Monday, 29 March 2010

262. Music Plug

Rude Boy, Rihanna.

Super like it. :)

Back home and feeling good. I love going away to come home to familiarity. 
Blog later lovelies. 

261. Karlstad!

Teen Vogue on sale!
Vogues are honestly, more advertorials then essence. 
It's a fun read nonetheless though

Good way to spend some time.

Anyways, Karlstad is, small.
There is no more than 3 streets of shops and well, they arent too great.
Uncle say it is like a smaller version of Drammen, Norway.

So, yesterday we were first at a horrid Malaysian restaurant for lunch who overcharges the food they "claim" to be Malaysian, really isn't. Pfft.
Completely hates it when that happens. 

Then we went for a drive around the area, bought some groceries, and came back to the hotel for some dinner. 

Then my Uncle and I went to watch the Green Room with Matt Damon at the SF Kino! 
SF Kino here is below mediocre, and since I have also been playing in the bubbly hot tub earlier and is completely relaxed, I couldn't stay awake! But, if I can't stay awake, maybe the show wasn't too great either?

Oh, And this stuff really works! 
Completely not recommended if you intend to watch a late night show. 

Right, I guess that was really it for yesterday. Today I am going to sit in the hot tub again, and then Uncle is taking us shopping. Well, because I don't know what else is there to do here? :)

Will be home to Norway later. :)
I miss my Bolster already. 

Sunday, 28 March 2010

260. Music Plug

Revolver, Madonna feat Lil Wayne

'nuff said

Okay, I am off to Sweden.

259. On Vacation!

I'll be on vacation for a day! :)
We are going off to Karlstad in Sweden for a lazy day out. We'll be back Monday!

I predict loads of relaxation and pure random indulgence. Mmmm.
Can't wait.

I have always wanted to take a weekend away, heck I have also always wanted to just go to Oslo and stay at a hotel for a night for I personally think its one of the best bliss moments we can reward ourselves with.

So yeah, awesomes.
Shall blog later :)

258. People say

If you want something done, do it yourself.

Sometimes those things people say, are insanely true.
For today, I realize how the proverb above cannot be anymore true.
Sometimes we might have others to do help you along, but ultimately many things in life is very much based on what you achieve for yourself.

And as selfish as this sound, you really cannot help others before you help yourself.

I thought of this on the way back home today, and realize... this really applies to almost everything I can think of. Men, Education, Money, Job, Skills, Happiness, etc, etc.

Take for example skiing. (Just because Magnar and I was talking about this earlier) 
Last year I made a plan that this is the year I will learn how to ski. Mainly because I am tired of being left out whenever others go skiing. And its an utter importance to me to try everything once. :)

And so, well... if I keep wait for Magnar to understand the importance of me learning how to ski, I would never learn it. 

Why? Because there are many things no one but yourself understand. I can easily bet, no one else thinks any more of it, then me, myself.

So, if you then think about it, there really is no one else to blame but yourself is there?

And this really does apply to a whole lot of other things in life.
We I Just have to learn to not expect nothing from anyone else, but me. 

And, as for my skiing idea. Well, I guess I'll figure something out. I always do. :)
But I know now, I'll figure it out myself and I should forget about having Magnar to help me with that.
But that's okay. For like I say, I'll find a way.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

257. Brilliant day, this.

I had an amazingly brilliant day today :)
You know, those days where its so jammed packed, only with all the right reasons.


First I was at a EU embassy meet thiggymajiggy for some brain stimulation, then we went over to Wearhouse, London to get myself a new swimming bag, then we went over to Steen & Strøm and got myself a new hot pink O'Neil bikini.

Then I went over to Magnar's place for some jump arounds and pizza. Then met Thomas and then helped Rona with some random shizzz.

Then here I am, utterly worn out. But inevitably, satisfied.

