Tuesday, 22 September 2009

101. Updates

Contradictory to myself on the previous post, and the fact that I kind of... uhm, missed my train. Here is my not so worthwhile updates anyway!

I dont know what to write thus, I shall tell you 10 things about myself that you might or might not already know.

1. I cannot stand eating fruits with seeds. No reason, no explaination. I just dont do it. Why would anyone?

2. I use to think I was relatively quite tall in person, till I moved to Norway. Now I claim I am just vertically challenged, no... it is not the same as being short.

3. I just have a thing for pretty dresses. If I could (and someday I will) spend half my life fortune on dresses.

4. I use sarcasm as my ultimate defense mechanism. Though, more often than not, people think I am being funny. Wtheck right? Sarcasm fail. Then people start laughing at my sarcasm they assume was a joke. Guess I am just funny like that.

5. I have a serious case of being a closet hopeless romantic. I am probably more romantic then Ill ever show.

6. Like many Asians I am allergic to alcohol. That certainly does not mean Ill stop drinking them anytime soon though.

7. I also have a tendency to think Scottish kids are uber cute, without knowing they are Scottish(part Scots) at first. As cute as this sounds... it is also annoying!

8. I would make vlogs to replace blog posts, but I cannot stand hearing myself on camera. So, no thank you.

9. I actually love to bake/cook, I dont think I am that good at it but, I like doing it anyways.

10. I also have a thing for food not touching each other on my plate. I like to eat all my food seperately. Like when I eat a hamburger, I like to finish the buns, then the patties. I truly believe it tastes better that way! :)

Guess 10 is enough for today!

I wonder if I can do a tag thing on this, I want to know the 10 (do 5 if you want :)) things I might or might not know about you! Yes, you!

Then email me, talk to me on msn, Facebook, Twitter. Or just do it on your blog post/comment form below!

Oh, and have you voted for my cow today?


Thomas said...

1. What about Apples? Tomatoes?
2. Doesn't Vertically Challenged imply that you are having trouble in life because of your height? You "below 160 cm people" really should find a good non-discriminatory word.
3. Lisa, if you want to have a clean conscience, then before you spend half your fortune, give almost all away (to me!). Then buy yourself the _one_ dress you can afford, and I'll give you back three quarters of your money, taking my quarter as payment for my help.
4. What would you do if someone through a giant badass spear at you?
5. Magnar, that a hint?
6. Hm.
7.Lisa, if Scotland ever goes to war, you could join the opposition as a "Spy detector". I.e. You could figure out if the "new guy" in your evil government is actually a spying Scotsman - by how good he is looking.
8. I think that applies for everyone. I got a shock when I found out that Dad sounds like myself, when talking on Skype. Ergo, I have a really cool voice.
9. Keep thinking you are good at it.
10. I'd like to see you eat lasagna.

BY THE WAY: As you might remember, I have been getting knocked around by you, for saying "two secs". You argue that that is twice the amount of time everyone else uses. I BEG TO DIFFER! I have, as of now, heard "I'll be down in a minute" countless of times!
I am pretty fast! Technically 30 times faster than everybody else in the whole world. SO THERE!

Lisa rock your socks! said...

Oh Thomas, Thomas..

What on earth have you been smoking Mister!
Just because you are now older doesn't mean doing drugs is okay! :P

1. I make exceptions. Tomatoes have seeds?!
2. 161cm, Thank You Very Much! 161.5 on a good day.
3. But then, I only have one dress, not enough.
4. Good question, I'll still use my bad ass sarcastic remark, like "Oh, too cheap to buy a gun or hire a hit man?"
5. Magnar doesn't take hints :)
6. No, I am not a drunk alcoholic.
7. Oh, best carrier prospects in a long while, why Thank You.
8. *CoughSelf-absorbedCough* *CoughOLDCough*
9. I shall.
10. Refer to point 1, I make exceptions and if they are too flimsy, then whatever goes :)

P:S, Oh my goodness Tomtom! Good for you being 30 times the speed of everyone!
I am so proud of youuuuu!

Guess its good your in the right field then :D
Tee hee!

What happens if someone just went "I'll be there pronto" How long do you think they would take?

Lisa rock your socks! said...

Oh and Tomtom, you were supposed to tell me the 10 things I didnt already know about you!

Not mock my 10 things, Sheesh. :P



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