Thursday, 30 July 2009

077. Pictures

*I wonder if a certain someone would fix my domain already. still doesn't work! Hrmph!

Apparently my burnt scar looks like a heart shape. Yeah, no.

Some pictures from the recent weeks. Around Lillestrøm and with various so called 'props'. 
But mainly just pictures of us. :)

'Sephia-ing' things, can make rubbish looks good. Mmm!

Flowers :)

Somehow Johanne managed to climb all the way up there

Always nice to have some snacks. Oreo! :)
Twist, lick, dunk!

I had to be in one of the picture!

Ok, maybe 2 pictures.

Yeah! Marius is special. 

Johanne is even more special.

Ok, 3 picture. Promise, not so many more of me.

But, this is close-up. So it doesn't count!

Fine, 4 pictures.

Ok, 5 pictures.

Children do not attempt this anywhere! Leave it to the pro!

Ok, I lost count, what picture is this?

There, have it, your blackmail picture. I repay for all the spam pictures of me.

Cherries from the Hjelmstad garden is simply, not edible.

Look who we found at our photo session!
Smeagol! Why so happy?


Maggiekins! ♥

Sephia-ing, I like! So very vintage. :)

That's all for now, gotta' save some for future use too right! 

Monday, 27 July 2009

076. Sinfully orgasmic muffins

So, I have been having this crazy cravings for some cupcakes/muffins for the past week now!
I have this specific wish to have some cupcakes/muffin loaded with a dollop of cream and colourful sprinkles. 
These kinds of muffins are simply the best kind of muffins/cupcakes ever! 
*check Twitter updates, to follow my cravings :)
I think I was starting driving everyone crazy by consistently asking for my cupcakes.

But today, I am satisfied.

So, ingredients for a happy Lisa includes.
  • Sprinkles, combination of some Dolphin shapes, cutest Dinosaurs, and some other random happy combination.

  • Some freshly made homemade muffins :) Mmmmm...
Yes, my muffins are of weird shapes. I call it individuality. :)

  • Some whipped cream
Assemble them together, and ta-dah! 
Picture perfect. Tastes even better! Try it! 

075. Almost a century

My Poladroid application has ran it's demo version time. Ugh! What can I do? I need a license or maybe, not
*runs to Magnar! Extra license? None?, Can you get one?

Now, yesterday was a rather interesting day. We learnt a little bit of how to dance the swing. Since I don't exactly have any pictures, it isn't as awesome. Picture paints a thousand words right. And sometimes, my "poise and elegance", could only be believed if there was a proof. 
I'll see if I can get hold of some pictures soon!

Samordna's dateline has closed, and thus I can only hope I made the right decision. :)
We would not know this till, 365 days from now. Which could be a long time, and could not.My offer to Market høyskolen in Oslo is still open though. So for once more another maybe. 

For my birthday the folks have decided to take the cruise to Germany on the 15th. I have decided to pass on that though I think it was part of my present this year. Oh well, I know, if I did go. I could be quite sure to be allowed to pick whatever present I want. Only, last time I remembered, Germany really didn't have that much to offer. So, I think staying put is better. Plus, I have already booked a date with one of my favorite people. Guess I would be okay!

I am happy almost everyone said Yes to coming to my Birthday Party! You guys are awesome!

Hrm, I wonder if Johanne is coming with an overly elaborate cake again this year?
Can't I just get a cupcakes, with loads of cream and colourful sprinkles instead?
You know what! I'll do that myself thus, this year my Birthday cakes would be little cupcakes! 

* Please excuse my Jabberwocky post. I just felt like pending some of this stream of thoughts down.
** And if you are accessing from , I know its weird, but we are working on it. 

Saturday, 25 July 2009

074. A Cool Trick

Due to my lack of IT knowledge, I generally do not discover easy convenient ways to use the internet to it's full potential till ages later, when other versions are already out and everyone has already moved on. 

Go figure.

Anyways, yesterday I learnt a really cool "trick" that Magnar uses when he read blogs. He makes use of the RSS feed so he doesn't have to go on checking un-updated blogs. 

Which is something I do a lot, and is starting to annoy me. Because, sometimes people simply do not update often at all. So, here is my guide to setting it up and utilizing the RSS which I simply have to share. Life gets much better. I am just spreading the love you know. 

*Crosses fingers hoping I am not the only one, who doesn't already know this. But my last tutorial, did help some people! :)

Since no one understands when I narrate anyways, so lets take it picture for picture. 

Here, Lisa's Style Guide to setting up an RSS tab on Safari, with pictures.

  • Make a new tab, right click/double click. Create a new folder.  Name it whatever you like. :)
  • Now, lets make so, this is mainly to get updates for blogs, I am sure you could use it to retrieve e-mail notification and etc too. Same procedure really. :)
  • So, go to the website you tend to read often. Find the RSS button.
  • Click on it, and you would be redirected to a feed page. 
  • Then on my computer you would click Apple/Command + D, and that would bring up 
  • Name, it whatever you want and Voila! 
Now, every time this site gets updated you would get a feed! It is a little bit time consuming the first time since you have to visit all the sites and repeat all the procedures, but trust me. It's well worth it. :)

Your feed would look something like that. :)

Oh, ever so occasionally, you get to choose between Atom and RSS. 

