Monday, 5 April 2010

265. Skiing, or attempts

Yeah, most of my attempts are of me, falling.
No really, every turn, every corner.

Well fine, I am not that horrible (or I would like to believe). I did make it down once or twice without falling!
But, relatively quite a klutz.

"Thats me going, Stop taking pictures! You silly boy! 
I want nice ones!" 

But oh well... Haha!

It is awesome fun anyways!
I really did have a lot of fun. Like all things in life, if you fall, stand up, and try again.
Try it till it kills you, I guess. :)

Personally I cannot imagine myself, actually liking doing it, but skiing is definitely growing on me. 
I can see how if one can ski, it can probably be quite fun :)

Unfortunately, skiing season is starting to come to an end. Maybe i'll try again next year.
Or maybe, Magnarpie.. want to go again, say... tomorrow?


Satkuru said...

i always wondered when will i ever have a chance to ski :P it does look hard to control especially when you need to slow down or stop, lol

Queen Messy said...

Picture 3. You are officially the most ADORABLE person alive. Eve.! Thank you Magnar for taking more pictures!

Lisa! said...

@Satkuru, Come to Norway :D It is quite hard, but if you are a natural at skiing then it would be quite easy!

@Queen Messy, Don't encourage unglamorous picture of me!


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