Wednesday, 6 May 2009

036. Protest

In the midst of the exam's I found way to procrastinate even more, and thus attended my first ever protest. I believe this was my first ever at least. I am sure, if you live in Norway and read the papers, you would have heard about a woman called Nina Kari Monsen and her discrimination towards the GLTB (I believe its something like that, in a different order). 

In any case, there was a proper protest right outside of Østbanehallen, where surprisingly enough (to me at least) the turn up was actually rather impressive. There must have been at least 500 people there. So the entire atmosphere was spectacular and overwhelming being my first protest ever.

I really like the way people here attend protest, to state their disagreement and dissatisfaction, so its not just nodding and agree-ing blatantly. 

Considering I have only heard about the Fritt Ords Pris yesterday, it was hard for me to follow the entire protest fully. But heck, it was an experience. And the after-protest was even better with Johanne and Marius.

Again, I do not know the entire protest, and I am slightly biased, so my opinions are all so one sided.

First we got some Indian food, while running away from some screaming woman, then we missed the train by about 2 seconds, so we stood contemplating what could we have done differently to save that 2 secondsThen walked around, have some laughs. Then we/they decided to satisfy their sweet tooth cravings, and bought enough sugar loaded items to save a poor African country.

*One question : Why is it that when one states their opinion on the GLBT(?) community, they always have to bring up religion?. Fine, if your an avid church go-er or whatever, but if your not, then... hello, are you crazy? 

My next blog material, why am I so short? that during the protest, I honestly could not see anything! Ugh.

One third of my mothers immediate family after the water festival, thus explains why they were all wet.

Some other family members

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Hahaha. Good luck for exams =D I just finished Bio =S



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