Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Filling Station, Edinburgh

 Breakfast Diners 

Pots of tea I missed.
I miss having tea in many knick knacky cups and saucers!

Eggs Benedict on Rolls

Scottish Breakfast, complete with Blood Pudding and Haggis.

I remembered this place only because, little known to us people in Edinburgh don't eat breakfast that early. 

Could be the effect of last night's partying if you ask me?

We were out and about town looking for a good place to have breakfast only to find out most stalls over at The Royal Mile (High Street?) will not be opened till at least 10 a.m. :( That actually including breakfast stalls! So if I were you, I would have slept in.

This was one of the first that opened, and overall it was good. And it was all rightly priced? It We were hungry and ultimately, it was just breakfast. 

The Filling Station
233-241 High Street

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