Wednesday, 6 May 2009

037. Quickly now

Math exams tomorrow. I am screwed in a way no one can fathom.
Anyways, back to a happier mood for a while. I shall mourn in my misery a little later.

Today I went to a concert along with some others and listened to some absolutely talented young musicians play at the Nes Kulturhus. I think I am most amazed by the pianist player, whom I somehow manage to gain acquaintance with. And it's all their fault then now that I am into classical piano music. (You would never hear me say this a year or two ago). But I like them because they were absolutely fantastic. Simply amazing. André was spectacular!

I can only wonder how it would be like to go and watch some really famous and really good pianist in the future. How much more impressed could I get?. 

I cannot seem to find some of the pieces that I remembered liking very fondly right now, and I simply do not have the time to find it. So, we have to settle for what I can find right off Youtube for now, and try and find the rest later.

But these were the 2 songs that I believe was played. The first one I am very sure of. Piano music is really serenity at it's best. ♥ And would you believe me if I said, it is also so much better live. When you can see how their finger moves and how they get so absorbed in the music. Ahhhh! *squueeeee*

Then there was also the Opera singer, who was also just simply fantastic. In addition there was also the string quartets (or more, probably) who also preformed some really good pieces, but I have yet to develop enough understanding towards the string's music. I find it to be too, depressing and slow. But soon, I know I would come to love it as well. I was just probably too into the piano to be really concentrating on the string instruments. With that being said, its really strange because the one instrument I can "play" is the violin. :)

I was seriously contemplating on not going, on the excuse that I would be studying. I would have missed out on a bit. Plus I got to try out the Pizza place over in Årnes. Which happen to be quite good!. Yummy.

*Have you seen this violin player (and all the drama she comes with etc). Oh, why am I not musically talented? :) She chose to play Vanessa Mae's, Storm. Which is one of my favorite violin music yet!

**They seem to think the level for playing Wedding Day at Troldhaugen is Easy. You must be kidding me. Found the notes on the web.

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