Sunday, 9 August 2009

083. Birthday Party


Getting there

So close, I can almost taste it ...

*human accessories, not included. 
May I present you my best table arrangement yet!

So, I don't know what to say. But I had an amazing time yesterday, and Thank You for all the gifts. :)

Above all, Thank You for the memories. I had a brilliant night and I hope you did too!
All that fuss and stress was totally worth it after all. And I could not have wished for better.

When I was wishing and making my birthday wish, I realize I had no other wishes, for I am truly contented. And, if anything I wished that I get to do this again next year. :)

So, in order to make a Birthday Party complete, one must have ;
1. People

2. Presents
All presents are so awesome, its crazy! 

Gee, I was trying to put on a poker face, major fail.

I got :
Some books from Thomas and Oda! 
I can't wait to get started on the Victoria Hislop ones! :)

A book on deserts, with a cleverly placed bookmark right on the Fondant page :) 
The reusable cutest muffin form ever! and Sprinkles! 
A cupcake jewelry box! from Sofie and Torstein! 

An awesome smelling The Body Shop strawberry collection thinggymajiggy from Marius!

Some bottles of Victoria Beckham and Naomi Campbell perfume from Torbjørn!

A board game, and a cute bunny teddy from George and Nika! I shall name the bunny Dot. :)

Practical money from Martin! Mmmm, shopping. Incase, you are wondering, I am getting a trench coat with that money. :)

An iPod shuffle (which is beyond cool!) and that trip to Scotland, Oh, included one of the sweetest card ever. "You, me and romantic Scotland. Join Me?" *mushy

And an unknown muble jumble from Johanne (she insisted I tell you guys that I got this for my Birthday!)

I use to look forward to getting presents each time my birthday comes along, but as I have come to understand, presents really plays just a tiny part in the whole event. The people being here, really and truly is the best presents I could get. 

3. Cakes

A Tiffany & Co cake! 
Made by Johanne :)

Aunt's classic birthday cake.

4. Food
Rather insignificant since no one actually eats. 

That and a lot of enthusiasm and excitement, is a recipe for a great day! I cannot thank everyone enough for being there. :)

But, here is my Thank You

*Just to avoid confusion, my Birthday is not for a week, but my co-party girl is leaving for America in 2 days time. So we had to make an advancement :) 


SarahSC said...

The table arrangement is absolutely freaking gorgeous! (just like the arranger)

Glad to hear you had such a nice day. But your birthday isn't for a few more days yet no? Happy birthday in advance! Wish you were here so I could hug you.

And the presents look soooo lovely.. As well as the cake decorations. They're so pretty, I don't think I'd have the heart to cut them.

Lisa rock your socks! said...

No, I had to make an advance since everyone is busy from next week onwards, not mentioning the fact that the co-party girl is leaving to Carnegie Mellon in a couple of days.

Everyone is leaving. :(

*Virtual hugs works too? *Hug!

Queen Messy said...

Thanks a billion for co-partying! And thanks to everyone for coming! Was v. nice to see you all again before I leave. Which is in 2 hours. And my room is.. well you can guess. So I have to get back to this horrible project, and ignore my nostalgia right now :'(


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