Sunday, 6 September 2009

097. Out of juice

If you haven't seen it on my Twitter.
This is the day I forgot I had tied my hair in a messy bun and fallen asleep with it.
So, yeah. 

I am out of blogging juice lately. :(
Got to go jump of a chair later, so I can have something to tell you about. 
I dont know if people wants to hear about my daily adventures of mushroom picking and how I got some new bedsheets. Thus I guess I shall spare them.

But on a happier note, is up and running again. Guess that is good?
*Working to an extent that it redirects, "Oh Magnarboy..... Can you fix it?"

Since no juice, no blog material, I shall spam you with pictures of me! me! and me!
I was heavily considering the whole "take one picture of yourself a day for 365 days" project. Oh you know, those things you see on Youtube about people who have taken a self portrait shot over 2,3,4 years.

I mean, what better excuse do you need to vain? But "it's a project I am working on"

The day I decided to pile on eye-shadow.


Queen Messy said...

(Have a nice day)

Lisa rock your socks! said...

You mean the next 2 hours kind of day?
I shall try!

Maybe my pumpkins will harvest in time :)
Then everything is good!

You are home soon!


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