Sunday, 3 May 2009

035. Freak out

Pictures of International muffins.

Here is a quick update on things. I'll make it as short as I can. Hopefully.

I suppose you have seen the blog Johanne made and therefore had seen the result of our International Muffins. In any case,one day I will put up the recipe for this 'yet-to-fail-me-recipe'. 

You know what I like about muffins/cupcakes? Its the fact that you could vary them in almost any different varieties imaginable and they would still taste absolutely amazing. Of course the combination of onions and chocolates would not work. But don't be all smart ass with me now. :)

I tried, combining from a regular vanilla cupcakes, to one with nuts, to some with Oreo cookies, to walnuts and my ultimate favorite combination yet, a rocky road muffin. Smooth, chewy,stringy marshmallows with nuts and chocolate. Yummy. Even better straight out of the oven, where all the chocolate is still melted and since I added a chocolate center, the middle part comes flowing  out of the muffins. Orgasmic I tell you. 

What else,2 days ago when "my silly clever boyfriend" decided to pop by "to see me" at 10pm. I found out that I must be the first "my silly clever girlfriend just reformatted a dvd-r". Basically, never be tempted to reformat any DVD unless you know what your doing. Because now your stuck with a useless not usable DVD and loads of explanation. That was confusing, basically, we googled ways to fix the problem. Bah,can't be bothered explaining.

Other than that, I wonder if you have checked out our dear Tomtom's military tattoo performance? Click, click. I am still as gobsmacked as ever with the drill. But I know they practiced hard to get where they are.

Consequences of yesterday's workout is definitely felt today. My leg hurts, I think I might have made a new revelation by discovering muscle's I never knew existed. :( Boy and I cycled a whole 8km's from Lillestrøm to Fetsund. And then had to take a ride back as it started drizzling. Don't start saying 8km is nothing, for someone who works out close to none, that is actually quite a lot. And if ever you were along the way and spotted a girl cycling very indecently with a skimpy skirt on, Yes.. that was me. I sometimes wonder, why do I let myself do this. Answer : It was fun as long as I was not going uphill. And how could I resist when he asked so nicely. Haha!, I wish. :) 

I suppose I now understand how exercising can be a bit addicting, everytime you feel the burn or the pain from the muscle strain, it's really addicting, to say the least. You set a up a goal then you basically work your way through until you get there. I would most definitely want to do that again. Maybe with time, it would get easier.

Lastly, about a week ago, I was browsing through some new "Add-on's" for the blog and happen to stumble upon ShoutOut, basically a Malaysian chat thinggymajig for webpages and blogs. Met some really nice people, so I suppose once I get everything settled, you would see a new chat window on my blog.

Till next time, exam periods are coming on now. Wish me luck!

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