Thursday, 22 April 2010

276. Music Plug

It's Only Life, Kate Voegele

I think if she gets a good manager and gets enough publicity, she might become quite famous :)
I actually quite like this song!

Okay, time to go to school now.


rehan who said...

hi. may i ask, are you malaysian? i found your blog by accident. i was googling about glasgevas's flowers and football tops and it brought me to your entry number 099 (if im not mistaken). anyway i'm not quite fan of mainstream music, at least not those famously known in malaysia and kind of looking for musics that are not familiar here, so i thought it would be great if you can suggest some to me. thanks :)


rehan who said...

oh shoot. i misspelled glasvegas -_-!

Lisa! said...

Haha, I think my best suggestion is to click my "MusicPlug" tab!

I love indie too! And besides Glasvegas, I love The Fratelli! :)
What about you?

And Yes, I am Malaysian, though I am currently living in Norway!

rehan who said...

i kind of listen to almost everything from bob dylan to my chemical romance lol.

thanks so much for suggesting The Fratellis. they are awesome! and your MusicPlug is great too. :D

Lisa! said...

Aww. Haha!
I listen to anything under the rainbow too! Thus, if you hear something you like, link it to me!

I always love to check out some new stuff! :) The more indie the better I say.


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