Thursday, 14 May 2009

043. Pictures

Sheep in Scotland (?)

Magnar's effing good picture.

Other pictures from über fancy camera.
My definition of an artistic attempt. Smexy.

Quote from yesterday : Would I be considered a geek If I thought Startrek was ... blu-deh good!

Well, it was good in general, as a action pack/sci-fi sort of thing. I suppose you have to be into those kind of genre as well to like it, but generally I do not handle long movies too well. Because for one it reminds me so much of Hindi movies, those which I can sleep, wake up, and its still running. I mean... really?

I get bored way too easily. But this time around, 2 hours just felt like it flew by. Or as the Boy like saying, I always say a movie is good, as long as he was there. Oh pfft. Egoistical much? :) *sayang first, Heh*
I am sure we have watched tonnes of movies that is an absolute waste of my time. Remember that Norwegian film
(whatever it is called, Lønsj?).

Or my take on why that movie was good, maybe it was the fact that a certain pair of idiots somehow manage to make it to the one year mark. Can you believe that it's actually been a year? e_O

Well, it's either one of those theories or the wasabi from the sushi before the movie messed up the brain cells.

I cannot be a geeky/dorky/nerdy person. Even if it was a wannabe. I mean, I am so bimbotic! I am like bimbotic deluxe when I am.

Here is an example,have I told you how much I love Sushi? So effing good! Good, good, good. Salmon on, tuna on, prawns on, it's all on on on. :) *sings loudly*

Told you we are idiots.
Maybe its just me.
Your favorite idiots, mine at least. :)

That also brings us to our next topic. I have Norwegian no more!
I think I just missed the 5 grade, by not understanding NyNorsk. No one seem to understand why they make foreigners take NyNorsk, that is like learning 2 languages at one time. And since its only a B subject, Emmanuelle herself thinks it was not wise. Anyways, since that is all over, it doesn't matter now does it?. Whatever comes, comes.

My take on NyNorsk : Really it isn't all that hard, maybe because I have been reading a tad tad in it, and the key is to read it in a strange slang. Then it sounds like Bokmål! Give it a try.

Next exam, Monday and Tuesday. Then IB no more! *does a funny dance*

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