Love days like this, now I can go to bed feeling rather contented with myself.
Natti Natti awesomes.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

256. Music Plug

Breathe, Taylor Swift

Now here is the interesting part of stuff. I know of a girl who most of this blog readers know off or use to go to school with, who also sang a cover of this song which I think was just exquisite.

That was a tad confusing, but basically. I know the girl exist and where she used to go to school and also somehow, where she is studying now. And I have also once stumbled upon her blog from Jasryn sidebar links. :)

Always creeeeepy when that happens. Sometimes the world isn't so large afterall.
Oh look, they allow embedding! Awesome!

I normally like songs with the title Breathe, because well sometimes its the best thing you can reward yourself with. :)

255. Malaysia Property Forum

The older I get the more I feel I need to start to consider other investment besides cellphones and games. And yes, I mean properties 

In Norway, we would easily search Finn for our needs, but in Malaysia it is harder to find websites for properties as our IT world hasn't reach that point of demand.

Of course all these property are way above my price range, but one can definitely get inspired, and inspire us to work harder, and aim bigger. I found a website for luxury Malaysian property and I am in love with it. It shows us a great range of luxury properties in Malaysia.

The site is really easy to navigate and all properties comes along with pictures,(some up too 400 pictures) and what I like best about that site is that they allocate a space under the property for you to ask any questions you might have. And from initial observation, all the questions asked is answered by a real estate agent. 

They also have their own truthful reviews on the property. Thus it really is almost like being there and seeing the property for yourself and having someone point out possible issues one might have to deal with and if it is worth the investment afterall.

This obviously is a good move because buying a new property isn't something we take lightly and it would be nice to get an expert opinions on some things. And they also have a general comprehensive forum where you can ask any questions you want, and someone (at least from observation) will answer. 

Ahh, I love this property forum site
Its so nice to see how some people live!
How we might live, and save up, invest in the right shares. Ahhhhhhhh, I could certainly live like that!

Monday, 22 March 2010

254. Music Plug

Because You Live, Jesse McCartney.

Now this is what I think the proper definition of a "Pop" song is! Remind me of the days of the Backstreet Boys and Westlife. 

In terms of updates, I was over at Peppes today with "the group". Then we headed over to Magnar's place to play some Brain Cranium :) 

You know what's funny, the older we get, I feel like the less friends we make. We end up usually going our own ways and above all, I think I am at the age where I don't bother to be polite because I have to. 

These days, I just ignore you if I don't think you are worth my time and energy. And I am sure it isn't just me. Somehow the handful of friends I have are worth more than the 100 I used to have.

Its extremely weird, making new friends used to be one of the most important thing to me.
But it is not anymore. For I feel the older we get, the more selfish and self centered we become.

I wonder if anyone else feels the same way? 

Interesting, No?

253. Resignation

So, we have decided that the best thing for me to do to one of my jobs is to resign. Hrmph, that didn't last so long, but it was really fun while it lasted. I learnt and gained a bit more. 

But ultimately it just wasn't worth while. 

It is just not worth it because the woman I work for (so to speak) is always on medical leave. And it has been 2 months in a row now that she has been sick. So that is 2 months of set aside time without being paid. That also means, in the past 2 months I could have made about 10,000 NOK (RM 6000) before taxes but I made nothing.

I just believe there are a whole lot more thing I can do with my time, and if I had known earlier this was going to be the case, I could have taken my course in Entrepreneurship. I had to give that up because I knew I had to work.

So in many ways, I am bit annoyed?
Mhmm. So yeah, uncle and aunt agreed as they usually pay my bills for me anyways and I don't really have any bills of my own ever. So as long as I can get another job soon, I will be okay. I just have to eat out less and shop less. And I guess that is both a manageable task? I guess I will just have to ask for more pocket money. :)

Oh, that and I do also have another job with another commune, that is probably the best job in the world. Only it doesn't allocate that much hours. :) But it is honestly the best job one could have!

