to answer my calls, or entertain me all the time, but all that goes over and it will be okay again.

So, you should really just let me embark on my adventures for something tells me I'll always come back to you.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

341. The day

Almost a month ago.

The day I stopped thriving for more is the day I have failed. 
And with that said, I don't think I will ever be truly happy.

Doesn't life sometimes feel like a serious joke.

Haha. Enough life lessons for now.

 I got to go back to doing homework. Woo hoo!
I know I said I was going to change some stuff off my blog, but I really haven't had the time!
My days more often than not, work like a clockwork.
I get up, get to school, go to work, read, sleep.

School is really really hectic, but I love it.

I can't see myself loving it now, but I know that in time, I will come to love it.
It does get a bit overwhelming sometimes with all the new things you have to absorb (and they are quite difficult no doubt), but if I was doing things I knew from before and it isn't a challenge I cant really then say I am learning, can I?


Tuesday, 7 September 2010

340. Till we meet again

So much to blog about. Quite some back logs.
But oh well.

Funny how it is so true when people say that once you get yourself into a rat race, it is hard to break out of that cycle! So true! I promise I'll blog again sometime!
Till then.

340. Ugly

This was my comfort song when I younger. Its so empowering though!

And no, I am not making excuses for not blogging. I honestly just dont have the time anymore these days, and just sort of bluntly dont want to share all my daily stories all the time anymore :)

339. Just havent had the time

In the mean time, this is hilarious thus I got to share! Its also so brilliant because it is so true!

Catch you guys later.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

338. Blog revamp

So, I am doing the whole incognito thing these days, but I am doing a complete blog revamp this week and will start with something new! :D

Stay tuned?

Saturday, 7 August 2010

331. MusicPlug

Now, I think I have mentioned it by now that I am the biggest sucker for piano music. So I often browse the Youtube world to find some amazing talents!

So I came across this dude, and I am smitten! Yoonha85!
You got to check him out if you are into this kind of thing!


Anyway, off to work now. Catch you guys laters!

332. MusicPlug

Bulletproof, La Roux

Sunday, 1 August 2010

331. Check this out!

I think this is rather cool!

Now it definitely feels like I am a piece of history.

Made using this "program" It is in Japanese but I am sure all of you can easily figure out what to click.

330. I think this is it.

I dont know if my blogging inspiration will ever come back again. At least, not for a while.
Not as long as I have other priorities I need to get straight! (Read: School)

And, I really really really want to do a little more Photoblogging, and less about me.
My life is hardly that exciting to keep everyone updated daily.

Though I am starting to think that I would never be able to do my Photoblogging, because I still cannot understand anyone who would pay more money for a camera than a Alexander Wang Freja boots, which I also sort of want! 

But, maybe in time, I'll get my priorities a little straighter. Then I'll get my ass to the store and get a myself a SLR. 

But for now, I shall focus on turning 20,
and everything else can wait for another 2 weeks.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

329. Tired

As of today, I am Day 5 of my 10 day work streak. Insanely tired.
I am starting to get very tired in the mornings, I am always moody by the afternoon, and by night all I want to do is to just go to sleep.

Eff my life.

I am getting so completely dark it is craaaaaaaazy. I never really did like the sun.

Anyways, guess this is what people have been telling me about the working life.

In any case, I am going to start school again soon so that is insanely exciting, and before you burst out laughing, from this August onwards, I am going to be studying Math and Economics!
Yes, you read right.


I really dont mind the Economics ( Heck, it was the reason why I choose that course ), but the Math ... We'll just have to wait and see on that one.

I am trying to remind myself that I got in to the course with the grades I have, and so in many ways I am "qualified" for it? I shouldn't feel like the other students are definitely going to be smarter, better and probably more sane than I am, right?


