Saturday, 10 April 2010

268. Updates

The smell of home! Chrysanthemum tea! 
Been getting loads of parcels from home lately!

So, Its the weekend again! Can't say I have got a lot of plans but today is Rona's birthday! 
Birthday cakes! Mmm!
I miss the Malaysian sponge cake with cream and tacky jelly decorations! But I am sure Kate has whipped up some crazy delish cake today too!

Can't wait :)

Rose infused tea 

Jasmine tea

Oh, and I have made almost 100 NOK on my Google Adsense!
Feel free to help me make more by clicking the ads! Haha!

If you ask me about Blog Advertising, I would say, Google Adsense is your best shot.
At least on mine, it has been on a very steady increase monthly over the past year. So yay?

And, though they don't come often to "not famous bloggers", The best part of blog advertising is when you do land yourself advertising posts. You usually can expect to make 50-100 NOK per post. :)

I think blog advertising is really easy way to make extra pocket money.

Why am I ranting?
Right, I got to go.
Catch you guys laters, lovelies!


Supia Chao said...

How long you take to reach that amount? Mine is still earning at a slow pace.

Not forget t o say "CONGRATSSSS" on your cash out.

Nikel Khor said...


kenwooi said...

i love chrysanthemum tea =)

and congrats on the adsense, mine got banned long time ago =P

Lisa! said...

@SupiaChao, About a year :D Well, it isn't fast money, just money for me.HAHA!

@Nikel Khor, Thanks

@kenwooi, I don't understand why they ban you guys though?

Bo the Nerd said...

I also got paid by Adsense last week and on course for my 2nd payout this month.


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