Monday, 11 May 2009

041. Photobooth

Random Photobooth moments with Georges' Wayfarer's. :)
I think I look quite okay with them. ♥
Well, and then there is Georges' hands. He likes killing my pictures! Tsk!

Today I had my English A2 (HL) Paper. Wrote approximately 4 pages on poverty and illiteracy in Sub Saharan Africa. Compared to last year and how I wrote about 10-12 pages, after the exams I stood wondering what did I do wrong either this year or the last. But I thought I did relatively well. Now, I am just bummed out on how I did not feel I did too well on my Paper 1. 

In any case, that is all over now. And I am only 3 more exams away from pure bliss. 

Guess what I got in the mail today? A Doctor's appointment. 
But see, I went for my check-up in the end of February, and its only now that they are telling me to go visit the referral doctor. Thats like 3 months later! They are so productive aren't they!
*sarcasm galore

In addition to that, not only I would not be in Norway at that time. They already took buckets of my blood for that blood test, that I truly want to know what is wrong with me. So, I was thinking on rescheduling, but then I think, how long would that take then? Oh pfft.

Random note : Getting TomYum Prawns for dinner! Uber yum!

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