Monday, 29 June 2009

059. Silly moments

A collection of pictures as random as random can be! :)
*I have got to learn how to Photoshop soon enough! License anyone? 

It all started one May morning. 
With serious signs of the long haul flights. First steps back in Malaysia. I travel so un-glamorously. Obvious signs of wear and tear

With the help of some make-up. We once again look like people with homes.

It all started out one sunny morning, and here we are 20 hours later. In KLIA.

After such a tedious journey, everything fascinated the young minds. 
Above all, the hydraulic crane to lift all our yummy food, on our last plane ride home.

Once we came to realization, that hydraulics were not as fascinating as we have thought, tiredness creeps back in. 

I have completely no idea where this is heading, but just bear with me. :)

Reached home to the long awaited dinner, only to have already eaten 3 or 4 dinners beforehand.

Apparently I have got strange ways to pass a computer over

Time for some much needed hair treatment. 

On the way to Tao! Since we are back seat passengers, what else was there to do?

Completely satisfying meal. As you can see from the two thumbs up! That's Uncle Jim btw.

Also apparent from the amount of dishes we made them wash afterwards.

Even after all that, we managed to squeeze a quick trip to the Sports Club. Where I learnt regular Daiquiri and Strawberry Daiquiri are really different things.

Meet cousin # (I am also not too sure). So young, yet she speaks 4 languages already.
Ah, my legacy is continued. (Haha!)

There we are in Thailand, still pulling a silly face. If only we knew then, that *coughJohannecough* did not format her memory card... Yeah.

Scandalous. But what happens in Thailand stays in Thailand right.Oh eww.

Then we went to Langkawi and back again.

City Bayview Hotel. Yum!

Dinner calling, shall continue this laters! :) 

058. Out of words

Since I really have got nothing to say, here are my 2 cents on various different topics.

  • Cute babies. I can never get enough of cute babies!

I am such a sucker for cute babies.

  • Last Saturday, I went over to Oslo to watch the Queer parade with Martin, Marius and Magnar. If you didn't already guess, the Queer parade is the Gay parade. It was super colourful! One can't also deny, that since the election is soon, there were loads of political parties at play, all of them trying to convince people that they are for equality and such. Sometimes I think politics is annoying when they are everywhere and you have to question if there is an ulterior motive to things they do. Like, are all the parties REALLY going to give equal rights to everyone? 
  • Also, I can't deny but too say as open as I am to almost anything, sometimes when one is dressed up so much that they are on the verge of looking like a clown been slammed into then run over by a drag queen, and then add that with some 9 inch heels, it does scare me a little bit. And we did see a couple of those along the way. *Now that description was rather a mouth-full, but you get the picture
  • I also cleaned my closet last Sunday. You know its about time you cleaned it, if your clothes keeps tumbling down whenever you open the closet door and you're almost terrified of opening the doors. So now, it's all nice and clean again and Mr. Closet Monster is no longer living in the closet. :)
  • Finished reading the Diary of Ann Frank. Definitely a must read book! Last I heard, it was compulsory for many Norwegians to read this book, so I am sure most of you understand how empowering the book is. It really makes you ponder and wonder, how could this have happened? 
  • Also, I think I should stay away from some of those really sad books for a while, especially when the last two was about one crazy dictators quest to wipeout a whole race of people! So next book on the menu is The-Know-It All, by A.J. Jacobs. I remembered Johanne loving that book and laughed a lot reading that, apparently it was really funny.
Lastly, I think I want to make playlists for my blogs of my random daily finds. They are not always that good, but sometimes you do get really good ones!
Link me if you have got some good (preferably indie) singers/band for me to check out! 
For example yesterday was a mellow day, so there was loads of woman singers, singing slow songs. Day before was James Morrison, what today brings, my mood has yet to tell. I love the app on that links you to similar artists and recommends stuff to you because, sometimes it does do wonders! 

Saturday, 27 June 2009

057. Pictures

Personally my best picture yet. (Except that smudge in the mirror)
Kuala Kedah, Kedah

This would probably be the last bunch of pictures for the Malaysia 09 trip! It's about time I started blogging about something else. :)

Sometimes when you think and look back at Malaysia, you come to realize only in this country you get loads of funny things happening. For instance, what other country in the world would welcome you with such open hands? Other countries says "Welcome" (or whatever in their own language), we do it our way! We tell you about our law for capital punishment. Don't you feel so welcomed already? :)

They make it known each time you land that there is a death penalty on drugs. Oh, I get it already!