So, pfft. Now I got to figure out how to write my bitter resignation letter.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

252. A date with Magnar

I dont know if words could really tell the adventures of the day, so maybe this is when people say, Pictures are worth a thousand words.

First we went to the new Norwegian ski jump Holmekollen. We didn't expect that there will be any even there, but little did we know..
We had to park a half hour away. On the top of a hill. 

This is the not so exciting part, walking up to the car again. A 2.8 km walk uphill
I think the funny bit was Magnar going "Would some chocolate make you happy?"
And tadah. He pulled up some chocolate! I did feel better for about 2 minutes.

Kvikk Lunsj, ftw.

Then we headed over to Teknisk Museum over at Kjelsås!
I love that place! So much stuff to play around with! 
Definitely a new must visit for tourist in Norway.

It does say I could climb on the dino!

I never past an opportunity to ride dinos! 

Then the museum had to close :(
So we went to a mountaintop somewhere and had probably one of the best view of Oslo city there is!
Breathtakingly, gorgeous.

We were there just when the sun was setting. Weather wasn't at all bad. For me at least.
(Well, I did have Magnar's jacket, because like he say... I don't like using my own jacket)
But it was just so picture perfect. I haven't seen Oslo that nice ever.

Then we got home, had dinner and watch Food Inc. :)

I really dont know what to say about my weekend. 
Yesterday has just been so awesome! I had a massive ton of fun and would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

I always ask anyone who I assume knows, what love is?
Everyday, I think I might just be one step closer to finding that out. 

Friday, 19 March 2010

251. T.G.I.F.

Which reminds me, it used to be that both T.G.I.F and Hard Rock both had a lunch deal for 99 NOK. But somehow Hard Rock has decided they wanted to charge full price for their lunch deal these days. So it's only TGI from now on for poor students like me :/

The last time I had a Caesar salad and I thought it was delish. Everyone should go there sometimes!
Tell me if you are too, for I would love to join.

Now, here is my rant for today. 

If you want something, isn't it only normal one works for it?
And if I am willing to go to extreme lengths? Shouldn't I be allowed to do it? And heck, who are we to decide whats okay and what's not? Why are we judging? Why are we so used to judging what we don't completely know?

For we are, ultimately an individual, and what goes behind closed door is usually completely unknown.
Do you really see the world/myself/everyone from my point of view? No.

Now, self pity time over. 
My idea has always been, there is nothing in life one cannot achieve if they want it and work for it hard enough. A pinch of luck, and occasionally some money.
But I know, if I want it. I will find a way. :)

Though, if you have delusional exceptions, its a different story. 
But I am sure mine is achievable, and I'll honestly do whatever it takes.
I am such a determined and stubborn little one, aren't I.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

250. Coconut milk

Remember how I wanted to try out home "remedies" :) Yeah, I have been using coconut milk alonside the normal routine this past week. Well, I did 3 rounds of this "treatment".

And my verdict. Wait till you see the process, and you tell me.

Basically what the plan was to leave the coconut milk in for at least 30 minutes. But I can tell you this much, it smells so foul. There is no way you could last 30 minutes without feeling gross!
I leave mine for about 5 minutes. Then shampoo and condition the normal way

Price of coconut milk in Norway is about 10 NOK per can and it lasts 3 "sessions". Cost of Elvital Conditioner is 20 NOK (during H&M sales) and lasts 15 sessions. Do the math.

Loves Elvital. Best drugstore shampoo there is!

Though, unlimately, it is about wherether or not coconut milk works. And weirdly enough, I must admit myself, it does.  Not like drastic though, but when I wash my hair you can feel that your hair is bit more silky to the touch. 

So in short, Pro and Cons.
Pro: Works (only slightly different, but there is some difference)
Cons: More expensive than regular conditioner.
Smells horrid. 

Would I do it again?
Personally, No. It is not worth the time and effort for so little change, but maybe there might be someone else who is more willing to do it over a longer period?