It really is Potato, Potaato, Atom from what I understand is just a newer version of the RSS.So, I guess, if you can pick that. I use a bit of both really, I personally have yet to see a difference.

Pfft, read the Wiki link yourself. :) And do tell me if it really make a significant difference!

So, does this help? Should I next reveal how to disable right click on your blogs? In case, you believe your images and words are like that precious. I was thinking on doing that, but then I realize, if I wanted it to be on my blog in the first place. What is the point of  "protecting" it?
Especially in the era of screen shots and all. 

So, you want to know? Assuming you are too lazy to just Google it yourself. Haha! :)

P:S, Occasionally the feed doesn't work as flawlessly as I would like it too. Occasionally like a charm. But I have no idea why.

Friday, 24 July 2009

073. Photobooth moments

*Bimbo-tic post coming up!
First up, picture of me and Johanne's present for me from USA!
Not like you can see it, but I'll make another post for it sometime later.
Which I absolutely love! ♥

Guess what happened today?
Are you ready?
Wait for it.
Wait for it.

So, there was this random dude, who just decided to come over to the middle of nowhere *coughBodungcough* to see me! And if you know Norway, Bodung is not really even on the map! 

Anyways, he also happen to be quite a looker, so I guess it's okay. Nice to see some new faces here now and then right. In fact, if I must say, he is über cute.
So, this dude just randomly appeared and downloaded Up! for me, and as seen in my Twitter tweet. It's a new Disney/Pixar movie I want to watch. 

Then, he proceeded to surfing the web and downloading even more apps to corrode my Macbook even more! Then he left, as he had to go to his Grandmother's place in Lillehamer for the weekend.

The end.
What do you mean, there was no storyline or climax or anything?
Helloooo? Were you reading? :)

That is pretty much as much excitement as I would get today really. 
Unless later, as we go grocery shopping! Perhaps I would knock another isle of grocery down. I am sure that would be fun, but I'll remember to tell you!

I wouldn't count on it though. 

So, anyways I can't seem to decide who looks cuter. 

Mr. Sexxy Todd
Double XX's. Thank You very much.

Mr. Random Guy on street
I really don't know who this guy is. :)

I already know my winner. The competition didn't even come close. :)

Geez, I must be some kind of bored. 
Oh, and this "random guy" doesn't know what I wan't for my birthday. So, you can stop asking him. Poor thing. :)

Thursday, 23 July 2009

072. Going down with the flow

*Somehow everyone is doing this questionnaire! So I thought I should join the mob too!

1. From now on you can't tell lies.

For ever or just for this post? 
If forever, no deal. Deal?

2. Are you ready?
Bring it on!

3. Think back six months ago, were you single?
Thinking, Nope. 

4. What do you carry with you at all times?
I don't carry very much, but like Sarah said, probably extra baggage.

5. When you say you don't care, do you mean it?
Usually I do it, just to shut you up. :)

6. How are you feeling?
A bit trapped in Bodung. No train pass today, no mobility, shucks.

7. Is something wrong right now?
Nope, life's good.

8. Are you mad at someone?
No? Only myself. 

9. What's on your mind?
To IB or not to IB?

10. Are you jealous of someone right now?
Not right now.

11. Do you have a piggy bank that's actually shaped like a pig?
I actually don't. Hrmm.

12. Do you want to start over with anyone?
Not really, not right now. I have no one to start over with anyways.

13. Do you know if anyone likes you?
Define like please :)

14. Are you good at hiding your feelings?
I would like to say, I am not an open book. Do your research online.

15. What are you supposed to be doing right now?
Get out of bed. Bug aunt for a new train pass. :)

16. True love or 1 billion bucks?
True love. 
I'll make that billion bucks myself, thank you very much.

17. Has anyone ever told you you have pretty eyes?
No, I don't remember any.

18. Anything you would change about your life right now?
Haha! There always is something I can change, but I am quite contented really.
Should I bother? 

19. You have to get a tattoo, where and what do you get?
I have too? I suppose I would get in on top of my burn scar, in the shape of a (insert something yet to be determined)

20. Could you cry right now?
Not right now, check back in about 2 weeks.

21. Do you ever think about stuff and start crying?
I should, shouldn't I? Maybe I'll learn better that way.

22. How often do you hold back from saying what you are thinking?
I wish I had better control. :)
*Why are your questions so ridiculous? I got better things to do! But I am almost done, can't do things halfway! Oh whoops. Did I just say that out loud?

