Monday, 11 October 2010

346. A quick update

So I see there are still actually a few people that visit my blog daily though my updates has been very scarce. 

Its about 1.16 am now as I am typing this. I just finished reading a chapter of my Python Programming homework so I understand a little bit more in class next week. And now I am going to go watch some Mtv's True Life and maybe browse the Kenzo show from Paris Fashion Week for some eye candy! 

I haven't been up to much lately, besides the usual but today Magnar and I took a quick trip to Oslo for the sake of it and I must admit that I throughly enjoyed myself. 

First we went over to the Kunstindustri museum (Art Industry? Museum)
Which in my honest opinion was far from being anywhere near my idea of a good museum, there was a bit to see but nothing to really write home about.

The fun-est thing we did there was playing at the children section, colouring patterns. Yeah, we never really grow up really.

Then we went over for some vegetarian food at Vega (which happens to be the same place I have been before with a different name) Completely recommended. Might write a review on it if I go there again!

Then we headed to Pascals for some macaroons, then some Geo-caching then we heading to Lillestrøm, had sushi and watched James Bond.

So yeah. That was my 10.10.10.
Hope your day was great too! 

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