Monday, 30 November 2009

150. Life really is fragile

Life is really fragile, but will I ever really know it?

(Use Google translate if you need to understand her)

I've been reading almost every post Regine made, and I thought I shared some thoughts.
That blog evoked so many emotions, I don't know how to begin.

I am not trying to sympathized her or anything (okay, sympathized is not a good word) but, you understand. I don't think she wants sympathy, she wants people to hear her story.

The more I read her story, the more it made me feel, selfish.

Selfish that I usually only think about my own problems, which really is absolutely insignificant to what so many people out there are having to go through. As Marius said, when we were 18, did we even do anything significant to remember? Right there, did we just wasted our precious life away?

And above all that, I know that after reading this blog, in a few days, hours even. I'll go back to being my old selfish self. It is not like I have never heard of stories like this before. I have. We all have.
What makes this story any different?
Sure, it hurts reading it now, but will it still hurt next week when we are then again surrounded by our loved ones, happily enjoying the warm sunshine.

Did we change after reading all the previous blogs/movies/what-nots about other people's suffering?
No, not really.

If you did, what did you do? Did you donate more money to cancer research?
Do you really think that is enough?

What do you suggest I do?
Cry for her being? Do you really think she wants us to that for her?
If you could trade your life for hers, would you?

I believe now, that truth is.. we are selfish people, and we will probably die selfish too.

I know I sound negative right now, but I guess I am little bit disappointed at myself. Disappointed that I can only watch and read as her life gets much worse by the day. All I can do is watch as her world crumbles and falls apart. There is nothing more I can do.

I do know now, that sometimes I really need to count my blessings. Because I am so selfish, and I always want more more more from life. I always forget to look back and see, how I do have it quite good.

I don't see how it takes a dying girls perspective for me to understand how fragile life really is. I should stop wanting more, and begin... living.
We all really need to begin living. For we just might never know. :(

(Irony is : 2 minutes before I got to that link, I was just about to complain about how my day has been. That is definitely not happening today at least)

149. Blogs worth checking out.

Okay, I really am starting to think I should start a new tag for blogs I think is definitely worth checking out.

Today's category, Norwegian blogs worth checking out. And also, a tool that might come in useful.

Marius linked me to this. Its about an 18 year old girl who basically has cancer and might not live to see Christmas. Need I say more? :(

All her stories are so heartbreaking. At times I wonder how can I possibly be so selfish. :(

I am contemplating on not linking you to Voe, she is the most read Norwegian blogger according to, but her latest post on the Christmas spirit at her house is so different from Regine's, I feel it is almost inappropriate. But, yeah.

148.1st Advent

Yesterday was actually quite interesting. First I met up with Magnar then we headed to Oslo for a walk along the pier? Basically we started walking from Skøyen station all the way back to Aker Bryggae along the waterside.

That took us about an hour then we stopped at the Christmas Market at Aker Bryggae which is always fun to go see if ever you are in Norway during the Christmas season. They sell loads of knick knack items that you could just stroll and look at for hours.

Well, one could do that... if it wasn't freezing.

Then we headed back to Lillestrøm and watched the Christmas Lights, get light up marking the 1st advent?

Since Lillestrøm is a much bigger (such an understatement) city then Bodung is, the streets were filled with people! And honestly I loved it. Usually I hate crowds, but since everyone was in such a warm and cozy Christmassy mood with loads of kids running about, adults being calm and singing, people mingling on the streets, everyones happy. I loved it.

Now, I understand why Christmas is so special.

And as for the lighting of the street, it really isn't as dramatic as I have hoped for.

Very un-glam, I am sure. In my defense, it had been a long day!
Going to make Magnar go take another picture of me and the Christmas tree when I look much nicer!
Wait for it! :)

Sunday, 29 November 2009

147. Untitled

Before I bombard you with horrible looking pictures of me and how I 'celebrated' my 1st advent day, I should blog about something quite interesting. Something "ranty" but yet important to me.