Anyways, you awesome folks that keep visiting my blog though I have no longer seize to exist any longer, thanks! 
*virtual hug*

Now, time for work! Toodles!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

328. Updates

Magpie <3

So, I wish I could do some awesome updating about how amazingly happening my life is right now, but unfortunately... my life isn't that happening!

My week usually consist of 10 days of work, then 4 days off. And incase you are ever wondering I have the most unglamourous job you can possibly imagine having. I work as a parking lady. I think it might get better soon though because Johanne is going to start working with me soon!

Other than that, I have only been lazing around doing nothing entertaining my smelly sister.

And if this information is of any importance, the Hjelmstad brothers are taking me and my sister out to Fratelli today! Mmmm. I love Fratelli, so I can't wait!

Shall update later!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

327. I wonder.

I wonder sometimes, why is it that whenever I said that I owe nothing to Malaysia as far as I can feel/see, they have given me nothing, I get criticized for not being patriotic?

Putting the racial issue aside and how I know that back in Malaysia I am classified as a second class citizen, why should I feel like I am indebted to Malaysia?

Come next year, I would have been living in Norway for 5 years. That is a quarter of my lifetime.

Norway has in the last 5 years, given me the opportunity to go to school, to get a Diploma, the ability to go to a University (or any colleges my heart desires, doing whatever I choose), is willing to give me a loan/grant as like every other Norwegians so I can go to school, given my the opportunity to work and make a living and above Norway has never ever treated me like I am any less worthy.

Surely, there are times where they will put their people ahead of me, but as far as I am concern its the endless possibilities this country has for me is what matters most.

All these things Norway has done for me, do I still have to feel that Malaysia is where I owe my duties to?

Really, what has Malaysia done for me that is that significant?

If I was back home, I probably wouldn't even have had the opportunity to go to a Uni unless my parents/me paid for it. Not because I am not qualified, simply because I wasn't born the right race.

Monday, 12 July 2010

326. Pictures

Look at that silly boy.
I can't find any picture of me! :( 
Hrmpf. Guess Magnar will have to do for now. 

Be back later folks!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

325. Hello!

Hello lovelies! 

So, is everyone caught up in the Fifa games?
Is everyone busy working? Making a living?
Entertaining smelly sisters?

Well, I am doing a little bit of everything lately really. :D

Anyhow, here are some pictures from the past weeks. :)

On the way to the Hjelmstads!

Deserts, Nam!
Kate's cooking needs a category on its own really. Insanely good.

Okay, I was going to do a proper update but then my Sister only have icky pictures of me on her Facebook!

So I guess you just have to check back sometime tomorrow! By then, I would have tackled wrestled my sister for more pictures! Woo hoo! 

But for now, time to treat my Magpie icecream! :D

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

324. If I can wear something today,

And I have a budget that can save half the population of the poorest African countries, I would want these.

On sale, on

Giuseppe Zianoti for Balmain
Also on sale on


Alexander Wang, Freja Boots.

Yves Saint Laurent from

Oh, and just to finish it off.

Proenza Schouler PS1

Oh Santa, if you are reading, my Birthday is soon...

Saturday, 3 July 2010

323. Pictures

Stolen from Magnars computer because he never ever give me any.

Oh, I have officially decided I am
going to start working on a Plog. Or in other words, Photoblog. :)

Now, I just need to rob other people of their camera since I am way too poor these days to buy my own. *Super sad face*


Saturday, 26 June 2010

322. I am such a working woman!

Woo hoo!
It is now my second day at work! And I am completely knackered. 
And I love it. Well, it might still be too early to speak really, but

I love the feeling of a day well spent! 

Strange because the job really isn't that difficult, but I think standing in the sun for such a long time going ...
"That would be 20 NOK for parking please, have a nice day"
"It was not my decision to charge for parking, please ask the commune"

I don't really have much to write about anymore these days. :(
Magnar and I have been great as usual, so no moody rants or anything.

That is part of the reason why I want to try to focus on a blog with a bit more oomph? A bit more direction?

