Monday, 26 April 2010

281. I recommend!

I realize I can never take a sultry picture. :(

Now, I haven't done a blog recommendation in a long time it seems! 
But in any case, if any of you are interested, I recommend, Quirky Explosions! 

A Chinese girl in Canada girl with a, well quirky sense of fashion!

I don't know but I just feel a burst of happiness every time I visit her blog!
It is so colourful!

I am always at awe towards people who has already defined a little bit of what they are and what style they are into. So yeah!

Oh, And I also very much like her Style Philosophy section. "Every day is an excuse to play dress-up"

So, visit her if you are into this sort of thing! Visit

280. Pictures

Pictures from yesterday, and yes they are basically pictures of me. Haha!
How can I not heart my Magpie? :)

But I cannot resist myself!
Haha! wtf?
I got no shame.

My favorite picture of all! :)
The Kitty-Dot-Boomerang-Caramel-Vanilla-Pussy-The Cat.
Doesnt she look like an angry old man there?
Dot is so cute! So smart, So adorable!

279. Indian!

I got invited to join "Kate & Co" for some Indian food at Agra restaurant over at Lillestrøm.
To celebrate Magnar being a "young scientist"

My honest review for that place?
It was effing fantastic! 

I usually have very high expectations for Indian and Chinese food because, I like my Indian and Chinese to resemble those I taste back home in Malaysia.
And the ones in Norway usually don't taste as great.

But Agra is insane! Insanely good. 
I am going to go as far as saying that it was probably one of the best Indian food I have ever tasted!

Unfortunately, we were being proper and didn't actually take any pictures.
But that just means, we could just use our imagination instead?

Anyways, completely recommended!
Om nom nom nom nom nom!

If you insist on contact details :

Sunday, 25 April 2010

278. My weekend

So, my weekend thus far.
Would it be surprising if I said I spent most part of yesterday with Magnar?

Well, we first watched Toy Story. Which if you haven't already watch that awesome Pixar classic, you certainly should! I have always loved it!

Now, if you haven't already know, I love to watch Britain's Got Talent. Love.
So, have you catch this weeks performers?

These are my 2 favorites for this week's audition definitely. :)
Or at least those available on Youtube.

The Arrangement, Britain Got Talents
Audition Week 2

Spelbound, Britain's Got Talent
Audition Week 2

Ahhh, how can you not love the Brits?

One more! Eventhough I usually don't fancy singers on talent shows... This guy is quite awesome!
Even I went Oh Wow.

Christopher Stone, Britain's Got Talen
Audition Week 2

And then there is just the slightly weird.

Ahh, Britain. You never fail to amaze me.
Yes, I realized I just embedded more than I should! But can't you see how this crap television is so exciting! 

Saturday, 24 April 2010

277. Flashbacks and fast forwards.

Its the weekends again! Weee!
So what are everyone's plans?

Since I am on the computer downstairs as it is, wouldn't it be nice to revisit memory lane? Haha!

Feels like such a long time ago since my 16th Birthday. I loved that cake! Om nom nom nom! 
I remembered I specifically asked to Mummy to make sure they put extra jelly on it!

Now, who is that man cutting my cake?!

My goodness, I am going to curl under a burrow and die now. Please excuse me. Haha! ROFLOLWTF?

Nevermind, fast forward a little bit.

 Guess this isn't too bad?
At least I don't look like a sunburnt man any longer. Haha! :)

Then there was my 19th Birthday which you could read here
Which at that point, I stopped growing and changing very much and the only difference is Johanne's cakes.
Perhaps she would outdo herself this year too?

Isn't it quite weird looking back at older pictures and seeing how much we have all grown? 

If I feel like it later, maybe I'll publish more pictures.

Still cant stop laughing. Fml.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

276. Music Plug

It's Only Life, Kate Voegele

I think if she gets a good manager and gets enough publicity, she might become quite famous :)
I actually quite like this song!

Okay, time to go to school now.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

275. Uh-oh.

I feel a fever coming down. Either that or my body is trying to adjust the temperature shifts. In any case, my head is throbbing, so I am heading to bed after this.

Oh wait, I'll call my Papayapie first. He always makes everything feel a bit better.

Anyways, I bought myself some sunscreens this year so I can stay nice and untanned/unburnt this summer. Now that is done, its time to tell you about my "secret project".