Magnar made a comment about how I always blog and tweet really happy things on my blog and on Twitter, etc and when (according to him) I am not always that jolly and is also rather moody at times.
That is true, but I will have to take that one up again sometime later.

Well, I gave that comment a little thought to myself, and how omfgwtfbbqdvd he was right! I am moody. I throw tantrums, I have mood swings, I am bitchy, I am slutty, just like everyone else.

So, as I may posts up loads of happy pictures of me and blog a lot random crap, but truthfully... how many of you readers actually know me? Have actually even spent time getting to know me? Truth is, very few, close to none.

I don't know half you strangers and occasionally I wonder why are you here to begin with? My life can't be that interesting. But you are still here, and some even keep coming back. And honestly, I quite like that, that is why I keep doing this.

I have always known that my blog doesn't always give me the necessary privacy I need. I blog because, I want to, I like ranting and going on and on about things. I like writing things down for the sake of writing it. It could be that none of the things I write here might even be true, I might be a 50 year old, pedophile, kidnapper for all you know. :)

And thus, because of the relationship distance between you and me is still not woven properly, I cannot for the life in me start blogging about what I truly feel at times. It has always been in me to trust, nobody.
(It is a working process this, but I think I am getting there) 

I read this quote somewhere, sometime. It was about, if I had a deepest darkest secret, and then I end up telling someone else about it. Why should I then be mad at the other person, for even I myself can't keep it a secret to begin with.

Moreover, Sometimes blogging is a show. When the curtain falls, what goes on backstage is not for the audience to see. I write as much as I want to let the world see, and the rest is not for me to present.

So once and for all, you don't know me. You don't know the first thing about me and whatever I write here really, might or might not even be true. I might be a pathological liar for all you know.

Assume that I am a fake and then assume nothing at all.

Now, lets look at cute things instead okay!

I go sleep now and shall blog about how I celebrated my 1st advent day thing tomorrow!
Goodnight all.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

146. Blog reccomendations

So, I thought maybe it is nice to recommend even more blogs I read.
The last time I recommended a blog were for two Fashion Blogs I read,

This time around, it's Malaysian bloggers I think is worth checking out. 
*Since I don't know if I should steal other peoples pictures without permission (and I can't be bothered asking for it either, I shall just quote from them, okay?)

"I could see all of the guys going to get drinks for their girlfriends, and those girlfriends holding their boyfriends’ coats as they waited. there was this one couple right in front of me — the guy kept twirling his girlfriend’s hair around his fingers, and many times he would lean down and press his face into her hair (it was so golden and soft-looking). she smiled much. i wondered if she was happy."

"i giggled and apologized for being mean. he smiled, kissed me, and we fell asleep holding hands. it’s always like that. it’s always about me being mean for the sake of fun and glittery excitement, while he just kisses me and waits patiently until i’m bored of the game du jour, and i return to him, pouting. but i like the fun and the excitement. i can’t give it up, no matter what month of the year it is. there is a pace, and i wanted him to run with me too"

Quotes from Lim Su-Ann,

She doesn't update very often, probably quite busy studying over at Columbia but when she does, all her updates have got an "essence" in them. They are all so eloquently written and occasionally hits all the sore spots that you don't want to remember. :)

"Sentuh bab agama obviously nak lelaki yang beragama kuat (dalam doa selepas sembahyang selalu Ya Allah kau temukanlah aku jodoh dengan lelaki yang beragama, berharta, bijaksana dan rupawan). Rupawan, ish sungguh gatal. Berharta, ini ustazah yang suruh. Bijaksana, for obvious reason."

"I tak suka sweet talker yang dengan semua perempuan dia smooth gila sampai bila dengan yang dia betul-betul sayang pun tiada beza"

Quotes from Hanis Zalikha,

This blog just spells HILARIOUS. I love it! <3
She blogs about everything random and adds such a touch of sarcasm and herself in it. Unfortunately for some of you, she usually blogs in Malay but there are occasional English posts.She is definitely worth checking out if you want something different! :) 

I love how Hanis keeps it real, she is not trying to be anything else but herself. She is awesome! 

