Sunday, 27 September 2009

104. Pictures

I miss your camera Johanne :(
I miss clear focused pictures, wææææh!

Vanity. Point.

Been a while since I had Ben and Jerry's :(

This is called over-doing-it pose.

Necklace that I got from my aunt for my Birthday!

Refer to point above about the over-doing-it pose

When I get more pictures of you guys, there will be pictures of you too.
But till then, it would be just pictures of me. :) Haha!

So, as I was typing this blog post out, guess who decided to be über cute (as always) and pop by Bodung to give me my daily cuddle. :) And then he left. Honestly, how can there be someone be cuter and better for me?

And, A couple of days ago, he came by and loaned me his Dad's charger because mine is being a major bitch. And because he knew I wanted some Kinder Maxi, guess what he came by with?

I guess this is when you ask, so what if he isn't Mr. Darcy? 6 foot tall, Have got blue eyes, smart etc.

Oh wait, he is most of the above, just not Mr.Darcy. Surely he has flaws, who doesn't? But better than being Mr.Darcy, he is my Maggiekins :)

I don't usually like talking about Magnar, but since I am a tad mushy. Wtheck?


try to guess who i am said...


Lisa rock your socks! said...

Jealous. :)

Lisa rock your socks! said...

And, its called trackbacks :D :P
Look at time, compare to the IP log addresses! Hee hee!

Anonymous said...

wow, u have no life...
u actually took the time to trackback? tsk tsk.

Lisa rock your socks! said...

Well, for you I didn't have too, but Yes! I do look back at trackbacks!

Dont you want to know if someone googles interesting things and get to your blog!

One day I'll make a list of things you can type to get to my blog! :P


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