Friday, 8 May 2009

038. What's Math?

Really good stuff. Almost as good as the Raspberry and Brownie one. :)

Who said Math?
What's that?, is it some kind of food? Is it yummy? Would I be interested?
So, what is it?
Is it like an inanimate object made out of imaginations then?
Imaginations of obviously people who just happens to be too bored, and like making life difficult for others who just simply cannot fathom sine curves, and how some mumble jumble of alphabets can equal digits!

I would think you figured out my point. Math exam's today. I thought it went so-so. It is again Math!. So, I am biased even before it starts. Numbers and me don't go along too well, sometimes it does and then its like heaven on earth, when differentiation and integration and vectors made sense. But at most time, it simply doesn't.

In all honesty, I was not the only one who thought that we were not given enough time. (Excuses, I know) but I really,honestly, sincerely, think I can do so much better if given more time. The one time in my life I think I understood a large part of the paper, I realized I only had so little time and therefore had to leave out A LOT. :(

To be honest I am quite annoyed and angry at myself, because I know, I KNOW the answers. But oh well, I shall try to not let it get to me. After all, like Mummy and Daddy always say. "What's over is over, no need to think too much about it". The only think bothering me is that I might have just missed out on the chance to enter NTNU as they require quite high math points. 
*Reminds self that its over, and Math doesn't exist any longer (at least till Uni starts again)

I can just concentrate on the other papers I have next week. My main paper to focus on would be Norwegian. 

Other than the exam stress and anxieties, I really have not done too much.Marius, Johanne, and I took another trip to Oslo for some retail therapy. 

I am such a Queen of Procrastination am I not? 
Scratch that, 'Princess'. Queen is just too old for me. :), but yeah.

*Since I am feeling all auntie-like, I shall impress you with Lisa's new found wisdom. 
When in doubt of the weather, check the forecast. *Oh, shattap with the sarcastic comments* :). 

Lately, I have been into the whole 'dress more appropriately' mindset, my clever self decided that today I would love to wear a skirts and a ballerina pump. Yeah, great idea when it's mid summer, and when it's nice and warm. Today, it rained, poured in fact, just when I got of the train and reached Bodung. Excellent. If I say I have great ideas, would you believe me? I know the Boy won't. He claims drizzling is not raining. How would he know?, he never wears a skirt! And then there was that one time, where he wore a kilt. Hrmm... :)


Remember that protest I told you about, and how I was so short, I could see nothing. This was NOT meant to be pictures of someone else's butts okay. This is really what I saw. The whole entire time!. Get my dilemma? 

Now, it if is not pictures of thier butts, I could barely see above other people's heads. Great right. 

Oh, and the next update is, we fixed some new fake grass on the terrace, and I helped. I am getting so... handy. Heh! *claps*

The one acceptable picture from the concert. :)

Then there is the picture of how I lost my toenail, walking into a door. But its a nasty sight. So i'll spare the nasty. :)

**My punctuation points are so messed up aren't they. Oops.
*** I am going to have to start categorizing my posts. Blah.

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