Thursday, 31 December 2009

170. 2009

Since I am just going to say exactly what everyone else has already said about memories, and of how fast time flies, of learning, of growing, of love and lost, of everything the past year has brought upon us thus perhaps I should just keep my sappy stories for some other day as I am sure you have had enough of that now.

If I were to rate my year this year, it would be a clear 7 out of 10. I have not achieve as much as I would have hoped for but I really do think I am starting to get everything going how I want it to. I have gotten myself a job, I have managed my money quite well, I am starting University again in 2 weeks, I have gotten my attitude a bit more on checked, I have matured in some way, and above all I have found a sense of happiness. 

I am not completely there yet, but I have marked my path.

And, to be honest as of right now, I have only everyone to thank for making this year such an eventful year.

Surely we all had good and bad times, surely at one point of this year I thought my life has hit its rock bottom and I just want to run and hide and never face the world again. But that all past, and I am still here aren't I?

And as I grow older, no matter how much we want next year to be perfect with our well made resolutions, dreams, aspirations, what nots. 

You know it yourself inside that, that is not going to happen for life is just like that.
C'est la vie.

So, here is to 2009 and hello 2010.
Another decade beacons.
Life, hit me with whatever you have installed. And, I shall stand ready.
For I know that, good and bad times are coming. But I also know, that there will be people who loves me, and people who would help me through it all.

Happy New Year everyone. :)


Wednesday, 30 December 2009

169. Electric Blue nails

I have been on such a Blue spree its insane.

I think the obsession started when I saw Marc Jacob's Stam bag in Stardust Blue.
And since I can't have the bag, I have to compromise in getting everything else in that shade of blue. And maybe one day I'll buy that bag! *cough When its season has past and I can get it on sale cough* 

The inspiration. Its really love at first sight. <3 :)

So, lately the only thing I buy are things that happen to be in the whole "electric blue" colour code.
And today, my "obsession" took a huge step and here I present you...

My electric blue nails. :)

You like?

Oh, and how come no one want to know anything weird and funny about me? :)
Ask me something on the previous blog post!

Oh, and here is a teaser photo I found on Sofie's blog 

Aww, even I thought we were cute. 

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

168. Ask me anything

I want to make one of those Questionnaire vlog thing too!
So I need your help.

So basically how it works is ask me anything!
Ask me if I am stupid, ask me if I eat cats, ask me if I have a chicken as a pet, ask me anything

You can ask me as many things as you like too!

Here is the time to judge me, ask me, spam with with crazy questions, and I'll answer them all.

And when I get enough questions, I will make a vlog and embarrass myself.

So, come on!
Start asking.

Drop a comment and when I estimate it is enough for a vlog, I'll make one!

Monday, 28 December 2009

167. Music Plug

My super mellow playlist for today.
Ah, shattap already. Let me wallow in my cosy self. Can?

So Beautiful,
Darren Hayes from Savage Garden

Anywhere Is,

I would link you to The Rankin Family too, but they are so unfamous that its so hard to search for them!

Dress search update : Failed. Johanne and I went looking for my dress today and we didn't manage to find it! :( Shucks.

166. Links

To Magnar's photoblog

He does have a ton of huge and clear pictures! I likeeeeeeeeee. <3
I am all for large images. But my Blogger template will not allow for that. So that sucks.
Oh well.

Oh, beware he also has the occasional wtf pictures. 
But search for your gem and might find it right!

Now, I need to go make Magnar master Fashion Photography and I think we might have a recipe for a successful Satorialist-esque blog. That I want to start! 

Next time, I think I'll link you to more Fashion and Photography blogs. I just got to scramble through them and link to the ones definitely worth checking out.

In any case, I am home and happy back in Bodung, Norway!
Denmark was great, but also more on that later.

For now, I got to get dress so I can go out and buy myself this for tomorrow. 
You like?

I know it was on sale in the Danish online store, but lets hope the Norwegian store carries them too!

Friday, 25 December 2009

165. White Christmas

Picture credit : Magnar

We are having quite a White Christmas this year here in Denmark. It is snowing like crazy! And I love it.
Today the plan is to just lie in bed and eat candy apparently. I dont have any complains towards that but I think the weighing scale might 

We are going to head home on the 27th, so that is soon!

As much as I love it here in Denmark just lazing around and doing nothing, I am missing some .... control, some schedule, some activity! Oh, and I also miss my internet, bed, bolster amongst other things (oh you know, the usual) :)

That is nostalgia picture. My cousin and I from.... ages ago when they visited Malaysia.
On my Birthday! This was from my swimming days, you can clearly see my sunburn. :)

Presents are great this year, I love love love love it.
But Christmas is not all about presents right.

How have your Christmas been?
Oh and to all, Merry Christmas all <3

Monday, 21 December 2009

164. Göteborg

Or also known as Gothenburg apparently.

Well, if you have been following my Twitter updates you should already know that I am currently in Sweden on my way to Denmark for Christmas. We have a boat to catch early tomorrow at 9 am from Göteborg to Frederikshavn.

