Saturday, 23 May 2009

045. Guess who's home

Well, we landed in Penang today after what seems like a journey that took forever.

But, today's itinerary was a simple one. Relaxation and getting rid of jet-laggedness.
And what else is better than shopping and food to help ease the pain right.

Basically, in between the airline meal and then to Nasi Kandar and Roti Canai, to Fried Oysters, Loh-bak, Ais-kacang, Chendol, and my mum's steamboat. We must have eaten an equivalent of about 5 dinners. Haha!

Loved it.

Plus Johanne shopped incredibly much already. Haha!
I only managed to snag myself 2 new tees and a new necklace!
She is already on her like 10th

Penang hasn't changed much, room is almost the same as when I left it, so bliss. :)

I will have to blog on a later time, we are going to be so busy the next few days it is going to be ridiculously stressful and extremely fun!

*Internet is too slow to do any picture uploads. 

Friday, 15 May 2009

044. Fake nails

More of my complaints and rants and my absolutely rubbish observations.

I am a fan of perfectly manicured nails. I love soaking my leg in the water bubble massager thinggy. I love having my nails painted and then removed, then painted again, then removed again, then painted again, but by then I'll be so fed up that however crappy it looks like goes, and I shall go to sleep instead. A perfect french manicure is as hard to get as ... (alot of things :))

Well, that is just me and that is probably because I am such a perfectionist, that I always want a even coat and without any brush strokes. And somehow, I never manage it right. :(
Let alone doing the right hand! My left hand is useless at nail polish control. :( 

But, even in my bimbotic wants and needs, there is one thing I have yet to be able to fathom entirely. The use of fake nails. 

I am not talking about the arcrylic nails, that one to me is still acceptable because they make your nails look good, for a cheaper, longer lasting effect compared to getting your nails done at the shop. Plus, most times, a person really only need their nails to be over-the-top nice for a day. I have yet to try them out myself, but I am sure they are not bad at all. 

I think the general acceptance for the price of a French Manicure in Norway is somewhere about 400 NOK. That is incredibly ridiculous if one makes it a habit. And like me, when I am in the mood, I do my nails an average of about 4 times a week. So I say acrylic nails are okay :). Some even look really good!

Picture source : Google

Then there is this, which is also acceptable for the more adventurous type of person who want to have a different kind of nail art. This one I have considered getting.

Picture source : Google

Therefore, to simply put it, I can tolerate a lot of things. But then there is the other kind of nail art. The "artsy-fartsy" kind. I cannot understand how and why someone would do it. Lately I have been seen a lot of these. 

Picture from : some random blog
Picture from : some random blog

I mean, not to criticize their choice of what 'nice' is, but in terms of practicality and functionality, I was just thinking ... wouldn't it be a torture to even have nails! 

Here are my list of the "I would think"

I would think, it would get tangled in almost everything!
I would also think your cannot do anything with any of your fingers! 
(That would be actually quite nice, you would then have to hire some random person to be at your service day and night)
I would also think they must cost heck a lot
I would also think, they will not last that long, given that you are now tangled in most anything and those would probably fall out
I would also think, it would be dangerous to everyone around you. If I see someone with nails like that I would be scared that they might like have hidden claws popping up from all that decoration or something.
I would also think, your nails are now about 2 cm's longer (the wrong way) then normal
I would also think, you will look effing scary?

Why would someone do that? I am sure this was part of the Japanese invention that manages to catch up to rest of the Asian countries. But really?

This new trend reminds me so much of then Xiaxue had to do that "fake iPhone review" and one of her famous quotes was something about how "People who uses Apple products are too cool for nails". Funny! You should watch it. 

Anyways, basically that was my random observation for the day. Those nails are just ridiculous no matter how cute they are. :)

Thursday, 14 May 2009

043. Pictures

Sheep in Scotland (?)

Magnar's effing good picture.

Other pictures from über fancy camera.
My definition of an artistic attempt. Smexy.

Quote from yesterday : Would I be considered a geek If I thought Startrek was ... blu-deh good!

Well, it was good in general, as a action pack/sci-fi sort of thing. I suppose you have to be into those kind of genre as well to like it, but generally I do not handle long movies too well. Because for one it reminds me so much of Hindi movies, those which I can sleep, wake up, and its still running. I mean... really?

