Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Yonas Pizza, Tromsø

Tromsø! Land of the Northern Lights!

 Some good ol' "home brewed" Mack beer. Tromsø is where Mack beer are brewed. Honestly, as a non beer drinker, I actually thought it was quite good. Worth a try.

 Yonas Spesial?
Normanna Pizza

Yonas Pizzarias and Catering, 
Sjøgata 7, Tromsø
+47 77667777

Located right beside Radisson in Tromsø. 

Overall, it was all right. 
Pizza's were made fresh to order, I usually like a more "italian" crust to my pizza this was definitely thicker more American base.
They claim to have "special sauces" but I don't really I could differentiate it from any other pizza?
I did think they could have been more generous with the topping of the pizza.

Price (as you can tell) weren't too bad? But they were not cheap either (by my standards?) and you can clearly tell this was one of the hang
out places if you studied in the University of Tromsø!

If I were to go back again? 
Probably not, if I find something else to try next time.


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