Monday, 26 April 2010

281. I recommend!

I realize I can never take a sultry picture. :(

Now, I haven't done a blog recommendation in a long time it seems! 
But in any case, if any of you are interested, I recommend, Quirky Explosions! 

A Chinese girl in Canada girl with a, well quirky sense of fashion!

I don't know but I just feel a burst of happiness every time I visit her blog!
It is so colourful!

I am always at awe towards people who has already defined a little bit of what they are and what style they are into. So yeah!

Oh, And I also very much like her Style Philosophy section. "Every day is an excuse to play dress-up"

So, visit her if you are into this sort of thing! Visit


Dewi Batrishya said...

Currently I'm Admiring two blog:

1.This one, Because he's just an Inspirational human being. & Kind too:

2. This one, Because his entries always made me laugh. An honest Chap!

kumfye said...

check this out

my idol
my blog
nuffnang founder


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