I get bored way too easily. But this time around, 2 hours just felt like it flew by. Or as the Boy like saying, I always say a movie is good, as long as he was there. Oh pfft. Egoistical much? :) *sayang first, Heh*
I am sure we have watched tonnes of movies that is an absolute waste of my time. Remember that Norwegian film
(whatever it is called, Lønsj?).

Or my take on why that movie was good, maybe it was the fact that a certain pair of idiots somehow manage to make it to the one year mark. Can you believe that it's actually been a year? e_O

Well, it's either one of those theories or the wasabi from the sushi before the movie messed up the brain cells.

I cannot be a geeky/dorky/nerdy person. Even if it was a wannabe. I mean, I am so bimbotic! I am like bimbotic deluxe when I am.

Here is an example,have I told you how much I love Sushi? So effing good! Good, good, good. Salmon on, tuna on, prawns on, it's all on on on. :) *sings loudly*

Told you we are idiots.
Maybe its just me.
Your favorite idiots, mine at least. :)

That also brings us to our next topic. I have Norwegian no more!
I think I just missed the 5 grade, by not understanding NyNorsk. No one seem to understand why they make foreigners take NyNorsk, that is like learning 2 languages at one time. And since its only a B subject, Emmanuelle herself thinks it was not wise. Anyways, since that is all over, it doesn't matter now does it?. Whatever comes, comes.

My take on NyNorsk : Really it isn't all that hard, maybe because I have been reading a tad tad in it, and the key is to read it in a strange slang. Then it sounds like Bokmål! Give it a try.

Next exam, Monday and Tuesday. Then IB no more! *does a funny dance*

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

042. Of Curls and Strawberries

Right, from the title I suppose, you can easily guess that I would now write about absolutely random nonsense. I think people like useless funny things, rather than my proper opinions. Because they are less windy and has more pictures. Haha! :)

Before that, today was my Physics Paper 1 and 2. Only one hour more of Physics for me and my schooling years, then I am forever free. I think I have grown quite fond of Physics, I might actually miss it. *Pause* (I got to get back to you on that one, can't believe I just said that myself). I think I would say, it went all-right. Everything could have been better or worse. My expectations for Physics isn't exactly very high in general. And plus, its my extra certificate, so whatever grades I do get, I'll settle with a smile.

*Though, something that is utterly annoying is this, I found out 2 days ago Samordna absolutely hates extra certificate takers. Unless you do well, they would actually pull your percentage down instead of raising it up! What eff? Not fair... but I will try to call them to ask if I could not get assessed in Physics. 

So, I was saying. Physics = hopeless = find methods of procrastinating even more! So, yesterday I found out 2 things. 

You know how Strawberries are supposed to be one of those food source that raises endorphins or something (at least I heard) alongside Chocolates and etc. 

And, you usually see numerous pictures of seductive woman with strawberries.

For example, 

Basically, this being the strawberry season in Norway, the folks have been buying loads of strawberry, so in the midst of making a home made Strawberry Milk and eating them in loads of things, I decided I shall try and take a good picture of me. 

But yeah, as I soon find out, basically unless your extremely photogenic, have red nails, a striking red lips,an absolutely fantastic camera, lip gloss, clear background that level of seductiveness is not going to be achievable, though possibly 1/25 tries you would get a decent picture. And if you do not have the mentioned above, you would look like a fool attempting godknowswhat. 

I am not like that free to prove my point so explicitly, to do my nails, find a good camera, find a lip gloss, lip stick, etc, etc, therefore just red lips would have to do. And I shall just use my ever faithful Photobooth. 

Exhibit 1
Making a fool out of yourself. With none of the criteria's suggested. Level of seductiveness, none.

Exhibit 2
See the difference already? Your only one step closer.

When I have the time, I shall show you how my theory works when I combine all the steps needed.Try it yourself! 
Then link me to your vanity if you do give it a try. :)

Anyways, after those failed moronic attempts, I scrambled to find more ways to procrastinate. Therefore I thought this is the perfect time for... Curls!. I did mine by braiding my hair into two equal sides and leaving it overnight, then pilling on loads and loads and loads and loads of hairspray. I smelled like berries for the first 30 minutes!

I should really try and find an adapter for the curler I bought inWalmart (btw,Vidal Sassoon makes good curlers) so I can use it back here in Norway. So, these are the products of my vain efforts.

