Friday, 31 December 2010

352. Goodbye 2010

2 years ago, about this time in the middle of Times Square in New York I stood amidst 100,000 (probably more) people. While I had some of the best times I have ever had and crave for it every time the New Year dawns, this was the day I found out that in this world, you need to find your solid ground because amidst all these people, when the clock stoke 12 - I was in reality alone.

I remembered clearly what I wanted, and what I expected, what I got and what I didn't.

This day in 2008 I learnt to love myself before others. I grew up.

Last year in 2009 I told myself to live with less expectations. Less expectations in others, but more expectations in myself. I told myself to drive myself further, push myself harder and be ultimately, independent.

And in 2010 I did just that. (Or at least, tried)

In 2010, I learnt that I am one stubborn cookie. I remembered times when I hit my rock bottom, but as saying goes, when you hit rock bottoms, you need to gather courage to stand up, for if we look at it, there is no way else but up. Life was designed to bring us down only to show how strong we really are.

In 2010 I learn that my biggest fear, is failing myself.
I learnt that I am determined to the point that if I were to wake up one day and have nothing to strive for, then I have failed myself.

In 2011, I am going to enter it knowing what I want, and how to get it. I know this is as cliche as it gets, but I am ready for whatever life is going to throw at me in 2011, for I know now,

No matter what happens, for everyday I wake up, I know I have a the greatest gift of all. Life.

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