Sunday, 28 February 2010

238. Pictures

Random pictures from my cellphone. Those I manage to upload before my computer's Bluetooth decided to throw a tantrum on me, again.

As you can tell (by his obvious lack of enthusiasm), he wasn't feeling my picture-esque moment!

Obama moments without Obama. 

I piped that weird looking, very delicious cake.

Sexy doggyboo.

Haha, oh! How did that get in here? *roll eyes*

I spot a cutetiepie!

Random shizz I do during breaktime. I MMS Magnar with crap.

Christmas tree, before all the presents!

Dinner at Torbjørn girlfriends place. Rasoi Indian Restaurant.

The day we looked good. :)
Was probably going to Fratelli or something.

Half eaten Subway.
Torbjørn insist we eat a Subway every week! Hrmph.

Vegetarian days usually look like this. Nam nam nam!
I really don't mind veggies. :)

Oh! Whats this?

Ta! Awesomecakes. :)
Going to watch the Men's 50 km Winter Olympic thinggyjamiggy! 
Its supposedly the last skiing event! 

237. March resolutions!

I thought this was so cute!

Children's dinner I made :)

March Resolutions

1. Make a food diary
I want to see what I eat, so then maybe I'll see that I eat wayyy too much junk food. And that I can also save quite a bit by not buying so much crap all the time.

2. Set up another saving account 
Part of my "ways to save" method. Put money away and don't look at it. Thus not being able to spend it. Start saving for summer trip, pay off people :)

3. Cut down on eating out?
Last month, I must have spent at least 1300 NOK just on eating out. And not even proper food!
Those coffee and buns before school, in between classes, occasional café trips, eating out all adds up to quite a bit! 
I am so utterly surprised when I finally checked my bank account last month! Who knew?

4. Write my shopping want list
Who am I kidding if I say, I will not shop. But maybe if I plan carefully I would not end up buying too much rubbish?

5. Be nicer to Magnar
Sometimes I can be such a "Nazi girlfriend". Sometimes I believe it is based, sometimes after I calm down, I can be quite ridiculous. Sometimes I never know where we are heading, but most times I know he is one of the best thing that has ever happened.

6. Be more eloquent. 
This is going to be a hard one. I ramble and mumble too often!


7. Donate?
Possibly find another charity organizations I can donate too?
Find an organization I am passionate about?

8. Get myself a summer job
Must get summer job. Must get summer job. Must get summer job.

9. Get that very much needed haircut
This is more stress than Latin, and yes... I know it is just hair. That is it, in March. I am going to get it cut! trimmed. :) *Super determined.

10. Live

Picture taken outside : Forsningsparken (?) T-bane station! Hilarious!


236. End of February

Love getting parcels in post <3

Lets see how far I have come with my February resolutions!

1. Lose 5 to 8 pounds.
Slightly fail. I did lose some weight but not enough!

2. Keep track of where my money goes
Partly a success. I still bought a bunch of random shizz that I don't necessarily need.  
But I do still have quite a bit of leftover :)

3. One "vegan day" a week
Success! I am going to increase the amount of days on this one!

4. Work out more often
Fail. :( 

5. Practice Latin
I only practice because I have too. Haha!

6. Appreciate the people around me
Don't know how to judge this one.

7. Get in touch with some old friends and family.

8. Continue to be happy?
I guess last month was a bit of both? :)

9. Save!

10. Live

Omgoodness. I haven't achieve anything significant this month did I? :(
I hope resolution effect is not running out like it usually does! 

Nevermind, I'll push myself harder in March. Gonna go make my month resolution!

Friday, 26 February 2010

235. Music Plug

Hollywood, Marina & The Diamonds

I heard her over the Jonathan Ross show right now, and I thought she was rather interesting to hear.
The beginning is a bit weird, but it does get better!
Its a very catchy pop song. Nam*

Oh, I love Johnathan Ross by the way. 

I got a funny story to tell, yesterday I was frantically looking for a navy blue scarf because I have this itch get a blue outfit put together. Understandable, rigghttt?

So I did, I got myself a navy blue scarf which I then find out I loveee!
Then, today I realized yesterdays buy was such a great one. The scarf was so nice and soft, with wrinkles and crinkles all in the right places...

