Sunday, 16 May 2010

299. Strawberry!

So, since strawberries are aplenty these days, it is only normal one finds a million ways to make full use of them, righhht?

So, here is some coulis! Magnar style!
Yes, I get I can call it a sauce, but I want to be fancy. Okay?

Start with some fresh strawberries!

Add some vanilla sugar. I honestly think it is to your own taste. 
And I don't think Magnar had a recipe for it either. 

Start releasing your hidden anger on it, till you get a smooth-ish mixture.
Mmmmmm, om nom nom nom!

And though I have never seen a coulis made till the other day, I can sense the wonders of what it can be used for!

So, will you be trying to make it?

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