So, what say you? Should I get my hair curled?

Something I hate to realize, is how being seductive is really not my 'thang', I wish it was though. I see so many good pictures out there of people who just exudes seductiveness. Though it seems that I always look so much better pulling of a silly face. 

Whenever I try to be seductive, I end up looking funny, or people wonder if I am wearing clothes. Of course I am! *cough*
Maybe the key is to not do half facial shots. Goodness, I am so feeding my ego self.

And when I try to look scary... 
Are you ready for this?

Somethings even I do not understand why I do it. Haha!
Was trying to go for the Joker look you know.

* Random note : Lately I realize that I am into vintage clothing's, and the only way to get real vintage clothes are actually flee markets and jumble sales... :( Wææææh.... I don't want someone else's clothes, though they look so effing good. How oh how? Maybe if I wash them over and over, I wouldn't feel so bad? :(. Vintage is so blu-deh nice!

Monday, 11 May 2009

041. Photobooth

Random Photobooth moments with Georges' Wayfarer's. :)
I think I look quite okay with them. ♥
Well, and then there is Georges' hands. He likes killing my pictures! Tsk!

Today I had my English A2 (HL) Paper. Wrote approximately 4 pages on poverty and illiteracy in Sub Saharan Africa. Compared to last year and how I wrote about 10-12 pages, after the exams I stood wondering what did I do wrong either this year or the last. But I thought I did relatively well. Now, I am just bummed out on how I did not feel I did too well on my Paper 1. 

In any case, that is all over now. And I am only 3 more exams away from pure bliss. 

Guess what I got in the mail today? A Doctor's appointment. 
But see, I went for my check-up in the end of February, and its only now that they are telling me to go visit the referral doctor. Thats like 3 months later! They are so productive aren't they!
*sarcasm galore

In addition to that, not only I would not be in Norway at that time. They already took buckets of my blood for that blood test, that I truly want to know what is wrong with me. So, I was thinking on rescheduling, but then I think, how long would that take then? Oh pfft.

Random note : Getting TomYum Prawns for dinner! Uber yum!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

040. Places

Sister, Mummy and I on cruise to Germany
Kiel, Germany, May 07

Was messing with the Poladroid application again today. And this time, I thought it would be a cool idea to process some pictures of places I have seen the past 3 years. :)

This is why I like blogging, as when the HD crashed I thought I lost all pictures (which I thought was one of the most important things to save, if possible), well as that was not possible, at least I still have some remnant of things I have done sometime ago.

The Boy and I on Arthur's Seat
Edinburgh, Scotland, May 08

Johanne and I in the restaurant right outside Downing Street
London, UK, May 08

Us on The London Eye
London, UK, May 08

(insert already known name) and I, In front of Big Ben (-duh)
London, UK, May 08

Sister and I, right outside the house
Bodung, Norway, May 07

Dandelions and me.
Bodung, Norway, May 07

Spot funny people
Hyde Park (?), London, UK, May 08

Sister and I in Candy Store in Sweden
Charlottenberg, Sweden, May 07

Us, Times Square after watching Equus on Broadway
New York, USA, December 08

Ireland with Uncle and Aunt
Dublin, Ireland, July 06

Sharanna and I
Stockholm and Grennä, Christmas 07

Then there was the trip to Kaliningrad, Russia.

Even though, I have yet to travel as extensively as many of you, I am quite happy that I have been able to see those places I have seen. Never in my wildest dream did I ever thought I would see Ireland before I start working and earn a million dollars a year. 

Nor did I ever thought that I have been to Copenhagen so often that I know the streets and how to navigate my way myself.

Never did I also thought that I could muster up enough courage to wonder the streets of Ireland alone (Uncle and Aunt likes the mellow traveling method, and could care less about seeing all that Dublin had to offer). So most of the time I was there, I was wondering alone till dinner time comes. :)

Neither did I ever thought I could wonder in New York myself and visit my sister for 3 whole weeks. Spend New Year's eve in Times Square with 250,000 other people!

