Saturday, 26 September 2009

102. Geocaching and Up!

Missing New York :(, because the less-than-demonic sister won't stop talking about it!
Missing America in general, I can go on and on about the things I miss, But I shall not.

I've made it a set plan that I am so going there again next year :
USA in general.
Definitely. Guess I gotta start saving!

We have already made a list of things that we should at least do this time around.

1. Never get a place in Brooklyn. Way too far out of town. Stay in Harlem instead!
At least you are still on Manhattan! And it really is an awesome place!

2. Put on proper clothes. Make-up, Shoes etc.
None of our pictures are nice because we didn't care too much about fashion, when we were in Fashion Capital *How embarrassing!

3. Save save save so we can do major shopping! Not like I didn't shop enough, but this time we are talking LV, YSL, Pucci, Gucci talk. You simply would not believe the sales they have on designer things!

Even my stingy sister says, it's a good buy, and spends like 1000USD shopping with me in God-damned-bludeh-Utica Mall. And she never buys things! I kid you not.

4. Have some Magnolia cupcakes. Friendly's Milk Shake, Lucky Charms, Oreos (Oh you know I cant stop).

5. Check openings of shops carefully, Tiffany and F.A.O we now know closes at 8 SHARP.

And the list just goes on.... I will make another post sometime :)

Fast forward to yesterday so I don't crave America! :)

Right, other than that, if you think the show Up is good, it is even better in 3D!
Might have cost us 130 NOK each, but it is Up! Awesome awesome! How can you resist the charms of a little boy and an old men discovering life journey's right!

Definitely a must watch, I am such a sucker for cute kids!

Have I already mentioned you should watch it in 3D! ♥

What else is new?

Oh, Munchkin and I have been going Geocaching yesterday (Click the link you lazy people, sheesh)

I love Geocaching, I think it has be one of the best cheap date ideas ever! Occasionally, free.
Basically, it brings you about the most random places on a hunt for little filled pandora boxes!

You never know what you might get! And every box is different!d And and! There is probably at least one in the city you are at! *Possibly. Check and find out!

So far, we found 3 and a half boxes. Looooong story... agitates me to talk about it, so I'll skip it. Breakfast time. Catch you guys later!

Song recommendation for today :)

Oriel Window by Enya.

Probably one of the most calming songs I've heard in a long time.
Purely piano music (And Yes, I have a serious thing for piano music) I was trying to look for a sheet music, but apparently that song is really hidden and stuff.

Oh Mr Shuffle, You do wonders, and thats why I love you.

* is going to be up and running soon enough, once I get a hang of it a little more, I shall be moving my blog, yet again! :) Patience is virtue, no?
Well, not like anyone but myself care about a personal domain, but heyyyy!

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Rina said...

why do you put up ugly pictures of me??

omg!!! why did we spent so much money??? it's always like that when you are around!! otherwise i would have never bought anything!!!


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