Sunday, 10 May 2009

040. Places

Sister, Mummy and I on cruise to Germany
Kiel, Germany, May 07

Was messing with the Poladroid application again today. And this time, I thought it would be a cool idea to process some pictures of places I have seen the past 3 years. :)

This is why I like blogging, as when the HD crashed I thought I lost all pictures (which I thought was one of the most important things to save, if possible), well as that was not possible, at least I still have some remnant of things I have done sometime ago.

The Boy and I on Arthur's Seat
Edinburgh, Scotland, May 08

Johanne and I in the restaurant right outside Downing Street
London, UK, May 08

Us on The London Eye
London, UK, May 08

(insert already known name) and I, In front of Big Ben (-duh)
London, UK, May 08

Sister and I, right outside the house
Bodung, Norway, May 07

Dandelions and me.
Bodung, Norway, May 07

Spot funny people
Hyde Park (?), London, UK, May 08

Sister and I in Candy Store in Sweden
Charlottenberg, Sweden, May 07

Us, Times Square after watching Equus on Broadway
New York, USA, December 08

Ireland with Uncle and Aunt
Dublin, Ireland, July 06

Sharanna and I
Stockholm and Grennä, Christmas 07

Then there was the trip to Kaliningrad, Russia.

Even though, I have yet to travel as extensively as many of you, I am quite happy that I have been able to see those places I have seen. Never in my wildest dream did I ever thought I would see Ireland before I start working and earn a million dollars a year. 

Nor did I ever thought that I have been to Copenhagen so often that I know the streets and how to navigate my way myself.

Never did I also thought that I could muster up enough courage to wonder the streets of Ireland alone (Uncle and Aunt likes the mellow traveling method, and could care less about seeing all that Dublin had to offer). So most of the time I was there, I was wondering alone till dinner time comes. :)

Neither did I ever thought I could wonder in New York myself and visit my sister for 3 whole weeks. Spend New Year's eve in Times Square with 250,000 other people!

Also, I never thought that backpacking with 4 people right after the IB exams could be such an amazing experience. In between some person fainting on the blu-deh Ghost tour*cough*, to touching stinging nettles, to eating Haggis, to ducking 13482904 everywhere in London (considering the amount of tourist London has) to Shopping, to everything! Memories that would last a lifetime. Really. :)

And while I was in Kaliningrad, Russia. I actually got to experience how it was to live in an orphanage. That tripped was probably one of those eye-opening moments no money could ever buy :)
Katrine, Ida and I at the Morning Market in Kaliningrad
Kaliningrad, Russia, April 07

I think I have now gained a little more confidence in myself,you would probably see me traveling a little more frequently soon. I think the older folks too have seen how I gain so much traveling that they would probably allow for more trips in the future. I just hope they are still going to fund all this, but I know they probably will :) 

There was once when I was 13/14 I should have gone to Japan for 10 days on an exchange program. But none of my friends parents wanted to send their kids there, on the excuse that "its too expensive" and not worthwhile. Hello?, even my sister was willing to chip in so that I could go. It's an exchange program! Pfft.
And me being that young, my mum also then said No. :(
So, I that sense, I have come a long way in gaining my parents confidence. Heh!

I know I am lucky, and secretly, I thank everyone who made it possible for me to see all this places. :)

*Realized how I do not have any pictures of us in Glasgow. And in Ireland, no one cared to take any picture. 

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