Also, I never thought that backpacking with 4 people right after the IB exams could be such an amazing experience. In between some person fainting on the blu-deh Ghost tour*cough*, to touching stinging nettles, to eating Haggis, to ducking 13482904 everywhere in London (considering the amount of tourist London has) to Shopping, to everything! Memories that would last a lifetime. Really. :)

And while I was in Kaliningrad, Russia. I actually got to experience how it was to live in an orphanage. That tripped was probably one of those eye-opening moments no money could ever buy :)
Katrine, Ida and I at the Morning Market in Kaliningrad
Kaliningrad, Russia, April 07

I think I have now gained a little more confidence in myself,you would probably see me traveling a little more frequently soon. I think the older folks too have seen how I gain so much traveling that they would probably allow for more trips in the future. I just hope they are still going to fund all this, but I know they probably will :) 

There was once when I was 13/14 I should have gone to Japan for 10 days on an exchange program. But none of my friends parents wanted to send their kids there, on the excuse that "its too expensive" and not worthwhile. Hello?, even my sister was willing to chip in so that I could go. It's an exchange program! Pfft.
And me being that young, my mum also then said No. :(
So, I that sense, I have come a long way in gaining my parents confidence. Heh!

I know I am lucky, and secretly, I thank everyone who made it possible for me to see all this places. :)

*Realized how I do not have any pictures of us in Glasgow. And in Ireland, no one cared to take any picture. 

Friday, 8 May 2009

039. 14 days

Wonders of self timers, 
Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh

Let the countdown begin. :)

I could countdown till end of exams, but what fun would that be?. I am stressed out as it is. No need for the constant reminder.
I rather countdown till vacation! Till I get home, I got loads more to countdown to in addition to all these!

I was just reminiscing and I realize it is just 2 weeks before I am reunited with what I remembered from a while ago

I was just thinking today, how much things have changed? Would I recognize all these things I left behind?
Have they changed a lot?, at all?. 
I know I have grown a little bit. I want to believe I am more matured now. But I think I'll always be the family's "small one" :)

So, here are the things I can remember back off my head right now, that I can remember growing up with. Random items.

My bed. Newer and cuter and cooler than my sister's.
She had the bigger room! And she wanted a new bed before I did. 
Plus I didn't need one as I like sleeping with the other room with Mum and Dad. In my defense, we use to only have 2 televisions, one was in the hall, the other is in the master bedroom. Therefore, there I am. And it was also the first room that had an air-con. So, I say it was fair.
My sister and I then had this "rule", first person to turn on the telly gets full control of what to watch. And I never make it first. :(
Then we gave her a telly for her room, but she doesn't want it, since it didn't fit the deco or something
Oh you know, phases of growing up. Silly games. Stupid needs
But now, I got the nicer bed. :)

My bolster(s)
Yes, Baby is generation 3.0. Others was too big to be smuggled to Norway. 

My 4 walls of Bloom
Another one of those you have to see to believe it thing, most of them removed, because everyone but me found it creepy.
Phew, only thing I regret is the amount of money spent on them. Some I got for free from friends. 
Example, when you buy a magazine JUST for that one Orlando's picture. 
A magazine in Malaysia costs something about 25-50 NOK. I must have bought like 100. 25 x 100 = 2500 -5000 NOK. :(
Its probably not so much in Norway, but in Malaysia that is a lot! 
And all this from some celebrity sick 14 year old. With no job. Money should have been spent better. See, I learnt.

My collection of Tweety Bird plush-ies. 
I have quite a collection, in all sizes. Some without eyes, because there was once I believe they were possessed, and had a life of their own. I watched too much Child's Play and was too into them. SCARY I tell you. 
Oh me gee, I think I got issues. OMG. I think I am confirming the OCD suspicion. Though I blame the parents with Tweety obsession. They were always busy doing their things, and I had to entertain myself. See, I was such a neglected kid. :P

My really old wardrobe that survives the test of time.
I wonder how is it still surviving. I think it was the Mum&Dad's wedding furniture's. It crashed under the weight of the clothes countless of times now. But it is still there when I left. I am sure it is still there today.

My coin box 
Which the Daddy fills money in, in his vain attempts to try make me save some money. 
I had this thing where I told him I would accept only the 2 largest value they had in coins. He obviously followed and fills up my coin box for me. 
OMG, either this is OCD character, or I would like to think I was just really wise. Even from so young :)
Now that I am older, I see how ridiculous that is... 
I think they were trying to lead by example Pfft parents. Obviously failed plan. Not only I didn't learn anything, my Dad thought that the coin-box could not be opened unless one breaks it. Gee, what do they take me for? and idiot?
And No, I am so not spoilt. Just strange parenting ways.

