Sunday, 11 April 2010

269. On Apple Inc.

So I had a heated debate with a certain somebody earlier today about Apple products. It is always the same arguments and I am getting a bit tired of it. Only difference with that certain someone is that he probably just wants to ignite annoyance from me. *shrugs it off*

It is always the same excuse about how Apple users are brainwashed and are fanboi's and whatnots.

I love my Macbook and iPod which is the only 2 product I have from Apple. In fact, I love it.
Not always though, not when my battery charger burns or when my hard drive crashed with everything in it :(  But every time other than that. 

I just don't understand when people do that. Make negative remarks like you have done something wrong.

Just like comments filled with hatred and of no purpose whatsoever. I read Nanirostam's (it's in Malay though) blog the other day about hate comments. Unless you have a point on why you don't like it, why bother people with it?

Telling me, you are only liking it because you are being brainwashed tells me what?
Of course I am not saying one can't state opinions, there is a difference in giving opinion and bluntly criticizing others on no based whatsoever.

Just like Nanirostam was saying, if you bought a pack of rice from the stall and it didn't live up to your expectation, why bother yourself to go complain and talk bad about it to everyone you know, your simplest solution is to just not buy it anymore. Finish. Case closed. Everyone's happy.

You buy things and live your life a different way than everyone else. So, more often than not, it is not likely that we all like the same thing. No?

Okay, rant over.
Isn't the pictures lovely? Loooooove.


Bing said...

Hi! I'm visiting from sweatlee's site. And read this post of yours and I laughed. I just had a heated discussion with my cousin over PC vs. Mac! Haha.. we concluded that there are pros & cons to each system, and we just like different things. =)

Lisa! said...

Hellooo! :D Thanks for dropping by!
So which side are you on? :P

Bing said...

PC. Wahaha! =p


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