My secret project is basically, getting my legs to be shiny.
You know, some people were just born with legs that shines and glows. I want that!

And you know, as the saying goes.
If you can't get something naturally, get it synthetically.

So lately, I have been insanely oiling it with baby oil. And I guess I'll update you on how this project is going after I finish my first bottle of babyoil! :)

Oh, remind me to make a review on Olive oil in hair remedy too!

Monday, 19 April 2010

274. Important Matters

So, I was thinking I was going to blog about something random and completely rubbish, but I thought since this is still fresh on my mind, I could pen something down here first.

To make things short, how do you really break it to your friend that her boyfriend is obviously cheating on her, and she should move on?

Or you just don't and just keep it to yourself?

I am not talking about the possibility of him cheating, he obviously is.
She knows it herself. But like most people, Sometimes we rather choose to live in denial than to face reality. 
Because when it comes to matter like this, when reality hits, your world really does comes crashing down.

I know that myself, because I have been there and done that.
And you wouldn't believe when I started the amount of people who claimed Magnar is cheating on me.
(Guess the crucial difference between my story and hers is mine, were unbased allegations, hers is not)

And I know, some I can easily shrug off, some not so easy. 
Fortunately for me, with enough trust and understanding, I finally understood why people had to say that to me. 
And I guess I knew it my the corner of my heart, Magnar would not do that.
She on the other hand, knows otherwise.

So, anyways I know it would be horrible both ways for her.
And, if you were me, do still want to be the one inflicting the pain on her?
I've known her for a really long time now, so she is quite an important friend, and thus the last thing I would want to do is hurt her.

So, how?
Should I not say anything? Even when she wants my opinion?

273. Piccies

Pictures from Magnar's PhotoBooth.
Somehow, going through his PhotoBooth, I realised there is only pictures of me, me, me and me.
I guess vain-ing on my own computer is never enough.

Anyways, a couple of days ago Magnar and I watched Kick Ass in the cinema!
I personally thought it was quite a good film! :)
Completely recommended! 

Oh, I just realized it is almost the end of the second week of April and I forgot to make a April resolution  :( But I'll get cracking on that soon!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

272. Updates!

So right, I don't actually have any updates.
Its just been some assignments and well, assignments.

Then somewhere along that, I just jump around like an idiot with no life.

I've been really happy lately, strangely.
I am thinking it must be the weather, I can see myself having a great summer soon!

Anyways, listen this MusicPlug instead.

Horchata, Vampire Weekend

P:S, I didn't get the job at the airport, but oh well. I'll try for some more :)

Monday, 12 April 2010

271. Job interview

So, I was over at a job interview today. I applied for a job at the Lost and Found over at Oslo International Airport. So, I hope I get it. It would be an uh-mah-zing summer if I can get a job at the airport, for I just loooooooove airports and everything about the airports.

The planes, the people, the atmosphere, the everything!
Oh, the pay definitely helps too.

Well, of course I hope I get it. The lady that interviewed me didn't say anything just yet. But I have a good feeling, so I hope I get hired!
*crosses fingers*

Once I get hired at one place, my search for a job can stop looking! 
Then I can just look forward to the summer!

And oh, I can feel it already, summertime
 15 degrees today, MmmMmm
Time to bring out my slutty clothes from the back of my closet and use the warmth as an excuse. :)
Haha! I kid, I kid. Maybe.

270. Music Plug

Oh Boy, Duffy

This song is so brilliant in so many levels. :)
Love it.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

269. On Apple Inc.

So I had a heated debate with a certain somebody earlier today about Apple products. It is always the same arguments and I am getting a bit tired of it. Only difference with that certain someone is that he probably just wants to ignite annoyance from me. *shrugs it off*

It is always the same excuse about how Apple users are brainwashed and are fanboi's and whatnots.

I love my Macbook and iPod which is the only 2 product I have from Apple. In fact, I love it.
Not always though, not when my battery charger burns or when my hard drive crashed with everything in it :(  But every time other than that. 

I just don't understand when people do that. Make negative remarks like you have done something wrong.

Just like comments filled with hatred and of no purpose whatsoever. I read Nanirostam's (it's in Malay though) blog the other day about hate comments. Unless you have a point on why you don't like it, why bother people with it?