So far my Christmas has just gotten better and better by the day.
As I am typing away right now, my uncle and aunt is already sleeping the room a few doors down. And I am all alone in the hotel room with wireless internet!

I have been so used to travelling so cheap that I forgot the comforts of hotels! Ahhh.... where sheets are already made, there is a mini bar to take from, internet, television, amenities, bath tubs, and loads of towels. This is certainly the life I can get used to.

Did I also mention I don't have to share my double bed with anyone!

(When Magnar and I were in Edinburgh the other time, I had to share a room with 20(?) other people? I remembered Magnar then asked if I remember to bring along earphones/earplugs because if every 3rd person snores... it would mean about 6 person in that room will snore. FML)

Anyways, overall Göteborg is a really nice but is a really big city. We didn't get to explore much since the reason we are here was to go to the amusement park which I manage to convince the folks I didn't want to after all. I can look into the park from my bedroom window though. That really is more than enough for me.

Right now, I am just going to settle down to my Jean Ure book that I discovered earlier today!
In case you don't know, I love Jean Ure. Childish I know. And when I was picking a book to read in the car today... I discovered I had one of her book that I never knew about! Yay!

So yeah. I have a feeling I might get bored later and update again soon enough.
But for now, I am going to vain a bit, blast to Micheal Bublé and get mushy.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

163. Christmas Presents!

I believe I am surrounded by the most wonderful people anyone could have ever asked for.

Every time Christmas comes I get such a cosy loved feeling thats just ... simply magical.

And if that is not enough, they also always seem to give me a lot of awesome things as gifts, though I don't necessarily expect it.

Anyways, It almost makes me feel bad I didn't put in as much thought into things as I should! But remind me sometime to at least write a Thank You letter to them all.

I know it is not Christmas yet, but I usually can neither wait nor able to open them exactly on Christmas eve. For one, its tradition to celebrate Christmas in Denmark and that is where I am heading to tomorrow! And since we usually do not lug along extra baggages unless necessary, I usually rip open my presents the moment I get them or I cannot open them till the New Year!

Also, since last year and the year before I didn't spend Christmas at home thus didn't get as much gifts as I usually do, it's funny to start getting all this gifts again this year!

(I can only wonder what it must be like to come from a bigger family, and get even more presents... the amount of paper you would have to waste must be quite significant! And poor mum and dad who has to buy all that gifts!)

You know what I think is craziest thing about Christmas presents?
Is that, you get gifts for being... you.

I really believe that I am truly blessed and quite lucky.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

162. Laundry

Here is a quick blog post. The things I hate and love about doing laundry!
See, I was doing it... Then I got bored. So here I am.

Okay, before you start laughing, I do, do my own laundry okay. In fact, my aunt complains I do too much laundry! (Term 'laundry' can be discussed)

And really, my laundry only really consist of, either tossing my clothes in the pile downstairs. My pile, mind you.
Or, separate colours from white, regular clothes and delicates and turning both knobs, put some Washing Powder, add Softener, Press Start. Even a noob like me can do it. Do you do it?

But here are the things to love and hate about doing laundry.

Things to love : 
1. Discovering clothes long forgotten. Because they have been lying in the laundry room for way too long.

2. Discovering there are pockets to some of the clothes I wear 10 times already!

3. Occasionally, because I suck at doing my laundry... some unexpected size change in clothing size can do me good. If you buy a sweater 3 sizes to large, wash it Lisa style.

4. I loooooooove the smell of clean laundry. If you have got clean laundry on, I will sniff you. Ask Magnar, he knows.

5. Above all, its like an experiment with every load. Nothing beats the time I had a Calvin Klien? (Basically expensive) shirt that was both black and white. And I had absolutely no idea if it  to the black or white pile. Guess which one I put it into?
Yeah. You probably guessed right.

Basically that day, I also learn... DKNY jeans... uses way too too too too too too much colour dye. I kid you not, it still has colour runs after a year! And if it is both black and white, it belongs in the white. 

Things to hate :
1. My closet is really that small, that I don't have place to put anything. That is probably the only thing I hate.

No, I don't have too much clothes. I just don't have too much space.

Thank you very much. Goodbye.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

161. Indifference

Todays inspirational quote.

"The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference.
The opposite of art is not ugliness, it's indifference. 
The opposite of faith is not heresy, it's indifference. 
And the opposite of life is not death, it's indifference"
-Elie Wiesel
I cannot agree more, I think I must have gotten it from this quote that I always say, indifference is so much worse than hating. 

Oh, and if you have not read Elie Wiesel's books. I absolutely completely definitely recommend reading it. It's very powerful and very eye opening. Go read it!

I am trying to look for a really good book to read now, any suggestions? Anyone?

I was planning on reading The Prince by Niccoló Machiavelli, but I fear it might be a bit too heavy for a Christmas read. :( It might also be a bit heavy in terms of language. And above all, I have been looking for this book for a while now, and none in Norway sells it. Pfft!

