Thursday, 17 September 2009

100. Celebration.

Long lost picture of a cousin? of mine?

Right, I am on a hiatus for a bit till I get my Macbook to start working like it should :)
The PC thing is just not working so well for me. Booo!

But till then vote my milk combination of flavour!
You get 10 votes a day, and I say... use them alllll up on me! :)
Just click the nam nam button like 10 times! :)

Oh, and also, feel free to help me spread some milk-ganda!
You know,propaganda but without props.
Ok, I shut up now.

Catch you guys later!


Queen Messy said...

Woooot? Your MacBook not working? Whats wrong with it?? :( Get well soon, Lisa's MacBook! And yes, I did vote for you today :)

Lisa rock your socks! said...

Not the Macbook, the charger. Story of my life right.
But you know that already. :D


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