Telling me, you are only liking it because you are being brainwashed tells me what?
Of course I am not saying one can't state opinions, there is a difference in giving opinion and bluntly criticizing others on no based whatsoever.

Just like Nanirostam was saying, if you bought a pack of rice from the stall and it didn't live up to your expectation, why bother yourself to go complain and talk bad about it to everyone you know, your simplest solution is to just not buy it anymore. Finish. Case closed. Everyone's happy.

You buy things and live your life a different way than everyone else. So, more often than not, it is not likely that we all like the same thing. No?

Okay, rant over.
Isn't the pictures lovely? Loooooove.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

268. Updates

The smell of home! Chrysanthemum tea! 
Been getting loads of parcels from home lately!

So, Its the weekend again! Can't say I have got a lot of plans but today is Rona's birthday! 
Birthday cakes! Mmm!
I miss the Malaysian sponge cake with cream and tacky jelly decorations! But I am sure Kate has whipped up some crazy delish cake today too!

Can't wait :)

Rose infused tea 

Jasmine tea

Oh, and I have made almost 100 NOK on my Google Adsense!
Feel free to help me make more by clicking the ads! Haha!

If you ask me about Blog Advertising, I would say, Google Adsense is your best shot.
At least on mine, it has been on a very steady increase monthly over the past year. So yay?

And, though they don't come often to "not famous bloggers", The best part of blog advertising is when you do land yourself advertising posts. You usually can expect to make 50-100 NOK per post. :)

I think blog advertising is really easy way to make extra pocket money.

Why am I ranting?
Right, I got to go.
Catch you guys laters, lovelies!

Friday, 9 April 2010

267. Pictures

Random pictures :) Super hearts!

That me driving, with Jens.
I still don't believe driving an automatic car actually qualifies as "driving"...
Thats why I loveeee it :)

Such a killer stalker pictures... 

My favorite-est position when Magnar is not entertaining me! 
But as you can tell, doesn't exactly work. Fml. Hrmpf.

Random Music Plug.
Another Malaysian song I use to hear a million times!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

266. Easter!

So, a few days ago I was invited over to the Hjelmstad's place for some "Easter dinner" Though it honestly felt more like an Easter lunch to me. Well, since we did start at 4 pm

What can I say?
Kate and Co, always makes some of the most yummy food there is!
And, Even on regular days! It is insane that house. Completely insane.

Oh, and after food we even managed to squeeze in an Easter egg hunt!
It was probably my first Easter egg hunt ever!

Avocado and Prawn Salad, MMMM.
Emphasize capitals!

My pictures dont do it justice. :(

Then we had a main course of some roast lamb? potatoes and some gravy looking awesome thing.
Though,by then, I was too busy being a glutton, I couldn't be bothered to take any more pictures :)

So you just have to take my word for it. 
It was fantaboloustically good! 

Then came desserts, and I realized... I couldn't resist not taking pictures.
Can You?

Raspberry, Bananas, Vanilla Ice Cream, Walnuts, And Chocolate Sauce.
Its like a food orgasm. 

Then we had an Easter egg hunt, and I am still looking for one egg of mine.

Egg hunting.

I don't really know what to say except, this might just be my first ever "Easter". 
I never did anything special during Easter before and it used to just be another vacation, so it was a really nice change for once. Guess I should be quite thankful, I got invited? :)

More pictures to follow tomorrow :)
Kinda tired now, got to catch up on some sleep lovelies.

Monday, 5 April 2010

265. Skiing, or attempts

Yeah, most of my attempts are of me, falling.
No really, every turn, every corner.

Well fine, I am not that horrible (or I would like to believe). I did make it down once or twice without falling!
But, relatively quite a klutz.

"Thats me going, Stop taking pictures! You silly boy! 
I want nice ones!" 

But oh well... Haha!

It is awesome fun anyways!
I really did have a lot of fun. Like all things in life, if you fall, stand up, and try again.
Try it till it kills you, I guess. :)

Personally I cannot imagine myself, actually liking doing it, but skiing is definitely growing on me. 
I can see how if one can ski, it can probably be quite fun :)

Unfortunately, skiing season is starting to come to an end. Maybe i'll try again next year.
Or maybe, Magnarpie.. want to go again, say... tomorrow?


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