Okay, I can go on and recommend 100 more blogs, but I think 2 will do for now. I got to go back to my Guacamole and that glass of wine outside. Shall blog later!

So, do you have any recommendations for blogs I should check out too?

Thursday, 26 November 2009

145. Pictures

Retard picture! :)

Oh, don't I just look excited!


Okay, back to my ranting session. I should name this blog "Come and rant with me" instead sometime.
Today was my uncle's birthday, and he turned... 29 (so he claims)

So, For this to be his birthday it isn't very "happening" at all. Right now all of us are sitting in the hall watching some norwegian comedy, Karl & Co. which isn't very funny at all if you ask me, but my uncle absolutely loves it. Guess it is the old people's humor.

And since it is his birthday, he does get the Veto vote! :)

Earlier today for his Birthday, we all headed out to Egon, Lillestrøm for some dinner and drinks and to put it nicely and simply, the food blatantly sucks.
Absolutely totally most definitely not recommended at all.

Can't get over the clarity, honey.

So, yeah. That was my day today. :)
How has yours been?

Music plug for today : Coeur de Pirate

I recommend Comme des enfants and Francis.
How can you resist her French charm right? <3

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

144. Pictures

Yes, I did straighten his hair. *Cough 

Guess who came with a bunch of flowers a couple of days ago. :)

Apparently there was no occasion or reason for it. But this coming from a guy that believes giving flowers to the gf's is "against principles". Why did he come with flowers?

Maybe, it was he just being his cute self. <3

I love them none-the-less. :)

My so called products table. Feels like I got quite a bit of junk.

I need more accessories! My favorite-est ever jewelry stand. 
The headless woman topples over quite often though. :(


Right, I don't make a good flower model. Don't want to post any more pictures of me and the flowers. :)
Oh, Magnar and me also took a trip to Fratelli yesterday for dinner. 
And if you didn't already know, I loooooove Fratelli. 

You know what is better than just Fratelli.
Magnar in a suit, and yummy food. Two of my favorit-est sight.
How can this get any better?
How can anyone be better for me? :)

You know, thinking back and looking at these pictures always makes me realize that I need to keep in check my tantrum  because, well... I have them too often and they are never within reasoning when reasoned.
And when you throw kiddy tantrums at people, you overlook everything and focus only on everything horrible. :/
As The-Boy says, you feel good while doing it, but not after that.

Monday, 23 November 2009

143. Pictures

Some random bunch of pictures from Magnars Birthday a week back :)

I don't care too much about the picture, but look at the clarity on some of them! I honestly truly madly deeply believe that clearly focused pictures are simply breathtaking to look at.

*Oh sigh. I almost forgot how awesome pictures can be. I've been living with the Photobooth quality for a few months now. *Wails frantically.

Birthdays are not Birthday's without a cake! :)

Doesn't he look adorably happy?

Basically wtf Lisa?
So unglamorous.

Looks like a pep talk. Haha!

Table deco by me.

This blog is not mine if I didn't get all vain.

More of me! I wish I could take pictures into the mirror with flash but without reflections.

Crazy amazing cake! :)

Birthday Boy and Me.
Ignore the fact that I look like such a slut here. Haha!

Goodnight all. :)

Sunday, 22 November 2009

142. Worth checking out.

I was thinking it was about time I made the links sidebar for links I think is worth checking out!

But here is my first few recommendations. The 2 blogs I check regularly and you should too! :)

She is just absolutely brilliant.
Simplicity and elegance at its best. :)

Above all, her style is "duplicatable", meaning you can actually go out and buy those items unlike some "fashion bloggers" who makes skirts out of old tee shirts and newspaper and stuff.

Sigh, children these days... they grow up so fast.
She is a 10 year old blogger from Indonesia.

Yes, 10 years old. But she is so... cute! You cannot resist checking her out.

I would recommend more but I think dinner's calling my name. :)

Friday, 20 November 2009

141. Making your own jewelry

Everyone knows Norway overcharges for well, everything.
No, really... everything.