Now,lets begin the hair commercial break 

Hrmpf, No one is tuning into my hair commercial. Bah.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

249. Haircut!

Yes, I did get my haircut! No difference? There is if you meet me in person!
Stop complaining! I got a fringe cut out!

Other than that, I wonder what happens if one eats 2 boiled eggs for breakfast/lunch and a bowl of cereal for dinner 5 days a week? Oh, And snacks on apples throughout the day? Okay, I ate 3 pieces of chocolate too. FML.

I did this today, and I cannot see how this can be a problem? I feel happy albeit a bit tired though. But that can be due to other factors?

Okay, maybe that is the best way to anorexia. Not exactly what I was thinking of.

But let's say I modify it to be, 2 eggs (Only whites) for breakfast, a fruit lunch and salads for dinner. That sounds much better, no? I am going to give this a try. I can't on weekends because my aunt actually stares at what I eat, but on weekdays when I get money to eat out, I could save it instead!

Now, on a random note.
What in the world is this woman doing to herself! :(
And poor kids!

Monday, 15 March 2010

248. Music Plug

Hows everyone today? 
I got bored of talking to my Sister so, here I am. Haha!

Have I told you already how funny that idiot is. She was preaching me her capitalistic ideologies again I got tired of listening, I went out to play with some fire crackers instead. Somehow I feel that firecrackers has a due date on them? Do they?

Anyways, I was grooving into James Morrison today and I realize, every single song he has is about love. Ugh! Cannot stand. But he sings so gorgeously, I cannot resist. 

If You Dont Want To Love Me, James Morrison

Fix The World Up For You, James Morrison

James is = ♥ 

Sunday, 14 March 2010

247. Music Plug

Quelqu'un m'a dit, Carla Bruni

Soundtrack from 500 Days of Summer sang by the ever so famous Carla Bruni. 
Is anyone of you as surprised as I am that its Carla?!

She sings so gorgeously. I am utterly impressed. :)
Definitely worth listening to!

246. Weeeeekend!

So, as you might have already read on my Twitter. I had an absolutely fantaboloustic day yesterday! 

Early in the day involved ripping off wood panels and taking down cabinets and shelfs in the room downstairs. We are renovating it before the folks arrive later in June! So in some ways that was quite fun.

Oooh! Then I helped my uncle sell these. 
And there are people who called within 30 minutes of putting the ads out!

They were my uncles pride and joy but sadly the new room doesn't have a space for them. :)

Then, I went over to see Magpie because it was our ... (I honestly am not good with numbers anymore)
Oh right, 22 monthnivarsary? Wow pie, its been almost 2 years since. :) 

Magnars feet and Me.

So, plan was I was going to go get some sushi because well, I love my sushi.
And how did I know, that the Hjelmstads were also going to go out for sushi, and thus my dinner for two idea became, Dinner with the Hjelmstad's at the "Sushi Bit" :)

Picture from Magnar's Twitter (He could have bothered to take a better picture surely)
(Oh, to make things clear, I don't mind because they are quite awesome)

So, I thought that was an awesome day itself. When I got home I found out my sister got into some seminar thing in the USA and wondered if I wanted to go along this summer! For obvious reasons if she go, I have to go too, because I am awesome and due to my sister's obvious lack street smartness. :)

So, the idea is if she goes I go too! And the fact that she is already here in Norway when she is supposed to leave.

I have been missing the US! Though as much as I would like to get excited. I really have to figure some things out first, as I was really really really really intending to get a summer job. 

And since mummy and all is coming this summer, we already had a lot of prior plans!

Oh, that and that idiotic sister of mine is supposed to be in Norway till October anyways. So we need to figure out her tickets and etc. 
So, I'll wait with the excitement for a little bit. 

How how how how how? 

(Did I also mention that my sister has invited Tor to apply for it too and he might be joining us) Bah, guess we shall see how this all turns out. Wee!


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