Anyways, before I start ranting away.
I think I am going to go to bed now.

Toodles, lovelies. 

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

321. A new job!

Woo hoo!

So yeah, after months of job hunting I finally landed myself a job!
Completely unglamorous, but I am working as a parking ticket lady. (Due to the lack of better term)
Basically I think what my job is to collect money and hand some ticket over to people in Nebben. :D

I will be working over at Nebben so if you happen to be around, come say Hi.
But what are the possibilities of that happening right. :D

Mhmm mhmm!

I got to run now, but I shall update you later and show you all the stuff I got from Malaysia! 

This is going to be a good week, I can feel it already.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

320. 2 days.

So, only 2 more days before I get visit from Malaysia!
And, it already looks like it is going to be a hectic month!

The folks are arriving on late Tuesday evening.

Wednesday the sister and I have got plans. The mum and friend would probably sleep off jet lag. :D
Or do whatever old people do.

Thursday is the big meet up with the Hjelmstads.
Omg. I think I rather die.

No wait, Maybe it will be okay?
Oh, Thursday I am sure is going to be exciting!

Then Friday we are going to do some sightseeing!
Woo hoo!

Phew. I sense a long week ahead!

319. Music Plug

Fire with Fire, Scissor Sisters

Love <3
They just get better with time!

And, we did actually catch them at the VG lista last Friday! :D
Even if it was only for a fraction of a minute!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

318. Rainbow cupcakes

We made rainbow cupcakes today!
As toxic as it sounds, it was fun to play and create it!

And it is actually really easy to make. You really just make a basic vanilla cupcake recipe, separate them into 7 (we made 6 because well, indigo and purple are ... almost the same). 

Anyways, separate the batch, add food colouring accordingly and then slowly layer them in a muffin form.

Put them in the oven like as directed by the recipe and tadah!

I use this recipe for my cupcake. And it works amazing and incredibly simple to make!
Of course, it tasted really good.

I am sure if you want to save time, you can easily buy a ready made butter cake batter or plain yellow cake mix and it would work fine too :)

So, will you be trying it?


Colour in real life is a lot brighter and not as weird as it looks here. :)

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

317. Music Plug

If you haven't already realized, I quite like Enya. Here is another one of my favorite song from her.
Extremely mellow warning : On.

I personally love it, when it is raining at 3 in the morning.
When the world is just a silent place for you and your thoughts. <3

Enya was one of the reasons I would love to learn Gaelic.
Now that I have done my Latin, I think if given the chance, I can probably attempt Gaelic next. :) 

Sunday, 13 June 2010

316. Hello

So, I might need some help.

I want to make my Blogger template completely plain, white with the ability to post large pictures.
What template do I use, and how to I edit my HTML so everything fits nicely?


I have tried the simple white plain template but that didnt work, and the HTML was wayyyy too complicated to mess around with.
And above all, after messing with it, I wasn't able to revert to normal again. FML.

And I am trying to remove my background too, as I intend on using bloggers template.
How do I do that? 

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

314. Official blog break.

I used to like this song when our school use to sing it for the Ghana Day.
Except with a slight change of lyrics. :)

Is everyone excited for the Fifa World Cup?

313. Change of winds

New white shirt. I love.
White shirt count = 5

I think I have decided that I want to change my "style" of blogging?
I think I have grown up a bit since I first started and blogging about everything and anything about my day, therefore I am going to try to compose them a bit better.

My idea is, I am going to attempt to a more, picturesque, guide post thinggymajiggy.
Its hard to explain for now, but you'll see :D

I just something new, something different. A progression.

So, stay tune?
I might do a total overhaul by the end of this week?

Have a great day ahead! 

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

312. Music Plug

I took that picture! Only at that time, I didn't know who he was! :D
*Smacks self in the head*

311. Blog breaktime.

Blog break. Have a lunch with me instead.

om nom nom nom!

See you guys soon! :)


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