So, recently I thought, why not try and make some of those things I waste so much of my money on. Maybe then I can start to spend my money wisely.

Take for example this :

Going for 8 pounds in the UK Online Store, and about 189 NOK in the Norwegian stores.
Converted, that is approximately 20 pounds, more that 100% increase of price.

And above all, not really that fancy. And certainly something I can easily make.

All I need to get is :

  • Some interlinking chains
  • A ribbon in any colour of my choice
  • A cute charm (optional)
  • Some clasps and locks
Sounds easy enough. :)
So, do you think I should try to make that piece?

Heck, I am going to give it a shot. And I'll tell you how that went later.

140. I miss Christmas

Actually I miss Christmas in America. :(

Just for you Rina: Your favorite kind of picture. The blurry kinds.

As it is here, Christmas is relatively quite soon. More and more decorations are being put up and I love it.
There is a thing with the Christmas season, the feeling of cosy homely-ness. warm and... nice.

Its euphoric.

With that being said. I was just browsing through some old pictures from my America trip last year and I just had a moment of reminisces to probably one of my best Christmas yet, last year.

I remember very well we took a trip to Wal-Mart on the 23rd? and basically went to shop for all possible things to make our Christmas magical.

I remember I went crazy in Walmart over every isle of goodies and then the usual dialogue from my Sister.
Quick note: I truly believe that, One have never seen a grocery store till they see Wal-Mart.

Less than demonic sister: Enough, enough. You don't need that, you already took that other one. One enough
Lisa : But, its Oreo, in Family pack!
Less than demonic sister : But you already bought all the other ones, no need so many, we are going to New York City soon.
Lisa : But, Family pack... *pulls a face. :( 
Less than demonic sister : Fine... Take one. 

See, even the most stubborn of people softens up with the Christmas spirit. Haha!

2 minutes later : Same conversation again, from Shampoo to Onions to Potatoes to Cereal to everything!
And, to make stories short : Yes, I did get it my way that day.

At the end of the day I think we 6 people? rang up a total of about 1000 USD's.

Then I remembered how we all woke up early Christmas morning and all started making our Christmas dinner. I helped Linda make Turkey, Sister went on to making some Breaded Chicken, Others made Salads, Potatoes and all imaginable Christmas feast. :)

Picture does it no justice.

That Christmas was just really, awesome.

It could be that we were all in the same boat, 6 foreigners in the middle of Utica, New York.
Stranded in this small relatively big house spending Christmas with a makeshift family.

I am sure we all missed home, but we had to make do with that we get in life.
And sometimes, what we get truly is enough.

Ahhh, it is hard to describe. But I miss it.
Very much.
Cant believe it's been almost a year since.

139. Find Your Happy Ending.

A quick picture update on Magnar's 20th Birthday.

The to-die-for homemade Black Forest Cake.
*Sigh. I did suggest that Kate had another 342 kids, so they would have a cake everyday of the year!

The kitty with a hundred names. I named it Dot, but as of yesterday's discussion its name is
Dot-Vanilla-Creme-Caramel-Snowball-The Cat. :)

The cute. Haha!

The Dress.

The End.

Haha! Well, fine Magnar got himself a fancy fancy crazy-way-too-many-lenses camera so all the pictures from the party is not with me. But I shall mob him later today for some! :)

His Birthday was actually really cosy, all his closest family members and me. There really is not much to say about a Birthday Party is there?

I had a brillant time and I would think Magnar did too.

Muchkin is getting old, ain't he.

<3 Lisa.

Monday, 16 November 2009

138. New eyeliner!

I am just merely making excuses to be vain. :)

See, I was going to buy myself some black eyeliner, well... because that is the norm, no?

But me being me, I didn't actually checked that I got the right one before happily heading home with my new haul. Till later tomorrow...

Though, I came to realize today that it really isn't such a bad colour, this grey eyeliner. Maybe everyone should get one too and we can create a cult!

Ah, I am such a genius.

So are you going to get yourself some grey eyeliner today?


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