Which other country do you know of, have got an invisible First Aid Kit! :) 
I could only imagine how we would treat someone in an event of an emergency. Personally, I think the boat attendee(?) would probably preform magic say you cut your hands. 

Picture taken from the ferry from Pulau Langkawi to Kuala Kedah 

Only in Malaysia as well, that there is a line of 50 people even when this sign is put up and with no cashier in sight or a next counter.
Above all, Johanne was at the front of it all, people must think that foreigners must be idiotic. Haha! *in all fairness, there is a long story behind this. But we can take that up some other time! 
That bikini's is better worth an hour of my time Johanne and dinner with the relatives! Hrmph! Haha!

Only in Malaysia as well, you get to play spot the unique signs. :)

Ahem, yeah. Keep your kisses for home I suppose?

The other absolutely ludicrous things about Malaysia is that for example in Putrajaya, there are bridges build that really leads nowhere. It was supposed to be build for a LRT to run through but since they ran out of money, *coughcorruptioncough* there are bridges and buildings just built for aesthetic value.  *Need to get the picture of that one soon!

Above all, what Malaysia is so unique for is that our government seem to have more drama than a Spanish telenovela. I asked the question of "How are the politics now in Malaysia" and really, absolutely no one I asked know how to keep up. It really was like a drama, if you missed one episode, there goes you cannot catch up.

In all that, Malaysia is still "Truly Asia"

There is always plenty of good food to go around. Of all kinds! 

I simply love fresh oysters! They say it's an aphrodisiac. Makes you get kinky and all. Could that explain my behavior?

 Only in Malaysia as well, 

You really get to see so many different religion all compacted into such a small space.
Sometimes you get churches, mosques, wat's, temples, kuils within 5 minutes radius of each other.

Really, for me, it is hard to tell that Malaysia is a third world country by looking at it's infrastructure. 

Only at home do I get a fully stocked fridge filled with chocolate at your own disposal.

Our beaches is quite all-right really. Might not be the best, might not have bikini ladies, but I am sure you could find something to do anyways :)

So, really Malaysia isn't too bad, it does come with it's flaws and all. But it really is Truly Asia.

*I wish I could write more coherently about my experience and all, but this would have to do for now. Got to get ready for a trip into Oslo! :)

Above all, people you meet there are just absolutely amazing. 
Dr.Yee, is some super big boss in Intel Malaysia, known him forever almost. :)
I remember when I was younger I loved to tickle him. 

"Yeah I could dream more then
Yeah I believe more then
That this world could only get better
Yeah I was free more then
I could pretend more then
That this life could only show me good times
Once, when I was little"

-Once when I was little, James Morrison

Thursday, 25 June 2009

056. Pictures

Pictures from my camera. The different is crazy obvious! :(
Shucks... :(

First up!
Statement tees! These are the ones the sister got from The States, I love statement tees especially if there are just absolute brilliant. There are a few more from Malaysia and Thailand for various people! But I shouldn't spoil the surprise just yet right. 
Personal favorite is the Jesus one.

Simply hilarious.

Sister and I are still wondering if this is for a male or female person.
Would a woman really wear this? (Except me, but I am cool like that)
Would a man call a GIRLfriend "me"?

Because really, what WOULDN'T Jesus do?

Also since I have been home, I also realized how as a family, we do like many things similar. 

We are definitely a Clinique family.
But they really do work.
The 1-2-3 step makes wonders, and if you know me from young, you would know I had some of the worse acne problem ever. I even took pills to make sure they do not look sickly.

We also love Lancome and Estee Lauder.
Simply because it works best.
We all have got the same bottles of perfume. How is that?

Only one thing that is different is that we don't have the same styles in clothes. Haha!

We watched Transformers yesterday! I thought it was blu-deh good. None the less, the story line was pretty much somehow predictable. But that aside, it was one of the best films I have watched this year. Transformers have got to be one of those shows where after watching it, you would stare at your phone and wonder, Hrmm.... Haha!

Excellent summer film really. :) Go watch.

055. Pictures

*Now that its summer and all, I should really get started trying to set up my own page properly. You know one with my own template and url. I sort of forgot all about it. Typical me really. 
One of the cutest babies ever!
Super cute, super cuddly, above all always happy!
Though, he did pee on me. Uh-huh.

Can't say my make-up is too bad really.
♥ Lancome.

I got my first ever work contract yesterday, months overdue that is. But yay! Sadly enough, my pay is not till like forever since July is a non working month. And this year I get no holiday money since I would be submitting my work thinggymajig a bit later. Oh well! 
But can you believe it, I actually have got a job! Wee! 

I already know what I want to invest my money on. Besides some stocks in the share market that is. :)


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