Sunday, 25 April 2010

278. My weekend

So, my weekend thus far.
Would it be surprising if I said I spent most part of yesterday with Magnar?

Well, we first watched Toy Story. Which if you haven't already watch that awesome Pixar classic, you certainly should! I have always loved it!

Now, if you haven't already know, I love to watch Britain's Got Talent. Love.
So, have you catch this weeks performers?

These are my 2 favorites for this week's audition definitely. :)
Or at least those available on Youtube.

The Arrangement, Britain Got Talents
Audition Week 2

Spelbound, Britain's Got Talent
Audition Week 2

Ahhh, how can you not love the Brits?

One more! Eventhough I usually don't fancy singers on talent shows... This guy is quite awesome!
Even I went Oh Wow.

Christopher Stone, Britain's Got Talen
Audition Week 2

And then there is just the slightly weird.

Ahh, Britain. You never fail to amaze me.
Yes, I realized I just embedded more than I should! But can't you see how this crap television is so exciting! 

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