My bed sheet
My sister is all into making rooms look nice, while I really honestly, don't care too much.
So, every now and then she finds it nice to splurge money on me and buys me bed sheets. Last I remembered, was I had a wizard inspired bed sheets which the sister bought since she was feeling good, and I smiled so nicely. The condition of our rooms are different. Mine is so techie with computers and all, hers is so "shabby-chic" so she likes calling it, though from the name you would think my room would cost more to decorate, Wrong! 
The Sister was so particular about everything in it, that she would waste 3 months pay-check on some 1000 thread count sheets if needed. ♥
And since she wants her room to be such a specific way, she even cleans it herself. No body was to touch anything in it. Ridiculous. 

Loads of random junk in the balcony
I really doubt we did anything there, but according to Sister, now that I am gone, the house is always so spotless because no body messes anything. Boring I say. I call my litter, decoration.

Rice cooker and iron from last century
My mum, though we do have a new rice cooker and a few iron's, they never want to upgrade and use the new appliances! 
Its so, old fashioned! But I didn't cook then, or ironed anything, so didn't bother me too much, just a funny memory.
All mum and dad love doing is ironing. They are always ironing. All the time! 
The fact that in Malaysia, you shower an average of 3 to 4 times a day, the laundry is a lot. A trait I still carry here in Norway. Not the showering 3 times a day, the load of laundry.I would like to believe I do okay with my shower patterns.

Well, I know I HAD random stuffs like this. Whether or not its location has been tampered with, we can only find out in 2 weeks time. Some I hope lasted, would be nice to go home to familiarity. I am also happy that I get to try new things, apparently since I have been gone the Sister and Mummy likes going to the country club or something and meeting loads of new people. I can't wait to start swimming once Johanne goes home, before then we would be so busy. Maybe I'll get to do some diving as well while I am back home. I haven't swam in 5 or 6 years now. Surprising really. I use to swim so much. I miss it fondly, I love the feel of being underwater. 

Good stuff

038. What's Math?

Really good stuff. Almost as good as the Raspberry and Brownie one. :)

Who said Math?
What's that?, is it some kind of food? Is it yummy? Would I be interested?
So, what is it?
Is it like an inanimate object made out of imaginations then?
Imaginations of obviously people who just happens to be too bored, and like making life difficult for others who just simply cannot fathom sine curves, and how some mumble jumble of alphabets can equal digits!

I would think you figured out my point. Math exam's today. I thought it went so-so. It is again Math!. So, I am biased even before it starts. Numbers and me don't go along too well, sometimes it does and then its like heaven on earth, when differentiation and integration and vectors made sense. But at most time, it simply doesn't.

In all honesty, I was not the only one who thought that we were not given enough time. (Excuses, I know) but I really,honestly, sincerely, think I can do so much better if given more time. The one time in my life I think I understood a large part of the paper, I realized I only had so little time and therefore had to leave out A LOT. :(

To be honest I am quite annoyed and angry at myself, because I know, I KNOW the answers. But oh well, I shall try to not let it get to me. After all, like Mummy and Daddy always say. "What's over is over, no need to think too much about it". The only think bothering me is that I might have just missed out on the chance to enter NTNU as they require quite high math points. 
*Reminds self that its over, and Math doesn't exist any longer (at least till Uni starts again)

I can just concentrate on the other papers I have next week. My main paper to focus on would be Norwegian. 

Other than the exam stress and anxieties, I really have not done too much.Marius, Johanne, and I took another trip to Oslo for some retail therapy. 

I am such a Queen of Procrastination am I not? 
Scratch that, 'Princess'. Queen is just too old for me. :), but yeah.

*Since I am feeling all auntie-like, I shall impress you with Lisa's new found wisdom. 
When in doubt of the weather, check the forecast. *Oh, shattap with the sarcastic comments* :). 

Lately, I have been into the whole 'dress more appropriately' mindset, my clever self decided that today I would love to wear a skirts and a ballerina pump. Yeah, great idea when it's mid summer, and when it's nice and warm. Today, it rained, poured in fact, just when I got of the train and reached Bodung. Excellent. If I say I have great ideas, would you believe me? I know the Boy won't. He claims drizzling is not raining. How would he know?, he never wears a skirt! And then there was that one time, where he wore a kilt. Hrmm... :)


Remember that protest I told you about, and how I was so short, I could see nothing. This was NOT meant to be pictures of someone else's butts okay. This is really what I saw. The whole entire time!. Get my dilemma? 