23. Are you okay with the life you live?
I suppose it's okay.

24. Last person you told a secret to?
If I have told them my secret, it wasn't a secret any longer now is it?

25. Do you like hugs?
Only from people I want to hug myself! :)

26. Do you believe true love can conquer anything?
I have never heard that one! Can true love make me conquer the world? Oh wow!  Where do I start? 

27. When was the last time you cried?
About a year ago. :)

28. How much money did you spend today?
I am under my blanket, in bed. at 10.52am.
What do you think? 
Though I was going to buy a book on, but the Visa card is far away and requires getting up.

29. What are you sitting on right now?
My bed.

30. Who's the last person you IM'd?
Johanne, "Vote for Carnegie Mellon for Victoria Secret's Pink thing!"

31. What's something you really want right now, be honest.
3 more IB points, 4 if you are feeling generous. Please deposit it to IB Cardiff, Thank You!

32. How do you feel about your hair right now?
I quite like my hair. :)

33. What did you do yesterday?
Blueberry picking with Aunt, then made some blueberry juice. :)

34. Would you forgive a friend for telling your biggest secret?
I would never have told them in the first place, and I really don't have that much secrets. 

35. Is there someone that makes you happy every time you speak with them?
In order to preserve dignity. Next question please. Of pfft!

36. When's the last time you said you were fine and you really weren't?
No one has yet to ask. :)

37. Is someone on your mind right now?
People travel in and out often. Take a number. 

38. Whose birthday is coming up?
Ahem! *COUGH* You do you think? You are officially uninvited. 

39. Were you happy when you woke up?
I am always happy! Though, there was this buzzing fly that wouldn't shut up! I only woke up to let it out.

40. What is one emotion you are feeling right now?

41. What's the last thing you ate?
If you stop giving me lame questions, I would be eating some muesli with strawberry's and cream. Yummy!

42. Are you easy to get along with?
No, Never, stay away! :)

43. Ever cheated on someone?
I doubt I'll ever.

44. Who is the last person to send you a text?
I am too lazy to check, I am going to say Marius.

45. What are you currently listening to?
My aunt cooking in the kitchen, with some tong-tiang, tong-tiang sound! And Green Day's 21 Gun. :)

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

071. Pfft

Paparazzi picture of me and Tan Sri (insert even more ranks) Khoo Kay Khim
He probably thought I was some kind of funny whack.
He was mighty cool though, and very interesting person! 
Reminds me very much of Datuk Eddy Chong. :)

Sometimes life can be so hectic and busy, and sometimes life is just mellow-dramatic with me. Today is mellow day, so here I am again, on my blog. Not knowing what to do. 

I think maybe I should go for a quick run. Rephrase, walk. If I over achieve, maybe I'll jog. 

For the past couple of days I have been home at 1 am or even later even. 
Which is crazy, but the summertime, timetables for the trains is just simply annoying. 

A couple of days ago, I was over at Johanne's for some dinner of moose/elk stew. It was yummy. Tasted a little bit like beef really. Just slight more flavour. :)

Yesterday I spent some time with Magnarboy! Should I even bother with details?
Basically, it involves going to Ikea and McDonalds, me jumping around, the dude being cute and loads of fun. It always is. 

People don't get why we love going to Ikea so much, and never actually buy anything. But I say, some people just don't understand. Pfft. *coughwe'reboredtoocough*

We rented Burn After Reading and settle for some quiet night out on the couch.

Overall, a feel good movie. Wasn't like exceptionally good or anything but there was Brad Pitt and sexy George Clooney in it! 

Oh, incase this could be an interesting thing to know, 
I am reconsidering another year in the IB. Horror! But, yeah. I haven't decided, but I know Bergen this year is not it. So, I have a SAT somewhere in December, the LSAT somewhere in December too. And perhaps the IB, May of next year.

How else am I supposed to improve my grades, if I do not redo IB? Going to Markedhøyskolen, only gives me 2 points. Working and taking a gap year, doesn't give me any, except money. :)

According to the survey, University of Edinburgh admission this year had point range of 39-45 IB points. Should I give up and forget my dream? We shall see, maybe I can get admittance with my SAT scores instead? 

Decisions, decisions. Hate them.

Got to be a vain-pot to end this post :)

Sunday, 19 July 2009

070. Happy!

One of my favorite pictures ever. The clarity is beyond me. 
This was somewhere in the UK

Somebody's home. Therefore, I am rather happy. :) 
Now my phone bill might be manageable again! I am sure he feels the same. 
Yes Thomas, it was really nice to see you! *Giggles. 
They aren't that tan, in case your wondering.
Though, they both claimed to be bitten by some vampires. And I suppose I should leave it to them to do the explaining.

Haven't been doing too much lately, the past couple of days were generally spent with Torbjørn and Marius here and about. 

I figured it's about time to take a break from my long lengthy blog posts, and keep this one short and simple. So, let's spam you with pictures of me, me, me, me, and some other random people. :)

*Random note : We have all read FML, but which is sadder? MLIA (My Life Is Average) or the classic FML?
** Torbjørn once thought FML, was Fuck My Lord. Haha!


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