Friday, 15 May 2009

044. Fake nails

More of my complaints and rants and my absolutely rubbish observations.

I am a fan of perfectly manicured nails. I love soaking my leg in the water bubble massager thinggy. I love having my nails painted and then removed, then painted again, then removed again, then painted again, but by then I'll be so fed up that however crappy it looks like goes, and I shall go to sleep instead. A perfect french manicure is as hard to get as ... (alot of things :))

Well, that is just me and that is probably because I am such a perfectionist, that I always want a even coat and without any brush strokes. And somehow, I never manage it right. :(
Let alone doing the right hand! My left hand is useless at nail polish control. :( 

But, even in my bimbotic wants and needs, there is one thing I have yet to be able to fathom entirely. The use of fake nails. 

I am not talking about the arcrylic nails, that one to me is still acceptable because they make your nails look good, for a cheaper, longer lasting effect compared to getting your nails done at the shop. Plus, most times, a person really only need their nails to be over-the-top nice for a day. I have yet to try them out myself, but I am sure they are not bad at all. 

I think the general acceptance for the price of a French Manicure in Norway is somewhere about 400 NOK. That is incredibly ridiculous if one makes it a habit. And like me, when I am in the mood, I do my nails an average of about 4 times a week. So I say acrylic nails are okay :). Some even look really good!

Picture source : Google

Then there is this, which is also acceptable for the more adventurous type of person who want to have a different kind of nail art. This one I have considered getting.

Picture source : Google

Therefore, to simply put it, I can tolerate a lot of things. But then there is the other kind of nail art. The "artsy-fartsy" kind. I cannot understand how and why someone would do it. Lately I have been seen a lot of these. 

Picture from : some random blog
Picture from : some random blog

I mean, not to criticize their choice of what 'nice' is, but in terms of practicality and functionality, I was just thinking ... wouldn't it be a torture to even have nails! 

Here are my list of the "I would think"

I would think, it would get tangled in almost everything!
I would also think your cannot do anything with any of your fingers! 
(That would be actually quite nice, you would then have to hire some random person to be at your service day and night)
I would also think they must cost heck a lot
I would also think, they will not last that long, given that you are now tangled in most anything and those would probably fall out
I would also think, it would be dangerous to everyone around you. If I see someone with nails like that I would be scared that they might like have hidden claws popping up from all that decoration or something.
I would also think, your nails are now about 2 cm's longer (the wrong way) then normal
I would also think, you will look effing scary?

Why would someone do that? I am sure this was part of the Japanese invention that manages to catch up to rest of the Asian countries. But really?

This new trend reminds me so much of then Xiaxue had to do that "fake iPhone review" and one of her famous quotes was something about how "People who uses Apple products are too cool for nails". Funny! You should watch it. 

Anyways, basically that was my random observation for the day. Those nails are just ridiculous no matter how cute they are. :)

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