Tuesday, 13 July 2010

327. I wonder.

I wonder sometimes, why is it that whenever I said that I owe nothing to Malaysia as far as I can feel/see, they have given me nothing, I get criticized for not being patriotic?

Putting the racial issue aside and how I know that back in Malaysia I am classified as a second class citizen, why should I feel like I am indebted to Malaysia?

Come next year, I would have been living in Norway for 5 years. That is a quarter of my lifetime.

Norway has in the last 5 years, given me the opportunity to go to school, to get a Diploma, the ability to go to a University (or any colleges my heart desires, doing whatever I choose), is willing to give me a loan/grant as like every other Norwegians so I can go to school, given my the opportunity to work and make a living and above Norway has never ever treated me like I am any less worthy.

Surely, there are times where they will put their people ahead of me, but as far as I am concern its the endless possibilities this country has for me is what matters most.

All these things Norway has done for me, do I still have to feel that Malaysia is where I owe my duties to?

Really, what has Malaysia done for me that is that significant?

If I was back home, I probably wouldn't even have had the opportunity to go to a Uni unless my parents/me paid for it. Not because I am not qualified, simply because I wasn't born the right race.


papabear said...

Really, what has Malaysia done for me that is that significant? - they gave you Nuffnang :D Cheers!

Lisa! said...

Haha! Not very significant since I am not a big blogger in Malaysia.

But I guess I can consider Nuffnang. :D

Google Adsense gives about 5 times more! :D Try it as well!

Casley said...

interesting entry.. thumbs up for the last sentense.. ^^

Fieran said...

I understand what you mean - I'm Malaysian and living in Norway too - life's so much better here.


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