Sunday, 27 September 2009

103.Jimmy Choo for H&M


Knee high boots I love! ♥
But surely, my legs aren't long enough. :(

Images were released a while ago, but here is the new collection of Jimmy Choo's for H&M.

I can't wait to check them out in stores but usually I am a little bit disappointed at the collaboration collections, because they usually are :

1. Not as nice as the couture collections.

2. Usually still rather pricey, though I guess this kind of shoes are bought for the name. As of right now, prices for shoes ranges from about 40 Euros - 200 Euros. That is still about 400 NOK to 2000 NOK (RM 200 to RM1000)
*Lazy to convert properly.

3. Chances of Jimmy himself who designs the shoes are not very high. (I suspect, its the design team, again refer to point about buying for names) But! personally I think some of his shoes are truly Omg-worthy. I love ♥

And, if you didn't already know, Jimmy Choo is a Malaysian. And comes from my hometown on Penang

*National pride* More reasons to want his collection even more!

He is one of the few Designer collaborations that I can't wait to check out!


Can I say I love? Want!


A bit too much for me.


Nah, too regular looking.


Oh, Love the whole studded look! Loveeee!


Peek toes! Yummm*


This one I absolutely love! ♥ (Hrm, where did I hear that before?) :)

But Omgomgomg! Want!


And it comes in flats too, I love flats!



Meh, next. :)

Jimmy Choo's line of bags and accesories :)

Price range about the same as shoes.

Personally, the bags I don't think they are Omg-worthy. Maybe I am just biased like that and thinks his forté is shoes.





Jimmy Choo for H&M clothing line.


In stores November 14!

Oh, if any one is a major fan of Jimmy Choo's but living in Malaysia (thus, no H&M), feel free to mail me and maybe I can help you buy it. Buyer covers all shipping costs. Okay! And, you can help Me get my shoes, by clicking the ads on the sidebar! Google Adsense is so much better, incase you are only willing to click one ad. :)


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