Tuesday, 12 May 2009

042. Of Curls and Strawberries

Right, from the title I suppose, you can easily guess that I would now write about absolutely random nonsense. I think people like useless funny things, rather than my proper opinions. Because they are less windy and has more pictures. Haha! :)

Before that, today was my Physics Paper 1 and 2. Only one hour more of Physics for me and my schooling years, then I am forever free. I think I have grown quite fond of Physics, I might actually miss it. *Pause* (I got to get back to you on that one, can't believe I just said that myself). I think I would say, it went all-right. Everything could have been better or worse. My expectations for Physics isn't exactly very high in general. And plus, its my extra certificate, so whatever grades I do get, I'll settle with a smile.

*Though, something that is utterly annoying is this, I found out 2 days ago Samordna absolutely hates extra certificate takers. Unless you do well, they would actually pull your percentage down instead of raising it up! What eff? Not fair... but I will try to call them to ask if I could not get assessed in Physics. 

So, I was saying. Physics = hopeless = find methods of procrastinating even more! So, yesterday I found out 2 things. 

You know how Strawberries are supposed to be one of those food source that raises endorphins or something (at least I heard) alongside Chocolates and etc. 

And, you usually see numerous pictures of seductive woman with strawberries.

For example, 

Basically, this being the strawberry season in Norway, the folks have been buying loads of strawberry, so in the midst of making a home made Strawberry Milk and eating them in loads of things, I decided I shall try and take a good picture of me. 

But yeah, as I soon find out, basically unless your extremely photogenic, have red nails, a striking red lips,an absolutely fantastic camera, lip gloss, clear background that level of seductiveness is not going to be achievable, though possibly 1/25 tries you would get a decent picture. And if you do not have the mentioned above, you would look like a fool attempting godknowswhat. 

I am not like that free to prove my point so explicitly, to do my nails, find a good camera, find a lip gloss, lip stick, etc, etc, therefore just red lips would have to do. And I shall just use my ever faithful Photobooth. 

Exhibit 1
Making a fool out of yourself. With none of the criteria's suggested. Level of seductiveness, none.

Exhibit 2
See the difference already? Your only one step closer.

When I have the time, I shall show you how my theory works when I combine all the steps needed.Try it yourself! 
Then link me to your vanity if you do give it a try. :)

Anyways, after those failed moronic attempts, I scrambled to find more ways to procrastinate. Therefore I thought this is the perfect time for... Curls!. I did mine by braiding my hair into two equal sides and leaving it overnight, then pilling on loads and loads and loads and loads of hairspray. I smelled like berries for the first 30 minutes!

I should really try and find an adapter for the curler I bought inWalmart (btw,Vidal Sassoon makes good curlers) so I can use it back here in Norway. So, these are the products of my vain efforts.

So, what say you? Should I get my hair curled?

Something I hate to realize, is how being seductive is really not my 'thang', I wish it was though. I see so many good pictures out there of people who just exudes seductiveness. Though it seems that I always look so much better pulling of a silly face. 

Whenever I try to be seductive, I end up looking funny, or people wonder if I am wearing clothes. Of course I am! *cough*
Maybe the key is to not do half facial shots. Goodness, I am so feeding my ego self.

And when I try to look scary... 
Are you ready for this?

Somethings even I do not understand why I do it. Haha!
Was trying to go for the Joker look you know.

* Random note : Lately I realize that I am into vintage clothing's, and the only way to get real vintage clothes are actually flee markets and jumble sales... :( Wææææh.... I don't want someone else's clothes, though they look so effing good. How oh how? Maybe if I wash them over and over, I wouldn't feel so bad? :(. Vintage is so blu-deh nice!

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