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034. The pandemic of 2009

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with the headline "How swine flu is spread to human's" (?)

I suppose its not yet an epidemic, therefore I shall thus refer it as a pandemic and stay positive and hope that with enough precautions and action, this could be stopped.

Besides the fact that me and Torbjørn discussed this yesterday, I also came across this article from an acquaintance blog which I have been reading for a long while, Jasryn's 
(I don't exactly know her in person though,and its a long story how we got in touch, etc, I do hope to meet her when I get home next month, hopefully)

Anyways, it attempts to answers my question on "Why is the H1N1 flu called the Swine Flu"

*Lets make this clear : I have been absolutely ignorant towards the whole break-out and methods of prevention or how if its air-borne or anything for that matter. So, feel free to enlighten me.

Right, other than that, I have also read a couple or articles about why we SHOULD and SHOULD NOT worry about it. And here is my own compilation of events.

First and foremost, I had the problem understanding WHAT this Swine flu is. In that article as well, it says about HOW to prevent an individual from contracting it. Generally, its the same hygiene rules that applies to prevent any person from contracting any disease really. Wash your hands, cook your food properly, etc. So, from my point of view, as long as your hygienic all along, there really isn't too much too worry about. Yet.

Then comes the interesting part about why we SHOULD and SHOULD NOT worry about the Swine flu. And then there is this rather interesting article about how the mass media is although doing their job informing people about the casualties and effects of the flu, they fail to show a less hyped up follow up of events. Click

So, I asked Tor yesterday, what then do you reckon we do?, because I certainly have not been told what I should do to prevent the flu from affecting me. And above all, I refuse to live in paranoia and constant fear. 

Don't get me wrong, I am all for the prevention of it coming to Norway or spreading anywhere else for that matter. I personally do not believe that stopping all people from the States and Mexico and wherever the flu pandemic is currently on its high is an appropriate measure. I believe that is slightly too drastic and unnecessary. To me, that is almost the same as saying, because of the Terrorist acts of 9/11 we should all stay home and never go to work.

Other than that, there was the issue where if the flu does come to attack individuals here in Norway, he believes that the government and medical associates would not be able to treat their patients on the account that the vaccine could take up too 6 months and apparently would not be enough for everyone if the disease does strike. I beg to differ. 

Having lived and been in the middle of the H5N1 flu myself, I know how was it like living in fear and paranoia. And I refuse to live like that. I have full trust in the government and NGO's to do what's necessary and I can only really do so much.

I suppose in all fairness, the fact that Tor works over at the airport does somewhat allows him to be slightly more worried. And the Government has already started measures preventing the spread of this deadly disease by soon making employee's at the airport wear masks. So, I should shut up. :)

Articles worth checking out.

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Queen Messy said...

In some weird way I find that cute. Gross.

You are right, this flu is not necessarily any more dangerous than any other fly, its just that we don't know everything about it yet. And yeah, wash hands and cook pork. We're kinda used to that. Now, if they close the borders while I'm in the US, that would suck, so I hope they don't do any border closing.

And btw its no longer called swine flu, but just A(H1N1). The best place that will tell you what to do and not do is:

Straight from the horse's mouth ;)
And, Tobjørn, we have enough medicines for half of Norway's population getting sick, and of course we don't have a vaccine when its an unknown disease. So the meds are something you take only if you get sick. And as long as you take them, you're not gonna die even if you do have the dreaded thing.


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