Thursday, 10 September 2009

098. Trafikalt Grunnkurs

As you might tell, I painted my nails red. I love them!
Why would I pass out of vain-ing opportunities like this right?

Now, Is Grunn spelled with one n or two n's?

Anyways, today is my last day of my 4 day Trafikalt Grunnkurs (Translation : Driving Theory?). Today would be the First Aid course! After that, I have completed 17 hours out of the compulsory 37 hours.

But,I doubt I will start lessons till somewhere about January next year, so the thought of a real license can wait. 

Upon completion today, I am a "legal driver", as long as I am with someone over the age of 25, and has a drivers license for over 5 years.

Above all, the good news is, it also applies (and Yes, I've asked, not assumed) to International License's from Malaysia! And thus, meaning if my mum or dad was here, I can drive them around! Or anyone from Malaysia who bothered to go get an International License but too chicken to drive on a different side. I am at your service.

Though just a thought, it could be possible that it is scarier to sit under my driving then driving on your own? :)

Shhh, just shattap and let me drive.


Queen Messy said...

Awesome Lisa! Congratulations!
yes, I think in the beginning people will find it harder to ride with you than themselves. but just wait, after a while, people will be fine with it :)

Your nails are awesome and you are super adorable!

Lisa rock your socks! said...

I drive you about when you get home okay!

Nanie M. Ali said...

Lisa is adorable and comel and all that. I IS JEALOUS !!! :P

Lisa rock your socks! said...

Haha! *Blush, Thank You, Thank You.
I am a class clown. People tend to mistake that as cuteness, you see.


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