Friday, 22 October 2010

349. Never look down on people.


I learn that after actually having worked a whole bunch this year. Never look down on people no matter who, how or what they are doing. Because behind all of it, you really don't deserve to judge, unless you know whats behind the facade.

Since I have worked I learn to appreciate so much more. I got a comment today that make it sound like being a waitress is such a bad thing. Supposedly it is something so bad, such a "non trivial job" (and this I quote), so low class and what nots.

You know, someones got to do it.

Let it be clear I have never been a waitress before in my life, but I have am/was once a cashier person at a grocery store. I guess that was one of the lowest "low class" jobs I have ever had. But that low class job I had paid me more money than any other jobs I have ever had (as a social worker, babysitter, etc). It allowed me to be completely debt free and allowed me to not rely on a student loan or any sorts of loan for that matter. 

It showed me that I am obviously not like you (Oh, I know you will read this). 
I at the very least work for my God damn money.
I am so sorry that my parents didn't leave me a million dollar at my disposal. Crap right, damn my parents. Damn they too have to work. So sad so sad.

(Interval so we can all cry about how sad my life is) *Cry cry cry*

I know of people who waits and have homes 5 story's high. Its called learning the value of a dollar. 

Oh and  I think the one best lesson from working a "low class" job is it really drives you. It drives you to do better. It shows you what you are capable and drives you there.  It shows you that sometimes you need to climb the ladder (with enough determination). You don't just end up on the top. You need to get there.

It teaches you how to appreciate people.
Do you think someone would do those "non-trivial" job if they had a choice? No. 
But they do it. How do you know they dont have a family to feed at home?
And who are you to tell criticize them for that?

PS: Guess where you can find me working these days? Forex Bank at Lillestrøm Jernbanestajon! Yay!
Once cashier lady now moving up! :) Or is that still "low class job"?

And because I know that you would be reading this. I still think this ideas the Malaysian government has is ... well... ridiculous.

And before you come with silly little remarks. I am not talking about drug dealing or not judging a rapist or anything of that nature. So, please. Dont pretend to be stupid. 


ken said...

yeah.. very true :)

k0k s3n w4i said...

i've done a few "low-class" jobs in my time. i sold luggage bags at my local tesco when i was 15 years old. i worked as an usher at the malaccan GSC cineplex after college, and also manned the ticket booth (best job i had... all the free films i can watch). then, i switched employers to giordano for a stint. all part time though, but i did my time in the service industry.

i don't think i'm capable of waiting tables though :/

p.s. haters will hate. screw them :D

Thomas said...

Nice post, Lisa! And congrats on the job at Forex!

Anonymous said...

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