Monday, 12 April 2010

271. Job interview

So, I was over at a job interview today. I applied for a job at the Lost and Found over at Oslo International Airport. So, I hope I get it. It would be an uh-mah-zing summer if I can get a job at the airport, for I just loooooooove airports and everything about the airports.

The planes, the people, the atmosphere, the everything!
Oh, the pay definitely helps too.

Well, of course I hope I get it. The lady that interviewed me didn't say anything just yet. But I have a good feeling, so I hope I get hired!
*crosses fingers*

Once I get hired at one place, my search for a job can stop looking! 
Then I can just look forward to the summer!

And oh, I can feel it already, summertime
 15 degrees today, MmmMmm
Time to bring out my slutty clothes from the back of my closet and use the warmth as an excuse. :)
Haha! I kid, I kid. Maybe.

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