Now, it if is not pictures of thier butts, I could barely see above other people's heads. Great right. 

Oh, and the next update is, we fixed some new fake grass on the terrace, and I helped. I am getting so... handy. Heh! *claps*

The one acceptable picture from the concert. :)

Then there is the picture of how I lost my toenail, walking into a door. But its a nasty sight. So i'll spare the nasty. :)

**My punctuation points are so messed up aren't they. Oops.
*** I am going to have to start categorizing my posts. Blah.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

037. Quickly now

Math exams tomorrow. I am screwed in a way no one can fathom.
Anyways, back to a happier mood for a while. I shall mourn in my misery a little later.

Today I went to a concert along with some others and listened to some absolutely talented young musicians play at the Nes Kulturhus. I think I am most amazed by the pianist player, whom I somehow manage to gain acquaintance with. And it's all their fault then now that I am into classical piano music. (You would never hear me say this a year or two ago). But I like them because they were absolutely fantastic. Simply amazing. André was spectacular!

I can only wonder how it would be like to go and watch some really famous and really good pianist in the future. How much more impressed could I get?. 

I cannot seem to find some of the pieces that I remembered liking very fondly right now, and I simply do not have the time to find it. So, we have to settle for what I can find right off Youtube for now, and try and find the rest later.

But these were the 2 songs that I believe was played. The first one I am very sure of. Piano music is really serenity at it's best. ♥ And would you believe me if I said, it is also so much better live. When you can see how their finger moves and how they get so absorbed in the music. Ahhhh! *squueeeee*

Then there was also the Opera singer, who was also just simply fantastic. In addition there was also the string quartets (or more, probably) who also preformed some really good pieces, but I have yet to develop enough understanding towards the string's music. I find it to be too, depressing and slow. But soon, I know I would come to love it as well. I was just probably too into the piano to be really concentrating on the string instruments. With that being said, its really strange because the one instrument I can "play" is the violin. :)

I was seriously contemplating on not going, on the excuse that I would be studying. I would have missed out on a bit. Plus I got to try out the Pizza place over in Årnes. Which happen to be quite good!. Yummy.

*Have you seen this violin player (and all the drama she comes with etc). Oh, why am I not musically talented? :) She chose to play Vanessa Mae's, Storm. Which is one of my favorite violin music yet!

**They seem to think the level for playing Wedding Day at Troldhaugen is Easy. You must be kidding me. Found the notes on the web.

036. Protest

In the midst of the exam's I found way to procrastinate even more, and thus attended my first ever protest. I believe this was my first ever at least. I am sure, if you live in Norway and read the papers, you would have heard about a woman called Nina Kari Monsen and her discrimination towards the GLTB (I believe its something like that, in a different order). 

In any case, there was a proper protest right outside of Østbanehallen, where surprisingly enough (to me at least) the turn up was actually rather impressive. There must have been at least 500 people there. So the entire atmosphere was spectacular and overwhelming being my first protest ever.

I really like the way people here attend protest, to state their disagreement and dissatisfaction, so its not just nodding and agree-ing blatantly. 

Considering I have only heard about the Fritt Ords Pris yesterday, it was hard for me to follow the entire protest fully. But heck, it was an experience. And the after-protest was even better with Johanne and Marius.

Again, I do not know the entire protest, and I am slightly biased, so my opinions are all so one sided.

First we got some Indian food, while running away from some screaming woman, then we missed the train by about 2 seconds, so we stood contemplating what could we have done differently to save that 2 secondsThen walked around, have some laughs. Then we/they decided to satisfy their sweet tooth cravings, and bought enough sugar loaded items to save a poor African country.

*One question : Why is it that when one states their opinion on the GLBT(?) community, they always have to bring up religion?. Fine, if your an avid church go-er or whatever, but if your not, then... hello, are you crazy? 

My next blog material, why am I so short? that during the protest, I honestly could not see anything! Ugh.

One third of my mothers immediate family after the water festival, thus explains why they were all wet.

Some other family members


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