So, do you have it?

Tho, I guess I'll just Amazon it now and hope that it gets here before ... The New Year! 

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

160. The "recipe"

The recipe for an awesome life. :) 

Today's life quote for me must be these.

"Life is short

So kiss slowly
Laugh insanely
Love deeply

Forgive quickly"

-Source unknown. 
But I did get it off a friends Facebook profile and after initial Google Search, there are 100 variations to that quote.
So who do I quote?

Oh, and to top the whole thing up, it does help if you have a good hair day.

So, do you have a good quote for me too?

Sunday, 13 December 2009

159. Curls!

This time made with a straightening iron! :)

There are a ton of Youtube videos to teach you how. Youtube it!
The last time, I remembered having this many curls was when I put my hair in braids and slept with it overnight!

Okay, sucks a bit that I have got black hair, you can't see the curls at all. But there is curls! I promise.

Hrm, how can I show you the curls,I wonder.
(No! I am not just posting no sense pictures of me...Or, maybe I am...)

Oh, I know I know! I got an idea.

I can point at it! See, how nice my curls are? Thats just one of it. Imagine 100 more, and ta-dah! My hair!

Ooooh, Lisa. You are so brilliant! 

Oh yes, I know. Brilliant.

Okay, enough with that. Well, it is my first try curling my hair with a hair straightener, so.. I guess for it to be my first try, it really isn't all too bad.

My only problem with it is that, I have quite a bit of hair, so it's harder to get it neatly done, as my hair acts like hooligans. They go everywhere even when I spray them with berrylicious hair spray.

Okay, I present to you, Lisa in Action again tomorrow.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

158. Cuteness!

You just have to watch this! 

Probably the cutest thing you will see today!
I challange you to find something cuter than this today.

I am losing my mojo to blog, blog tomorrow okay?
Its 12.09 am now. I should be heading to bed soon anyways.

Friday, 11 December 2009

157. What to buy?

You know the one thing I hate about Christmas is that I have to get others presents and I don't know what to get them.

Only this year, my ideas are rolling so I am feeling gooooooooood. *Pats self in the back

Do you know what to get others?

Okay, I ran out of things to write about, for the first time ever.
Wait, I'll blog about Obama in Norway experience later today!
Must mob a certain someone for Blogging pictures first. :)

Music Plug for the day :
We will not grow old, Lenka

Monday, 7 December 2009

156. Lillehamer

I was going to write an amazing epic post about my Lillehamer trip last week, but then when I ask the Munchkin for pictures, this is really all we got. I was browsing all the pictures and really, I don't know what to say.

Tretten, Lillehamer

Mmmm,  that was Lillehamer. Epic! No?

The first series of pictures is from me eating cake. And the second is one of those Magnar experiment pictures thing.

So, did I promote Lillehamer well?

Anyways, Pumpkin and I took a rather impromptu trip over to Lillehamer a couple of days ago.

Basically at one point of the day he called and wondered what should we do today, and since neither of us could think of anything to do, he suggested we go to Lillehamer! I was obviously ecstatic, I love it when we get to go outside Oslo/Akershus because there really isn't much to do these days around here :(

Oh, How can I not adore that kid?

Well,the first time I was in Lillehamer was in March, You can read about it here

I have always liked Lillehamer, I find it quite quaint and cute. Though honestly there isn't much to be done there, I think Magnar and I do quite well entertaining each other (and his Grandmother)

I don't know what to say really, except it was really nice doing random out of the ordinary things occasionally, it makes things rather exciting to say the least.

So, not as epic as I have hoped. But oh well. I can end with the most unflattering picture of me ever! And then you have officially seen all of the pictures from Lillehamer I have.

I am so going to regret pushing the Publish Post button right about... now.

155. Pictures

Attempting the big hair. Failed.
Inspired from this 

Random pictures from my phone :)

Its always like this, it is either I have way too much to do, or nothing at all. These days, I am actually busy. That should explain the lack of blog posts?

In the past week, I have taken a trip to Lillehamer for a day which I should be blogging about sometime. Made some Christmas presents, attended the Hjelmstad's Christmas workshop today and lazing around being happy.

I am truly contented right now with everything, I don't know if I could even wish for anything more this Christmas except for everything to stay the same.

So, to keep this short and simple. Here are some random random random pictures from ages ago finally uploaded from my phone.

Magnar's Birthday Sporks.

Carl I. Hagen inside the FRP building

Because the usual 4/12/2009 is just too boring for Lisa.

Hot Cocoa!

Cake from the job interview I didn't get :(

Favorite fast food, ever! Whole Wheat Pasta, Brocolli and Tofu!

Oh, how did that get in there? Haha!

Jegersupper, the most amazing soup I have ever had. Possibly.

Inside the Lost and Found at Gardemoen Airport

Inside one of the Geocaches :)

Okay, tata. I got to go already.


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