Friday, 8 May 2009

039. 14 days

Wonders of self timers, 
Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh

Let the countdown begin. :)

I could countdown till end of exams, but what fun would that be?. I am stressed out as it is. No need for the constant reminder.
I rather countdown till vacation! Till I get home, I got loads more to countdown to in addition to all these!

I was just reminiscing and I realize it is just 2 weeks before I am reunited with what I remembered from a while ago

I was just thinking today, how much things have changed? Would I recognize all these things I left behind?
Have they changed a lot?, at all?. 
I know I have grown a little bit. I want to believe I am more matured now. But I think I'll always be the family's "small one" :)

So, here are the things I can remember back off my head right now, that I can remember growing up with. Random items.

My bed. Newer and cuter and cooler than my sister's.
She had the bigger room! And she wanted a new bed before I did. 
Plus I didn't need one as I like sleeping with the other room with Mum and Dad. In my defense, we use to only have 2 televisions, one was in the hall, the other is in the master bedroom. Therefore, there I am. And it was also the first room that had an air-con. So, I say it was fair.
My sister and I then had this "rule", first person to turn on the telly gets full control of what to watch. And I never make it first. :(
Then we gave her a telly for her room, but she doesn't want it, since it didn't fit the deco or something
Oh you know, phases of growing up. Silly games. Stupid needs
But now, I got the nicer bed. :)

My bolster(s)
Yes, Baby is generation 3.0. Others was too big to be smuggled to Norway. 

My 4 walls of Bloom
Another one of those you have to see to believe it thing, most of them removed, because everyone but me found it creepy.
Phew, only thing I regret is the amount of money spent on them. Some I got for free from friends. 
Example, when you buy a magazine JUST for that one Orlando's picture. 
A magazine in Malaysia costs something about 25-50 NOK. I must have bought like 100. 25 x 100 = 2500 -5000 NOK. :(
Its probably not so much in Norway, but in Malaysia that is a lot! 
And all this from some celebrity sick 14 year old. With no job. Money should have been spent better. See, I learnt.

My collection of Tweety Bird plush-ies. 
I have quite a collection, in all sizes. Some without eyes, because there was once I believe they were possessed, and had a life of their own. I watched too much Child's Play and was too into them. SCARY I tell you. 
Oh me gee, I think I got issues. OMG. I think I am confirming the OCD suspicion. Though I blame the parents with Tweety obsession. They were always busy doing their things, and I had to entertain myself. See, I was such a neglected kid. :P

My really old wardrobe that survives the test of time.
I wonder how is it still surviving. I think it was the Mum&Dad's wedding furniture's. It crashed under the weight of the clothes countless of times now. But it is still there when I left. I am sure it is still there today.

My coin box 
Which the Daddy fills money in, in his vain attempts to try make me save some money. 
I had this thing where I told him I would accept only the 2 largest value they had in coins. He obviously followed and fills up my coin box for me. 
OMG, either this is OCD character, or I would like to think I was just really wise. Even from so young :)
Now that I am older, I see how ridiculous that is... 
I think they were trying to lead by example Pfft parents. Obviously failed plan. Not only I didn't learn anything, my Dad thought that the coin-box could not be opened unless one breaks it. Gee, what do they take me for? and idiot?
And No, I am so not spoilt. Just strange parenting ways.

My bed sheet
My sister is all into making rooms look nice, while I really honestly, don't care too much.
So, every now and then she finds it nice to splurge money on me and buys me bed sheets. Last I remembered, was I had a wizard inspired bed sheets which the sister bought since she was feeling good, and I smiled so nicely. The condition of our rooms are different. Mine is so techie with computers and all, hers is so "shabby-chic" so she likes calling it, though from the name you would think my room would cost more to decorate, Wrong! 
The Sister was so particular about everything in it, that she would waste 3 months pay-check on some 1000 thread count sheets if needed. ♥
And since she wants her room to be such a specific way, she even cleans it herself. No body was to touch anything in it. Ridiculous. 

Loads of random junk in the balcony
I really doubt we did anything there, but according to Sister, now that I am gone, the house is always so spotless because no body messes anything. Boring I say. I call my litter, decoration.

Rice cooker and iron from last century
My mum, though we do have a new rice cooker and a few iron's, they never want to upgrade and use the new appliances! 
Its so, old fashioned! But I didn't cook then, or ironed anything, so didn't bother me too much, just a funny memory.
All mum and dad love doing is ironing. They are always ironing. All the time! 
The fact that in Malaysia, you shower an average of 3 to 4 times a day, the laundry is a lot. A trait I still carry here in Norway. Not the showering 3 times a day, the load of laundry.I would like to believe I do okay with my shower patterns.

Well, I know I HAD random stuffs like this. Whether or not its location has been tampered with, we can only find out in 2 weeks time. Some I hope lasted, would be nice to go home to familiarity. I am also happy that I get to try new things, apparently since I have been gone the Sister and Mummy likes going to the country club or something and meeting loads of new people. I can't wait to start swimming once Johanne goes home, before then we would be so busy. Maybe I'll get to do some diving as well while I am back home. I haven't swam in 5 or 6 years now. Surprising really. I use to swim so much. I miss it fondly, I love the feel of being underwater. 

Good stuff

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