A Black, A Red, The Blue, And a white one I was wearing. 

I end up buying 3 more today. In different colours of course. But eff this shizz. I have a problem. Ughh.

Thursday, 25 February 2010


Go ask me anything! Be anonymous if you like.
Make an account, link me and I might ask you something back too!

I can almost bet that will become like the next new internet fad. But I love it.

If you haven't already have my fromspring url, *cough
Heck, I've even added a widget on the sidebar!
Ask me anything! Ask anonymously if you like!

233. Music Plug

Even though there would be absolutely no one that could do an Elton John cover better than the man himself, I though this cover of Elton John's, Rocket Man is exquisite. She sings so prettily.  

I heard this song again after years yesterday in the cinema when it was used in the Statoil advertisement. Which I am sure we would be seeing a lot of if you live in Norway 

Rocket Man, Silje Gulbrandsen Haugen

Rocket Man, Elton John <3

232. Årnes

So I came to realize yesterday (well, we all did before) but there is completely nothing to do here in Årnes. And there is almost as little left to do in Bodung either.

So anyways, Munchkin and I went for Paranormal Activity yesterday.
And had some pizza at that Papa Joe's. 
And that was about all we can do in Årnes. Hrmph.

And mind you, while having pizza there was only 4 person at the restaurant
and the cinema, there was probably only 10 of us. So cosy. Haha!

Okay, got to go now.
Making my croissants! Then I am off to Oslo!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

231. Music Plug

Lighthouse Family, High
Awesome classic?

How does one define a classic? Stuff our parents keeps listening too? Or what the radio wouldn't stop playing?

Monday, 22 February 2010

230. Best Lemon Squares

This could possibly be the best lemon squares recipe out there ever!
It has yet to fail me and I have done it twice now.

Magnarboy loves his lemons but I usually opt for a more chocolate-ty indulgence. 
But this lemon squares is so easy to make and so yummy it could convert a chocoholic.

Original recipe from here :

A bit annoying that he uses american measurements, but there is nothing a bit of Google's helping hand cant help :)

Its has a kind of crusty bottom and a goey really lemony middle part and its top is sprinkled with some vanilla sugar. 

Mmmmm! Why have I not discovered the wonders of lemon squares before.
For times when you can't decide cookies or cake. :)
I think I am going to make this everytime someone comes along!

229. Bake Day!

Since neither me nor Marius could decide what's better to bake this time around, we decided heck why not bake both Lemon Squares and my Chinese New Year Pineapple Tarts!

Now lets start with the Lemon Squares!
First you butter the "pan"
Then add the flour, butter and icing sugar

Make the custard and what nots

Somehow got distracted and forgot to take pictures of all the processes in between! :)

Tadah! Finish product

Wait, this is the final product

Serve up and eat :)

While doing that, and trying to entertain your guess start getting work done on your pineapple tarts!

Add sugar and pineapple
Keep string for a ridiculously long time...

Should then look something like this.

Insert some steps in between... I am not so good at this writing an instruction thing am I?

Bake it for 12 - 15 minutes and tadah! 
Taste of home. I kid you not! Oh sedapnya!

Okay this is the cool part, they both taste amazing.
Like I am not even kidding you effing good amazing super fattening kind! 

Wait, I shall put out the recipe later, aunt is calling me for some smoothie! 
We have been smoothie-ing everything since yesterday! 
Its a new toy we got for the kitchen and we are all having the "new toy" moment


Sunday, 21 February 2010

228. Pictures

This are pictures of all things random the past week.

Got this bag from Accessorize on sale! Probably my favorite "after Christmas sale" buys yet!
Tell me its super cute! :)

Lesson : This tights is not to be worn when its -20 degrees!

Random stuff from Oda's Birthday

Magnar's Christmas gift. Packs of "dry food" for when he takes me camping! Which is never.

Superbig spork! 

Only thing that is clean in my room

Ughh. It is clean now! For now.

Had to post a cute stuff to distract from all the mess! Meet Truffles! <3

I am desperate for storage space. 

Sushiiiiii with Marius!
Love sushi! Can't wait to have more! Mmmmmmm!
I like my food separate from each other thus, sashimi is the way to go!

End, lazy already.


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