Monday, 19 April 2010

274. Important Matters

So, I was thinking I was going to blog about something random and completely rubbish, but I thought since this is still fresh on my mind, I could pen something down here first.

To make things short, how do you really break it to your friend that her boyfriend is obviously cheating on her, and she should move on?

Or you just don't and just keep it to yourself?

I am not talking about the possibility of him cheating, he obviously is.
She knows it herself. But like most people, Sometimes we rather choose to live in denial than to face reality. 
Because when it comes to matter like this, when reality hits, your world really does comes crashing down.

I know that myself, because I have been there and done that.
And you wouldn't believe when I started the amount of people who claimed Magnar is cheating on me.
(Guess the crucial difference between my story and hers is mine, were unbased allegations, hers is not)

And I know, some I can easily shrug off, some not so easy. 
Fortunately for me, with enough trust and understanding, I finally understood why people had to say that to me. 
And I guess I knew it my the corner of my heart, Magnar would not do that.
She on the other hand, knows otherwise.

So, anyways I know it would be horrible both ways for her.
And, if you were me, do still want to be the one inflicting the pain on her?
I've known her for a really long time now, so she is quite an important friend, and thus the last thing I would want to do is hurt her.

So, how?
Should I not say anything? Even when she wants my opinion?

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